Monday, January 2, 2023

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bring on Season 7!

Alright, y'all. A new year, a new season of Outlander. (In life, all roads lead to Outlander. Remember that.) 

Admittedly, I'm no a giant fan of US Weekly's ads that pop up in my face when I'm trying to ogle Sam Heughan. But hey, they gotta pay the bills, and this article by  is pretty thorough in updating what we can expect in Season 7 of Outlander, premiering this summer! Also have to give Nicole a wee shoutout because she went to Monmouth University, an amazing institution of higher learning. (My own Wee Ian refuses to apply there because it's practically in our back yard and my-man wants to spread his wings a little.) More than a few of us know why Monmouth might be topical in an Outlander post. The rest of you who haven't read the series? You'll have to keep watching, my friends. Lordddddddd keep watching. 

“America really is in sort of turmoil. There’s revolution, and Jamie and Claire are separated,” the Waypoints author teased. “There’s also the prophecy of Jamie and Claire’s death, you know, that they’re supposed to die in a fire. There’s just so much going on.” ~Sam Heughan for US 

As you may or may not know, depending on how long you've been visiting MOP, all roads ALSO lead to the American you can imagine how stoked I am to get this show on the road. Since things started heading toward "Give me liberty or give me death", I've been waiting for this season with bated breath! Why? Umm...REMEMBER PAOLI!

If I'm honest, I'm hoping the writers/producers/directors are fans of TURN: Washington's Spies...because they did it RIGHT. Every...single...second of that series is gold. GOLD!!! (And the reason I cried at John Andre's sarcophagus at Westminster...but that's a different conversation!!) 

Another series that will get you jonesing for Revolutionary War times is Poldark. (Say it soft and it's almost like pray-ing.) le sigh...BOY do I miss Aidan Turner's bare chest. LOL I'm kindof kidding; I'm more into the courtroom scenes when Ross PolDARK is yelling at everyone before going to a hot dinner made by Demelza who, oddly enough, is probably still wearing something resembling rags.

At any rate...I wanted to let you know how excited we are for this summer, and not just because it's margarita season. I also wanted to let you know that Tracey and I will be making a video sooner rather than later...just to catch up, discuss our theories/hopes for the upcoming season, and share some altogether merriness for the new year with you fine people whom we miss so much. ❤️


Thursday, December 22, 2022

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from MOP!

 From our homes to yours, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy and Healthy New Year from My Outlander Purgatory! (And of course, Pocket Jamie!) 

Saturday, November 26, 2022


Missed the Black Friday sale in the MOP SHOP? That's OK! There is still 15% off plus free standard shipping through December 4th! HAPPY SHOPPING! 

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy MOP Thanksgiving!

Wishing you and your families the Happiest of Thanksgivings! We are thankful for YOU! 


Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Castle Rock Kitchen by Theresa Carle-Sanders

WOW! MOP friend Theresa Carle-Sanders has done it again!! Check out her way cool new cookbook, Castle Rock Kitchen, that includes yummy recipes from the the infamous fictional town where many of Stephen King's books are set!  

Theresa is also the creator of the Outlander Kitchen series that includes wonderful 18th century dishes from the book series we all know and love. ❤️

Monday, June 20, 2022

Happy Birthday Gillebride MacMillan!

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to MOP friend and OUTLANDER star Gillebride MacMillan!! If you haven't checked out Gillebride's beautiful Scots Gaelic music yet, now's the time

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

MOP VIDEO: "I Am Not Alone" Episode 608

Outlander “I Am Not Alone” Season 6 Episode 608 FINALE RECAP! My Outlander Purgatory's Carol and Tracey are back to recap the Season 6 finale of Outlander, the Starz series based on Diana Gabaldon's best-selling book series. Join us as we break down every moment, including why our drinks are boring AF; why jet lag hits you harder the older you get; all the fun we had on our MOP Goes to Scotland trip (include the Highland Malt Whisky Experience at McGregor’s Pub in Inverness, the Dunrobin Castle in Sutherland; Hopetoun House near Edinburgh; a swordfighting demonstration from Paul MacDonald and Grant McGregor; dancing around the stones at Clava Cairns, and a special performance from Season 1’s Bard, Gillebride MacMillan); how it’s hard to believe that the same person directed this episode AND the last one; why the Easter egg scene got us all jonesing for a Jersey diner breakfast; WTH Jamie and Claire are doing with an arsenal of guns (and why they don’t have a hidey hole); why Claire was more badass than we’ve seen her all season; why they should consider blowing out the candles before they flip a table they are on; how Richard Brown would have found out that Marsali killed his brother; where the hell Bree and Roger got that two-room tent (and how they put it up); why we think that some of this episode was better read than seen; why Roger was the hottest thing in this episode; how we can still recite the Act of Contrition; why it’s crazy that Jamie and Claire are putting up with all this shit; why we found it hard to believe that Claire would care about anyone’s wounds at this point; why Tracey is obsessed with Titanic, what Richard Brown’s true motivations really are; how Bree was able to keep from tossing lice-infested Jem off the wagon and away from her long flowing locks (and how they managed to remember the Breedal Sassoon scissors); how Wagon Jamie and Claire harkened back to the J/C of yore; IAN IAN IAN; who else besides Claire we might know rotting away in a Wilmington jail cell; the awesomeness that were those final moments; and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! 

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