Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pocket Laoghaire

Diane in Georgia seems to appreciate "the silly" as much as we do, cuz look at the hilarity she emailed me:


  1. LOL! That's great.

    OK, now where is Pocket Claire??


  2. Karen, do they make a Barbie with hair like a milkweed puff?? lol


  3. @adventures Well, I could _not_ find any Barbie shoes. LOL!
    @Karen I don't have a Pocket Claire, but I have Pocket Brianna. Her picture is amongst the photos on Pocket Jamie's Facebook page. :-)
    Diane in GA

  4. Honestly, my first thought was -- yeah, target practice! -- when I realized it was Laoghaire. Then I laughed because my second thought was -- if it's the later in life version she needs more padding!

  5. Oh please say that there will be a pictorial "Outlander" reenactment done solely with Pocket characters!

  6. Clearly the talksupe lasses have not witnessed our cinematic masterpiece....

  7. *DYING* Full snort laugh @ work!!
    sooo jealous of that Snow White doll.

    See, these little gems make me sad to be late to the Jamie party.

    and since I just finished Echo, I loved the rest of your lassies commentary.
    @ Tracey - your Ian/Rachel relationship breakdown: YES! They ARE Tony and Maria!