Monday, April 24, 2017

MOP Presents: Droughtlander Diversions!

UPDATE 4/2/17: We've been having some technical difficulties with YouTube, guys. For some reason, this is cutting off at 24 minutes. As soon as we get it straightened out, we'll repost the full version.

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for your patience and understanding!


JBS said...

Loved to see you guys again. LOVE LOVE LOVE the shout out to North & South. I remember the bad dark sisters name, Ashton! I so loved that miniseries. That was probably the first TV show I ever fangirled, between Patrick Swayze,and his Northern buddy, who's brother was played by Parker Stevenson.

Loved The Crown, loved Victoria! Are you guys watching Home Fires? Another good show that is not being renewed. Did either one of you watch Big Little Lies!!! Unbelievable.

Tracey R. said...

OMG HOW DID I FORGET BIG LITTLE LIES??? Carol have you watched that? We MUST discuss the return of Alexander Skarsgaard to HBO!!

JBS said...

Actually still sticking around.... I had time to kill. The Family Feud sketch on SNL with KStew was hysterical. Also love Kate McKinnon's Jeff Sessions. I liked Cursed Child, but wish it had been a book.

JBS said...

Yes, that is my request discuss Big Little Lies!! The acting, the clothes, the sets were phenomenal.

Is said...

Jamie screaming Claire: In the book, Lord John took Jamie to a Village to translate because an old guy was out of head and talking about a treasure they assumed was Louis' Gold. He was also talking about a "white witch." Thinking the man might be talking about Claire, Jamie escapes from the prison and swims to the seal island where he finds Gellis' jewels...but not Claire

Anonymous said...

Book Jamie a/k/a Alex a/k/a Mac didn't shoot Dunsany (Geneva's father). He shot the Earl of Ellesmere (that's who was dangling the baby out or near the window) but the inquest deemed it "death by misadventure".


Cj4297 said...

So happy to see you two! Loved the "teaser", and watched it too many times to be considered a sane, rational woman with a life, but so what!

In reference to Titanic, we did a "Last Dinner on the Titanic" at our restaurant on the 100th anniversary! We researched it for months, made the exact meal that was served in the Grand Salon, and it was the MOST amazing and almost magical night. Most guest came in full Edwardian dress, and we even had a CD that was an orchestra playing all the songs from the White Star song book that was used on all their ships.

You can see my write-up and pictures from the evening at our website:


Cj4297 said...

P.S. I'm with Tracey. This teaser, as tiny as it is, is full of iconic moments that are put there to resonate with book readers. We will recognize them, and our hearts will melt. Definitely young William.


dolittle said...

MY first thought at seeing Claire and Frank clapping at Bree's graduation was, "Dammit, Frank's gonna be late for his own funeral!" Remember, he was planning to take Bree away to England BEFORE she graduated, and possibly have her finish in a boarding school. But if he's at her graduation, he missed his appointment with an icy road.

You may have already heard by now, but DG says the person Jamie is hugging is NOT William or Marsali. One sharp-eyed gal on Twitter has compared the background in that scene to a shot of Claire standing at the railing in Lallybroch, and it's the SAME iron work, so maybe it's a niece he's hugging? The scene of Jamie shooting a gun DOES have the Dunsany's behind him. Some viewers recognized the actor and it was confirmed that he's playing Dunsany.

We're supposed to be getting "Turtle Soup" next season (per Maril), so I was psyched to hear that! It's about the only shipboard scene I'm REALLY hoping to see. Hot soup, hot sex, and a lot of humor - what's not to love?! ��

I've recently enjoyed THE CROWN and yes, Lithgow is awesome. That episode where Churchill's portrait is being painted is SO good! I also loved FEUD, and hated to see it end. Sarandon and Lange are amazing in it.

Your videos are fine as they are, but Google Hangouts could be a good option. Maybe you could do a video on some of the stories from DG's Seven Stones.

By the way, did you guys see the "Kilted Ballet" video? Pretty funny, especially the Dirty Dancing lift. And, hmmm, where have we heard that tune before?�� Here's the link:

Thanks for the video! We've missed you guys!

dolittle said...

Oh, did you guys know TSaTS is no more? Lani and Alistair are divorcing. Sad, but Lani has started Chipperish Media and is planning to create podcasts for S3 under the title "Sassenachs." Lani is awesome, so I hope TSaTS fans will support her in her new endeavor.

Unknown said...

Woo Hoo...Gotta tell ya! When I saw the new video was up, I poured myself some sauv blanc, got some snacks, grabbed the iPad, and got in the recliner for the duration! Welcome back! More comments after viewing.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I was thinking that what lookedl like a hospital room might have been about Frank when he was dying, but, then i realized the nurse was holding a cup of coffee and there were other staff members in the background. A hospital room would not have a degree hanging on the wall. Tracey may have nailed it about them looking at the TV about the Kennedy situation.

Purgatory Carol said...

YEYYYY! I LOVE THIS! If we can make even one person sit back, relax and enjoy the flight (of life!) then it's allll worth it! 😘

Purgatory Carol said...

This is so funny because I'm just sitting down to The White Princess on my DVR...and am watching the Outlander trailer...and realized the hair under the cap looks long and like a braid...and I said, "No way, this is NOT William!" And then my daughter asked me to print something for her with my computer, I saw my MOP comments emails...and here I am! I saw your comment and was like "YES! IT'S NOT WILLIAM!!!" LOLOL

Anonymous said...

Loved,loved,loved your laughter and forgetfulness (you guys!!!!) of all things Outlander. Hellwater - I didn't remember the name, but remembered Alex.
Loved the sweater too along with the different hair cut. Claire looks great.
Thought the baby pix from Lallybroch, so I think it's a girl - may already be answered.

I will always say, this long hiatus can't be good for the show, especially moving to Sunday nights. Hope for a lot of DVD counts in the Nielsen numbers.

I would love you guys to do short recaps on all the Outlander related books/chronicles, etc that you have read and recommend PENNED by DG. It would give me an idea of where to go next after I finish book 8.

So good to hear from you all!!!!

Cj4297 said...

Ok, I stand corrected on the "Willie" hug. Have heard now that it's his return to Lallybroch - wonderful either way!!

MandyM_inTX said...

What do you think of The White Princess (1st 4 episodes)? I'm really enjoying it so far.

Purgatory Carol said...

LOVE IT Mandy!!! OMG I watch it on the edge of my seat and every time it slows down or fades to black, I get nervous that it's the end of the episode!!! SHE (Jodie Comer) is so fantastic, I don't know what to do with myself!

MandyM_inTX said...

Me, too! I just LOVE Jodie and Jacob together! At the end of E4, I was jumping around! I'm SO sad that there are only 8 episodes (just like S1 Part1 of Outlander)!

And I tell myself...if Outlander doesn't make me feel this way in the fall, I am going to be so very sad!