Sunday, April 3, 2011

We interrupt this Outlander blog...

OK so clearly we're all fans of period pieces...may I safely assume that? (snicker)  Then lads and need to run, RUN to the Starz Channel and watch CAMELOT on demand if you didn't see its premiere last night.  Oh my LORDDDDDDDD I enjoyed it.  Just watched - LOVED Joseph Fiennes...LOVED Claire Forlani (the beautiful and talented wife of one of the greatest Scottish actors of all time, Mr. Dougray Scott)...LOVED Philip Winchester (who was once my top Jamie candidate but is no longer)...but most of all, I absolutely FAN GIRLED over that cutie pie Jamie Campbell Bower.  He is ridiculously adorable and SO good in this role.  It's so nice to see his talents appreciated...instead of the paltry two lines he was given as "Caius" in New Moon. "She knows too much.  She's a liability".  Geez, if you blinked, you missed him.  And yet there is Kristen Stewart...present in every single second of the film.  One wonders...

OK enough about that... Another thing I love about JCB; he is hilarious.  His are pretty much my favorite tweets on Twitter, just because he makes random moments like waiting on a plane absolutely hysterical in their simplicity.  And - tonight I came across a blog he keeps with information about filming Camelot...and other random silliness.  Check it out!  AND CHECK OUT CAMELOT!!


  1. Well.....I thought of you last/Friday night when I watched this and just was going to e-mail you for your take when I decided to check MOP first. Now I know your position.

    I, however, have only a sometimes parallel vision.

    So....I agree wholeheartedly about Jamie Campbell Bower--both as a cutie and as an actor. Then I diverge. Eva Green is not only beautiful but always is an excellent actor--never have I seen her do a poor job--so far I like her mean Morgan. James Purefoy as King Lot was in his usual great form, but, of course, he's been killed off in the first episode. His persona and performance recalled his Mark Anthony version of "Rome" acclaim.

    I do not care for Fiennes as Merlin--NOT at all. He's miscast. Oh, yes, Tamsin Egerton, actor Ben Barnes' shadowy squeeze--a wooden, chemistry-less Guinevere if ever there was one.

    Something is off about this it the script? the low budget sets? the director?????

    Both Forlani and Winchester are good actors in their own right, but, so far, have precious little to say and do and, when they do, they're both somewhat weak and colorless in this work.

    Costumes and accessories are verra nice.

    Carla.....confessed filmaholic

  2. Carla - agreed on all counts...with the exception of Joe Fiennes; I haven't made up my mind on him yet...but my favorite thing about him is his intensity. He could play a Fig Newton in a Nabisco commercial and as long as he's yelling about something; I'm happy.

    But, Houston...we have a problem.

    I think I missed an episode! When I left off, James Purefoy was still very much alive...and we hadn't yet met Guinevere. Well - unless you count that beach dream Arthur had from which he woke up with Joe Fiennes hovering over him and screaming "Who is she?!"

    We watched "on demand" - damn! I don't have time for another episode! I've got The Borgias tonight and Chat tomorrow!! ;)

    I think the reason you feel the series is "off" is that it's a Starz series. They always film in beautiful locations...and their sets/costumes are tremendous...and they bring in some top notch actors. But they have a tendency to smarm up some scenes (the aforementioned beachy sex scene) and use some high-tech, modern camerawork that projects the scene in slow motion (Spartacus) or camp up the ending which makes you go "WHY did they go this route? Did they have a deadline?!" (Pillars of the Earth). And Starz series have some of the MOST gratuitous sex scenes you will ever see...and I truly believe they take away from the series.

    Having said ALL of that (for the second time because my first comment went bye-bye on me) I will watch - and I will love - because it's about King Arthur...and Guinevere...and Merlin...and the Knights of the Round Table...and I am a sucker for that stuff. And if nothing else, it's all so purdy. ;)

  3. Now that I think on it, I recall that the segment I watched on Friday evening included the first TWO episodes.

    So far, the "beach" scene lasted a dreamy nanosecond. However, there's a full frontal nude shot of Eva Green that's NOT necessary as far as I'm well as a gratuitous, overly revealed "intercourse" scene with Green and Purefoy which recalls similar, loveless moments of "Rome." Both of these actors have excellent bodies, but does that advance the story.....nah.....just a "draw the sweaty crowd" gimmick. You are SO right.

    I'm with you on watching ALL medieval dramas at least once--good or bad, mediocre or great. Nonetheless, while I wish all of them to be GREAT, I keep my evaluations real.

    Sorry about the spoilers!

    Onward to "The Borgias".....Carla

  4. I trust you've read The Mists of Avalon....



  5. @adventures north.....I have read Zimmer Bradley's novel and own the 2001 TV film (based upon the novel "TMOA") on DVD. I also own and still enjoy 1981's "Excaliber" on DVD as well as 2004's "King Arthur" and 1995's "First Knight" (not so great). By choice, I don't own the DVD of 1967's "Camelot," because Vanessa Redgrave annoys me.

    Are you aware that Tamsin Egerton, 2011's Guinevere, plays the young brunette Morgaine in "The Mists of Avalon"? A natural brunette, Egerton has affected blond hair since her teens.


  6. I haven't seen this, but looking forward to doing so. :)

    I'm confused by the Kristen Stewart comment?!?

  7. Erika - I'm just being a wise guy about Kristen Stewart. I didn't love her acting in much of New Moon - but I should blame Chris Weitz' direction, I suppose. All that heavy breathing got on my last nerve. She stepped up to the plate in Eclipse and I'm looking forward to seeing what she'll do in Breaking Dawn. Something tells me she's going to knock it out of the ballpark in that; so much more for her to do than stand around sounding like she's hyperventilating. ;)

  8. @Carol...
    I once saw KStew nicknamed, "Stutters McBlinky". Enough said. ;)

    Camelot was verra enjoyable. JCB was great (especially without his Caius scarves)!

    I read Mists, and I did like book Morgan. So mean show Morgan may take some getting used to. She does have some fabulous jewelry though.
    Evil + Evil = good chemistry, and I will miss her with Lot (RIP).

    Thumbs up to Philip Winchester and his Fraser bones. He seems good hearted, which probably makes him doomed and so I say this: Dear Starz, please don't kill him off. He looks like he will have good #SwordSkills.

  9. "Stutters McBlinky"!!!!!!! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LUVS IT!!!!!