Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Remember Paoli!

Spoiler Alert! Dinna read unless ye have read Chapter 11, "Remember Paoli", in "Written in My Own Heart's Blood." 

""We're taking him back to camp. You all heard what he said; Major General Charles Grey's kin to him.  Might be as Colonel Smith will want to hang him in camp--or might even be as he'll want to send this man to General Wayne. Remember Paoli!"
     "Remember Paoli!" Ragged cries echoed the call, and Grey rubbed at his swollen eye with his sleeve--tears were leaking from it and irritating his face.  Paoli?  What the devil was Paoli?  And what had it to do with whether, when, or how he should be hanged?  He decided not to ask at just this moment and, when they hauled him to his feet, when along with them without complaint." ~Diana Gabaldon in Written in My Own Heart's Blood

~ A treasured acknowledgement from Diana Gabaldon in Written in My Own Heart's Blood about her chapter, "Remember Paoli", written after she saw this post on My Outlander Purgatory.

As I do every year, today more than ever, I urge you to remember the sacrifices the United States Military has made for America...and to REMEMBER PAOLI! ❤️

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