Saturday, April 16, 2011

265 Years Ago Today: The Battle of Culloden

265 years ago today, over 1,000 Scottish Clansmen and supporters of Prince Charles Stuart died in less than an hour at the battle of Culloden. What followed was years of near-genocide in the Scottish Highlands to rid the area of its language, dress and clans.  
"Brave are the hearts that beat beneath Scottish skies."


  1. SO sad.

    Thank you for the remembrance.


  2. I had such a sadness with me today after reading this post (and then I took my time reading through the link you provided too). Not just because of the battle itself, but because I knew that was the day Jamie made Claire go back. How can fictional characters affect me in such a way? I would feel crazy if I didn't have other fans like you out there who can relate!

    In the link you provided I was really struck by this tidbit --
    "It is said that after the battle the Duke pointed at a wounded higlander and directed Major James Wolfe to shoot him. Wolfe is reputed to have said that his commission was at the disposal of the Duke but not his honour. A soldier shot the highlander who is said to have been Charles Fraser of Inverallochy, lieutenant colonel of Lovat’s regiment."

  3. Like ANIMALS!!! Just shot them like they were dogs. (I treat my dog a hell of a lot better than that.)

    Thanks for commenting, guys. I had a rough time of it yesterday. Culloden strikes such a chord with me...because I NEVER learned of it - or the subsequent ethnic cleansing of the Highlands - when I was in school. Not high school or college. And I find that disgusting. Just sweep it all under the rug, as if the Highland people and their story isn't worth the time.

    Marci, I was just reading your comment to my husband and had to stop halfway through because I started to cry. I will get to Culloden to pay my respects to these men if it kills me.

  4. If you haven't done so yet, Carol, go to Herself's blog. She has two links to articles she wrote about Culloden from a few years ago. Both are very good reads!

  5. Oooh thanks Marci! I will totally read those. What a treat!