Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Great Outlander Chat

Thanks to everyone who came to the chat last night; as usual, I had a ball. And thanks to everyone who TRIED to come to the chat last night. I am SO SORRY if you weren't able to get in. I know Megs and Sirena had problems; anyone else? Please comment and let me know so I can really give it to them at Chatroll. I just tried to sign in and this is what I got:

Too many simultaneous requests!
Please retry in a minute.

(We're adding capacity as quickly as possible) 

Is that what it looked like last night lassies??


Megs said...

Oh, you tell 'em guuurl! Haha! But, that's what it said to me too, I thought that maybe it was because the chartroom reached capacity. But I kept trying! I'm glad I finally got it!

Sirena said...

I only tried a couple of times :-) since I was so late. The last time it happened it asked me to purchase credits, and when I did :-) and didn't need them, Chatroll was awesome about refunding it (it was like a dollar or something like that). Either way it's no biggie! I have a seriously spotty attendance record for monday night chats and may not be able to make it at all in the fall w/work :-( I miss it! You lassies are extremely funny and thought-provoking!

Purgatory Carol said...

OMG Sirena I feel so bad that you paid! I would never run any kind of pay chat. I'm so glad they were cool about refunding your $$. :)

I'm so sorry you lassies had problems last night. That should not be. You should be able to get into that chat room at any time - day or night - regardless of what time the chat started. I sent them an email this morning; I'll see what I receive back!

Sirena said...

Carol! you're so adorable. It was out of my own stupidity that I paid :-) Plus it really was like $.085 or something like that. Dinna fash yourself! Your chat is the bomb! I wilna miss if I am able to make it!

Patti said...

I couldna get it either. I will try again on Monday. I would love to join in on the fun since noone around here seems to be as crazy about these books as ME!

Purgatory Carol said...

Sirena still - it kills me that anyone couldn't get in or would think I'd want you to pay. Jamie love is FREE! ;)

Patti - I'm sorry lass. :( I contacted chatroll and they assured me we'd have no problems again. We'll see what happened on Monday!!