Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chatroll Issues

If you had a problem signing in to chat last night and/or July 19th, it would help if you could email me at and let me know your username - and if you had a problem both last night and July 19th. THANK YOU!  (See Chatroll's response to my complaint email below.)

Hi Carol,

Thank you for your feedback.  We're looking into the problem for you.

It'd be greatly helpful, if you can send us the usernames of those who were unable to sign in.
You mentioned the problem has been happening since July 19th.  Were they the same people who couldn't sign in?

We have also released the ability to use Facebook login.  You can enable that in your Chatroll's Dashboard Settings page.


Chatroll Support


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  2. Ok, so I have no comment about Chatroll, but I am taking advantage of the empty forum to submit a suggestion. (I'm very excited about this... I feel it's epic.)

    There are SO many questions I would love to see discussed (I love watching you two discuss topics) and I don't really have the personal fan base that would elicit responses even if I put it on a bulletin board.

    My thought is... HOW MUCH FUN would it be, if you had a post that allowed "us" to submit questions for the two of you to discuss during your videos.

    For example: In Snow and Ashes... did anyone catch on to the reason Claire decided not to die; because she was unsatisfied with the way she saw Malva touch Jamie by the window (my assumption) and the way she was intimately looking at him and then Claire thought... "That won't do" and decided not to die.

    There are so many other possibilities... this could be fun!! AND you could even just do Q&A response videos. LOL!

    Jessica :)

  3. Great idea and Carol and Tracey did that on one of the videos. I think it was just as they finished Echo, before the reread.

  4. Thanks L - yes, Jessica, we did this ONCE - but I am ALL OVER the idea of doing it again! It was soooo much fun!

    Tracey? What say you? I'm thinking we need to Skype-n-record this weekend. (And Tracey figured out how to split screen us so no one will have to look at my noggin in the big screen and Tracey in the wee screen). LOL!

  5. This is off topic but check out this great BBC series on the history of Scotland.

  6. Ooooh THANKS L!!! I am a sucker for those shows.

  7. Holy CRAP L!!! I am watching this RIGHT NOW! It's about Clan Fraser!!! This is blog-worthy!!!!