Saturday, April 2, 2011

Matt McGinn - The Heilan Man

Oh lads and lassies...have I got a treat for you.  My friend Hugh (the good sport from Scotland who was  featured saying "Sassenach" on MOP a few weeks ago) told me about Matt McGinn - and I'm so glad he did!

People have been asking lately if I'm really that excited about an Outlander film.  I never know how to respond.  I know how films can be nothing like the books they've been made for...and it tears your heart out ("Hi Edward?  It's Carol.  Why are you driving a black suv?  And why are you dressing like my grandpa?  An why does Bella have breathing issues?" So many little time.)  So why do I want to see an Outlander film?  This film does a fantastic job of expressing what I canna.  Look at it.  Watch it.  Feel it.  The bottom line?  I have to witness it.  And good or bad...I'm ready to take my chances.  As for this video...Enjoy.


  1. Neat!.....Thanx for sharing.....Carla

  2. OK, you know what that song makes me think of??? MURTAUGH. I can just see him singing this song in the tap room of an inn as he and Claire are going from town to town looking for Jamie and doing the performing and fortune-telling. How AWESOME would that montage be???

  3. I think I'm just ready to hear Jamie's Gaelic the way it's meant to be spoken (not the undoubtedly terrible pronunciation that is in my head!). That's why I'm ready for an Outlander movie.

  4. Thanks for that Carol, i enjoyed watching it,gonna check out his other stuff.
    Re an Outlander film being good or bad I,m with you there, I'll be watching it regardless but I really, really hope it's a mini-series.
    --Check this out when you get chance,it's a free language learning site. From drop down lists you choose your spoken language then choose a language you want to learn and --ready for this--Scottish gaelic is there!!!


  5. *Speechless*

    Do you know anything about this song? Did Matt McGinn write it or is it based on something traditional? Loved it! And bring on the Outlander movie, especially if Kevin McKidd plays Jamie ;)

  6. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE this! Gave me goose bumps. Thanks for sharing! As for the movie I'm there either way being the obsessed Outlander fan that I am. I love your blog by the way!

  7. I'm headed there in September and its just too long a wait.