Saturday, April 30, 2011

Diana Gabaldon Reviews Margaret George's "Elizabeth I"

I really enjoyed this book review from Diana Gabaldon about the new book, "Elizabeth I" by Margaret George. Its' verra cool when one of your favorite authors reviews a book based on one of your favorite historical figures.  I felt the same way when she asked many books on Elizabeth I we need...and was pleasantly surprised this book looks at Elizabeth's life from her late middle age.

One of my favorite books on Elizabeth I is "Elizabeth I: CEO" by Alan Axelrod. I read it when I was working in corporate management and I was amazed at how I was able to apply Elizabeth's style of leadership to my own job. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

The Birth of our Laird

Lads and Lassies! We canna forget that tomorrow is the birth of our Laird - the one and only James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser!!!

Make sure to Include #HappyBdayJAMIE in your Tweets tomorrow!!!!

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Friday, April 29, 2011

England's William and Kate get Hitched!

I did not get up for the ride in the Rolls...but I did wake up and turn on the ceremony midway through.  What fun.  Kate is stunning - that dress is spec-TAC-ular - and even though William is a cutie...HARRY is one sexy beast, no?

And how can I tie this post in to Scotland somehow?  That spectacular dress was designed by the Sarah Burton, creative director of Scot Alexander McQueen - God rest his soul.  Alexander designed that memorable "Highland Rape" collection that so many people still Google to this day. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Men in Kilts!

Thanks to Josie for sending in this AWESOME link.

I may consider moving to Vancouver or Seattle, just so I can call them!  Reminds me of a few years ago when I wanted to live in Forks!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Outlander Chat Tonight

Outlander Chat is ON tonight! 9PM Eastern!  Once again - Tracey and I are both iffy.  She is still on vacation - and I just got home a few hours ago and my life is a bit upside down at the moment.  But next week we will both be back to our usual schedules!

Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Better in Dunedin

Let me tell ya of the coolest places in the US is Dunedin, Florida. It is Scottish Heaven! The streets have names like Grant and Highland Ave...and the Scottish heritage abounds all over town. For example, if you go to a restaurant called Bon Appetit, which is on the gulf, you will hear the pianist play "Scotland the Brave" directly at sunset. Seriously. I may move here.

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Nicky Hayden: Wow.

Has anyone ever seen this guy and Jamie Fraser in the same room at the same time???  Thanks to Brandi on My Outlander Purgatory's Facebook Page for alerting us to this Jamie FACIAL likeness!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Albannach - Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Lads and Lassies - I canna stop thinking about ROGER MAC when I watch this!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Outlander Chat Tonight

Outlander chat is ON this evening! Tracey is on vacation and I am on Easter break and am iffy. But you guys don't need us! Talk amongst yourselves! I'll give you a topic. Jamie Fraser is one hot beefcake. Discuss!

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scottish Highland Games 2011

I'm sorry...but would there be anything cooler than going to Highland games...IN THE HIGHLANDS?  No, no there would not. 

Let's Do "The Book Thing!"

Eh. My. Gah.  Tracey just sent this to me and said "This must go viral!"  So I watched.  And all I have to say is this:

We LOVE the Outlander Book Club.  And we LOVE this!  Kudos, Silver Thistle!!

265 Years Ago Today: The Battle of Culloden

265 years ago today, over 1,000 Scottish Clansmen and supporters of Prince Charles Stuart died in less than an hour at the battle of Culloden. What followed was years of near-genocide in the Scottish Highlands to rid the area of its language, dress and clans.  
"Brave are the hearts that beat beneath Scottish skies."

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things We Need to Do

SPOILER ALERT:  Dinna read unless you have read Dragonfly in Amber.

I am doing housework today - and listening to a ton of Dragonfly.  And I'm realizing that it doesna matter if you rekilt; sometimes you feel just as strongly (if not more strong) about a subject the 2nd time around as you did during your maiden read.

I dinna agree with Claire in trying to stop Jamie from killing Jack Randall.  Frank is 200 years in the future.  As far as she's concerned, she's never going to see him again.  And she has no clue if she can change the future.  I can see if she was still in the 1940s...and living apart from him...but she's 200 years in the past.  LET HIM GO!  You're with JAMIE.  BE with Jamie.

I actually find it borderline amusing in spots...when Claire tries to save Frank:

Claire: Jamie, you can't kill Jack Randall because I won't let you...because of Frank.

Jamie:  Frank?  (Insert "huh?" face here)

LOL Jamie's like "WTF woman?  What the hell are you blathering about?"

And aside from Frank...I have a huge reason why I think Claire should drink a big, ol' cup of shut-the-fuck-up and let Jamie do what he needs to do.

He NEEDS to do it.

And why do I care that he needs to do it?  Because I've come across things people needed to do in my own life - and at the core of every person's being are the things they "need to do."  Allow me to elaborate:

11 years ago, my husband gave a kidney to his brother.  His brother has diabetes and his kidneys were shutting down.  And I remember the night he told me he was going to do it.  We were in the car, driving home from a family party.  My husband turned to me and said "Carol, I have to talk to you about something.  Don't get upset".  I knew - when I heard that last part - that it was something big, and something extremely important to him.  Then he told me he wanted to donate his kidney to his brother.  He was afraid I'd get upset and flip out and say "But what about you?!  What about our future kids?!  You might need it!"  And I could have.  But I didn't.  Because giving his kidney was something he needed to do.  So I sat there - quiet - and then said "OK".  And he looked at me in shock that I didn't put up a fight and said "Really?  You're OK with that?"  And I said "Yup" and changed the subject.

Let's put it this way: If I wanted to give my kidney to my sisters, no one - and I mean NO ONE would stop me.  And Claire should not try to stop Jamie from killing Randall.

Don't you love how we can take some of the most poignant moments of our lives and compare them to Outlander?  THAT'S why I love this series.

OK - back to listening...Davina, here I come!

Very "um, ew" Moment in Dragonfly...

I'm sorry...but did Claire just describe - in full, disgusting detail, a loogie, hocked by a foul fellow on the cobblestones?

Right down to the fact that it was GREEN. 

I am SOOOOO grossed out right now. 

And PS - oh for the love of god, woman - FORGET ABOUT FRANK!!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monarch of the Glen - Part Deux

OK so did I mention this show is about a laird?  I am watching episode four...and the laird is sitting in his study, deciding on a matter brought to him by two crofters in his community who are having a dispute over sheep.  I kid you not (no pun intended.)

"Sassenach" and "Culloden" have both been said again in episodes 3 & 4.

AND there was a sword dance.  In a kilt.

Pocket Laoghaire

Diane in Georgia seems to appreciate "the silly" as much as we do, cuz look at the hilarity she emailed me:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monarch of the Glen: Better Late than Never!

Sassenachs...I am so excited, I dinna know what to do with myself.  I FINALLY watched Monarch of the Glen...and I LOVE IT!!  My husband and I watched the first two episodes of Season 1 tonight...and we both really enjoyed it.  WOW is it a Scots-fest of epic proportions!  If you've never been to Scotland...watching this show seems like the next best thing!  It's done in the Highlands and - oh my god - you will realize just how much Diana has brought the Scottish countryside and culture to life in her books when you see this show. 

A couple interesting points:

* In the first two episodes alone they said "sassenach" once and referred to Culloden FOUR TIMES!

* One of my favorite lines...  These two old buggers were setting up a battlefield of small figurines of red coats and Scots on a table; it was supposed to be Culloden...and one says something like "I'll be Bonnie Prince Charlie and you'll be Cumberland".  To which the other fellow replies "I want to be Bonnie Prince Charlie!"  and the first fellow says "that's because you're rather corpulent and fond of the sauce!"  I was HYSTERICAL! 

Seriously, it's SUCH a great show!  The characters all have their own interesting personalities... and the writing is tremendous.  The story sucks you in immediately in episode one.  I'm telling you, lads and lassies...this is a show that is not to be missed!  It's a little outdated in spots (it's set in the late 90s/early 2000's) but it is so fantastic, you won't even know what year it is.  It's very modern in some ways (cell phones) and very old fashioned in others (a town-wide cross-country style race that reminded me of the horse race for the bonnets in "The Quiet Man"). 

OK I'll stop gushing, but yourself a favor and rent "Monarch of the Glen".  You'll feel like someone picked you up and plunked you down in the middle of the Highlands...with a new group of good friends.

Pocket Jamie Canna Resist!

Lifescapes: Scottish Moors

I canna BELIEVE I have never posted about this CD before.  I read the entire Outlander series while listening to Lifescapes: Scottish Moors.  It has ten of the most beautiful, instrumental songs that will melt your heart while Jamie melts your soul. 

Go here to listen to a preview of each song.

And Amazon has the CD used for .82.  Eighty two cents!  Can't beat that with a stick!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Outlander Chat TONIGHT

Outlander Chat tonight, y'all.  9PM Eastern.  Hope to see you there!

"A Discovery of Witches"

I read this article because it mentions Outlander (it's referred to as "Cross Stitch" here).  But I SQUEEEEED profusely at this article because it's about a book that seems to be about a romance between a vampire from the 16th century and a time-traveling, modern day "reluctant witch".  Is it real??? Could it be??? My FAVORITE elements: history...vampires...witches...the 16th century...time travel...romance - all seem to be tied up in a pretty little package and have fallen in my lap!

PS - The author - Deborah Harkness admits to being a huge Diana Gabaldon fan.  WORD.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Claire and Jamie: Get the Sensation

Spoiler alert:  Dinna read unless you have read Voyager.

(And dinna read if you are a prude. LOL)

So last night I read a wicked Jamie/Claire scene.  And by "wicked", I mean dirty.  And what was that?  A scene I like to refer to as "Bite the Berth" from Voyager.  Holy crap, I had forgotten how much I love that scene.  Claire is a dirty little strumpet!  Survey says:  LUVS IT!  She is all over him...and Mr. Stern comes by and won't shut the hell up.  And it's just so funny watching him try to put her off - then deal with her and decide to enjoy Mr Stern is droning on about Marsali.  And the whole time, I'm thinking "How can she even do this when she's burning up with fever?"  (Hell - I'd be burning up with fever just from eating turtle soup! Blech!)  She's got the cool breeze from the window...the heat of her fever...the warm covers on the berth...and HIMSELF all lovin' up behind her...LORDDDDDDD that must have been better than eating a York Peppermint Patty!  Can't you just hear it now??  "When I eat a York Peppermint Patty, I get the sensation of being up against the berth with James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser all up in my nethers from behind, with the blanket in my teeth and a cool breeze floating in from the port hole...".   Mmmm hmmm. Yes indeedy. I need MYself a York Peppermint Patty STAT!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sterling Scottish Crest Badge - Clan Fraser of Lovat

OH my, lads and lassies....just take a gander at the link MOP friend, Carla sent me a little while ago.

Is this absolutely stunning or what?  I totally want one. 

It has a starting bid of $150 (US) on eBay...or you can "buy it now" for $170 (US).  AND - it ships worldwide! 

Win a trip to Scotland!

From MOP friend, Carla:

Win a trip to Scotland!  Ends May 6, 2011; RT air for 2 to Scotland, 5 days rental car, 8/26-27 Hilton Dundee (B&B), 8/28-29 Gleneagles Hotel (B&B), 2 season tickets to Johnnie Walker Championship Golf (8/25-28), 1 place in the Johnnie Walker Championship pro-am event at The PGA Centenary Course (8/25)

Jackboots on Whitehall

Received the following email from the good lads and lassies over at New Video.  You can follow the Jackboots on Whitehall film on Facebook here.

For one day, on April 6, the lads and lasses at New Video don kilts, squeeze bagpipes and guzzle an epic quantity of Johnnie Walker -- all in celebration of National Tartan Day.

Oh, and we’ve got this wee film clip to help rally the troupes

National Tartan Day

From MOP friend, Richard:

Today is National Tartan Day as well as also the 691st Anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath.  (How cool is it that Tracey's birthday falls on this momentous date?!)

From Carol:  Cheers! Up yer kilt! :)

$399 - Scotland: 6 Nights w/Castle Stay & Car

Check it out, sassenachs...Scotland deals don't come around verra often.  So if you're considering a trip - CHECK THIS OUT!!!


Just want to throw a big, ol' HAPPY BIRTHDAY out there to my sister and Outlander mentor, Tracey!

Whether we are 9 and 4 and you are making me sing songs you made up in the car... or 29 and 24 (wink, wink...nudge nudge) and you are mentoring me on the finer points of James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser, you are a tremendous sister!

Have a wonderful, OUTLANDER-FILLED day, sassenach!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Quiet Man

The neatest thing happened today.  I mentioned "The Quiet Man" on Facebook a few weeks ago because my husband and I watch it every year on St. Patrick's Day (it's about Ireland).  And Angela watched it over the weekend and pointed out that John Wayne's relationship with Maureen O'Hara is much like Jamie and Claire in many ways.  Now don't get excited - it's not exact by any means....but it's similar in certain instances.  I don't want to give anything away...but if you get a chance, you should definitely check out The Quiet Man.

Tonight's Chat

OK sassenachs - here's the deal for tonight's chat.  Tracey and I are both very iffy with our schedules this evening and most likely will not be there...but chat will be OPEN at 9PM Eastern for anyone who wants to show up and talk some Jamie and Claire!

 * I want to thank Lizzie at Lucky Enough for the photo that I slightlyyyyyy doctored. :)  Check out her blog - she's adorable!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

We interrupt this Outlander blog...

OK so clearly we're all fans of period pieces...may I safely assume that? (snicker)  Then lads and need to run, RUN to the Starz Channel and watch CAMELOT on demand if you didn't see its premiere last night.  Oh my LORDDDDDDDD I enjoyed it.  Just watched - LOVED Joseph Fiennes...LOVED Claire Forlani (the beautiful and talented wife of one of the greatest Scottish actors of all time, Mr. Dougray Scott)...LOVED Philip Winchester (who was once my top Jamie candidate but is no longer)...but most of all, I absolutely FAN GIRLED over that cutie pie Jamie Campbell Bower.  He is ridiculously adorable and SO good in this role.  It's so nice to see his talents appreciated...instead of the paltry two lines he was given as "Caius" in New Moon. "She knows too much.  She's a liability".  Geez, if you blinked, you missed him.  And yet there is Kristen Stewart...present in every single second of the film.  One wonders...

OK enough about that... Another thing I love about JCB; he is hilarious.  His are pretty much my favorite tweets on Twitter, just because he makes random moments like waiting on a plane absolutely hysterical in their simplicity.  And - tonight I came across a blog he keeps with information about filming Camelot...and other random silliness.  Check it out!  AND CHECK OUT CAMELOT!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Matt McGinn - The Heilan Man

Oh lads and lassies...have I got a treat for you.  My friend Hugh (the good sport from Scotland who was  featured saying "Sassenach" on MOP a few weeks ago) told me about Matt McGinn - and I'm so glad he did!

People have been asking lately if I'm really that excited about an Outlander film.  I never know how to respond.  I know how films can be nothing like the books they've been made for...and it tears your heart out ("Hi Edward?  It's Carol.  Why are you driving a black suv?  And why are you dressing like my grandpa?  An why does Bella have breathing issues?" So many little time.)  So why do I want to see an Outlander film?  This film does a fantastic job of expressing what I canna.  Look at it.  Watch it.  Feel it.  The bottom line?  I have to witness it.  And good or bad...I'm ready to take my chances.  As for this video...Enjoy.