Thursday, April 14, 2022


Been feeling a little bummed that you're not coming with us to Scotland next week? Wish you could go? 



We had a few last minute cancelations on our MOP Goes to SCOTLAND tour!!!! Those spots could be filled by YOU!!!

There are THREE open spots; one single, and one double, and each were booked on group air. If you want to join us, time is of the essence!! Contact Lisa at Prime Tours ASAP!! Your confirmation needs to happen by this SUNDAY 4/17!!


Saturday, April 9, 2022

RIP (or not) Lord Lovat; Simon "The Fox" Fraser

Photo Credit: Wikipedia 

It was on this day, April 9th, 1747 that the real life Simon Fraser aka Lord Lovat aka Jamie Fraser's wicked grandda...was the last person to be beheaded in the UK, due to his participation in the Jacobite Uprising of 1743. 

John Morris
Photo credit: John Morris on flickr

Apparently there was a giant crowd at the execution and a "timber stand" collapsed (a scaffolding, built to hold spectators), killing 9 people. Fraser laughed as he thought this was amusing, thus creating the phrase "laughing your head off." 

Photo Credit: The Crown Cronicles
Simon Fraser was thought to have been buried at the  Wardlaw Mausoleum, Kirkhill, Inverness.  
However in 2018, the crypt was opened and the coffin was exhumed. What did they find? The remains of a woman. They now believe he was never the Tower of London and may be buried somewhere on site. 

Sunday, April 3, 2022

MOP RECAP Video: Episode 605 - Give Me Liberty

Outlander “Give Me Liberty” Season 6 Episode 605 RECAP! My Outlander Purgatory's Carol and Tracey are back to recap the latest episode of Season 6 of Outlander, the Starz series based on Diana Gabaldon's best-selling book series. Join us as we break down every moment, including the addicting mystery that is TikTok; a possible MOP contest (watch this space!!); why our Scotland trip is going to include a stop at the Surgeon’s Hall Museum of 18th century medical oddities (aka “I’m Claire and I made a museum”); why Ross Poldark belonged in this episode; MARK MEEEEEEEEE and why he reminded us of Peter Scolari; the return of LORD JOHN and whether he’s hotter than Fergus; why taverns like the one JAMMF hit up were the backbone of the Revolutionary War; why Rog and Amy have all the Little House “Ma Ingalls and the handyman” vibes; why it’s surprising that Rog can bust out a tune; whether Bree has invented some sort of GMO pea growing machinery; why Marsali is the expert in love charms (cause Mommy Leghair taught her well); all the talk of William at the party and what it might mean; why Claire has trouble meeting famous historical figures; why Roger needs to be smacked upside the head; why we’d totally hang out with Claire, Flora, and Jocasta; why Jocasta is like the Liz Taylor of Outlander; why Bear McCreary needs to write Claire some special trigger music; when JAMMF might find out that Claire’s hooked on ether; why JAMMF/Lord John conversations are hard to watch because OMG who do you look at??? and why there needs to be a show where they just break up ruckuses and solve crimes and look hot AF doing it; whether or not Ian and Malva did it a few weeks back; why asking to hear stories about being taken by the Mohawk is not the best way to lure your man, Amy; why Bree needs to start making Jem different toys; why Roger confessing that he has a “weakness for young mothers” may not be the best call; why Malva has turned full on Jame Gumm crazy; why the Outlander sound team deserves an Emmy; why LJ’s love for JAMMF breaks our hearts every time; why JAMMF continues to be a master of playing both sides; who the mysterious prisoner is; and MUCH MUCH MORE!!