Monday, January 31, 2011

Outlander Chat Tonight

Outlander chat tonight - 9PM Eastern - Hope you all can make it!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Claire Fraser: Down for the Count

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read Dragonfly in Amber.

So Jamie and Claire just had "Holy Shit Moment #1" when they thought Alexander Randall was Frank. Poor Claire. First Jamie comes out of the big her shit for being sick with the baby HIS loins impregnated her with... and then he gets all "Oh I'm sorry... I'm just worried about you".  I was dying to be a third party in that conversation and walk up and say "Yeah. Um, Jamie? Just curious... was it just that you felt bad for Claire? Or maybe was there a little embarrassment wrapped up in there too, hmmmm?"  If a man ever gave my ass shit for having morning sickness because I was pregnant with HIS child... I'd clock him. Even if he WAS worrit about me. Sheesh.

OK so then - here comes Alexander RrrrrrAAAHHHNNNdal (as Davina says... oh how I LOVE her!) and they both see him... and Claire temporarily bites it right there on the spot. It was like "Jamie, I'm fine, I just....wha...who....ohhhhhhhh shitttttttt.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZ....oh Hi Frank....wait, what?" I swear to god that part makes me have an attack of nervous angina - and a bit of a giggle fit - all at the same time! I guess it's because it's a reread/listen...and I know it's not Jack Randall. Thank the lorddddddddddd it's not Jack Randall!!!

For now. Muhhahahahahaha!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

6 Nights in Scotland for $699

So every week I get an update from Travel Zoo of their top 20 deals. And every week I check for a deal for Scotland....and every week I'm disappointed.

Until this week.

6 nights in Scotland in Spring for $699 (from NYC). Two nights in Edinburgh, two nights in the Highlands, two nights in Glasgow. WITH a rental car and round trip flight. You cannot beat that deal with a stick, lads and lassies.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh Dougray... I Canna Hear Ye, Lad!

On this, Robert Burns' birthday...I BEG you UKers and Irish to listen to this. I can only imagine how fantastic it is. Why must I imagine? Because I am in the US and I get an error that says "not available in your area" when I try to listen! I'm sure you guys over there willna find it as exciting as I would because you get to hear this accent on a daily basis. LOL But still. He's reading Burns. Le sigh...

Happy Birthday, Robert Burns!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Outlander Chat Tonight

Outlander Chat tonight! 9PM Eastern, y'all. Tracey willna be able to attend as she has play practice rehearsal...but I will be there discussing my latest DinA listenings (can we say "meeting Raymond" and "scary French mistresses with pierced private areas"?)

Hope you can make it!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

We Won a "Stylish Blogger" Award!

Thank you so much to Karen of Outlandish Observations and Zan Marie of In the Shade of the Cherry Tree for giving My Outlander Purgatory the Stylish Blogger award! WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!

(I would have posted this yesterday when I saw Karen's award but I was scouring my house with Clorox Clean-up all day as my 6 year old woke us up at 4:30 AM with the stomach virus. It wasn't pretty. I'm not gonna lie.)

So here's what we have to do:

~~Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
~~Share things about yourself.
~~Award recently discovered great bloggers.
~~Contact these bloggers about the award.

1) In the 4th grade I won an award for selling the most lightbulbs in the class. The state-of-the-art cassette player I won later melted in the back window of my dad's Buick.

2) Tracey wore glasses with octagonal-shaped frames for a time when we were kids. They were so cute.

3) I love yoga. It's "the other white meat" for those of us who are completely non-athletic.

4) Tracey has worked for both Scholastic and Children's Television Workshop. She used to interview celebs over the phone and said David Arquette was one of the nicest guys she ever interviewed. (Even though he's a hot mess right now and is probably lounging in rehab in M. C. Hammer pants with an American flag motif.)

5) Before spawning, I worked for Brother and once hawked a word processor on QVC... and inadvertently said the word "exactly" 19 times in 8 minutes during the broadcast. Good times.

6) Tracey once appeared on a television show where the focus of her segment was gourmet bug delicacies.

7) I "Irish danced" as a kid. Think Riverdance, only with much less talent.

8) Tracey lives in a late 19th century house in northern New Jersey that is way cool and has a back stairway to the kitchen for the servants (think Phaedra). (No, she doesn't have servants.)

9) I live at the "Jersey Shore" and am mortified by the people on that show on Mtv (most of whom aren't even from New Jersey) and their extremely poor depiction of the real "Jersey Shore". (Yeah, OK, Snooki has made me giggle profusely at times. I have to admit that.)

10) I usually don't like meeting celebrities because it's such a let-down when you worship someone's work or art, only to have them turn out to be pompous and rude. The exact opposite is true of Diana Gabaldon. She was charming and gracious when we met her - and she talked to us as if we were her neighbors or people she sees at the market on Saturdays. She does not have a pretentious bone in her body and she deserves every bit of praise she gets for her unfathomable writing talents.

We are awarding a Stylish Blogger award to the following blogs, which are all run by people who love Outlander.

Talk Supe - Tracey and I love this blog. It's absolute hilarity about things we love like Outlander, True Blood and Twilight. (The recent commentary about mistaking Annette Benning for Robert Pattinson at the Golden Globes because of her crazy hairstyle almost made me tinkle in my unmentionables.)
Read the Book - Girlfriend LOVES to read! :) Enough said!
A Rebel Fan's Blog - A neat blog from a former teacher who loves to make soap...and garden and oh yeah, READ!
A Slice of Life - I could stare at this blog design all day. It's STUNNING. And the books Joanne reviews...oh my gosh. You will die. This blog is for lovers of all things Historical Fiction and Romance.
Outlandish Dreaming - This blog reviews Historical Fiction/Romance and is filled with so much Highland, kilty goodness, I dinna know what to do with myself, ken?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jack Davenport. There's Just Something About Him.

OK so I develop crushes. They come. They go. (And they're usually on British men.) They're always on entertainers of some sort and I've been this way since I was 4 and enraptured by Donny Osmond. Then came Davy Jones at 7. Then came Shaun Cassidy at 9. Followed by John Taylor from Duran Duran at 13.

So lately, I've been crushing on an English actor named Jack Davenport. The funny thing is, I don't know why, since I have barely seen him in anything. Flash Forward; that's it. And it got canceled 8 months ago. But he was good. And yes, he was in Pirates of the Caribbean.. but I'm not the biggest fan of those films... and when watching them, I'm using preoccupied with pondering the minuscule amount of calories that the stunning Keira Knightley must take in on a daily basis.

So it's odd that this Jack Davenport has been popping into my brain a lot lately. This morning I said "That's enough!" and took myself over to Google... to see what all the cranial hubbub was all about. And while looking at some lovely pictures and video of the aforementioned subtly handsome and dashing Brit, I came across the following video. And couldn't help asking... "Jack Randall"?

Now don't anyone go and get your panties in a twist. I'm just thinking out loud. By tomorrow I'll be suggesting anyone from Gary Oldman to Mick Jagger! Or one of his kids! (Or grandkids?)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am a Scot!!!

Everyone on Facebook get your arses over to the "I am a Scot" page and click "like" (after you check out that tall, grey-haired cutie pie in the profile pic). You can post anything you want about being Scottish or wishing you were on their wall!

THEN - get over to their Visit Scotland Website and join the "Great Scottish Adventure" sweepstakes where you can win a trip for two to SCOTLAND, y'all!!! (Residents of US and Canada only.)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Go ahead. Ogle a Scot.

Or at least a dude in a kilt who is rather smokin'. Thanks to the lassies at Buttercup Punch, whose blog I discovered today and ganked this picture from. No idea where they ganked it from... but I'm happy they did.

Monday, January 17, 2011

No Chat Tonight

Chat will be canceled this evening due to the holiday in the US. Happy Martin Luther King day - and we'll see you next week!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No, no... She Said SmallCOX!

Spoiler Alert: Dinna read unless you have read "Dragonfly in Amber".

OK - so I've been whipping out the iPod lately and listening to Dragonfly. The first time around I was a bit "eh" about the France stuff. Probably because I'm a complete spaz and I was still pining for Scotland. But this time I'm rather enjoying it.  Probably because I'd love to spend some time in France and I'm jealous as hell of Claire right now. She's moving into Jared's townhouse... and meeting her his staff... and having new gowns made. And she's doing all of that while living in wedded bliss with Jamie Fraser and carrying his child. How incredibly awesome is THAT?!

And I also have a question that I still have from reading  DinA the first time:

Why didn't Jamie stop Claire from saying the ship that carried the Comte's liquor had Smallpox aboard? He knew she was trying to help the sick fellow. He knew she was talking about what was wrong with him. Why not pull her aside and say "Claire - dinna say the word "smallpox" or "plague" or you may sign our death warrants, ye ken?"

And then - after she does flub up and say it, unknowingly - he sounds a bit condescending while explaining why she shouldna have said it. And I love how she's all "Whoopsie! My bad!" about the whole thing. Claire cracks me up.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Carol and Tracey Freak the Freak Out

OK so earlier Tracey called to make sure I knew Diana had commented on my birthday post... and we were both on the phone giggling and congratulating ourselves on being masters of the universe (totally ganked that line from Titanic.)

And we were still on the phone when we realized Diana had linked to My Outlander Purgatory on her links page. You have no idea how exciting that is for me. A year ago I found out my neighbor's mother in law had done some work with Diana in Arizona... and I had hopes that some day Diana might just hear about the blog. Just HEAR about it. And I freaked out then, saying "Oh my gosh - maybe some day she'll hear about the blog!"  So today... to see her comment...AND to see that she thought enough of us to link to us on her site... wow. Just... wow. 

And I figured I'd never be able to explain to you how excited I was. And Tracey was. Until Tracey sent me this picture of herself freaking out at work. And until I realized my 6 year old son, Ian, was wandering around the house, making a video with his new camera. And do you know what that means?? It means my freak-out was recorded. Complete with my daughter yelling "Be quiet! Be quiet!" SO funny.

So without further ado... I give you... myself... sounding like.... an IDIOT!

PS - Please ignore my messy house! Had I known we were filming, I'd have spruced up a bit!

NEW Diana Gabaldon Website

Hey lads and lassies! Quick! Get over to Diana Gabaldon's totally re-designed website pronto! It's verra cool indeed.... and guess who made the links section??



Just want to throw a monstrous HAPPY BIRTHDAY out there to "Herself" - Diana Gabaldon - founder, author and patron saint of the Outlander series.

We hope you have a fantastic day... and we will totally understand if you need to stop writing for a little while to celebrate your big day. :)

Là breith sona dhuit!!!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Outlander Chat Tonight

Outlander Chat Tonight - 9PM Eastern! I may be a few minutes late - trying to make a meeting in my town tonight at 7:30...but hopefully I'll be back with time to spare! See ya then!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

We Interrupt this Outlander Blog...

Methadone SPOILER Alert: Dinna read unless you have read "Green Darkness" by Anya Seton.

I finished "Green Darkness" by Anya Seton today... and I just have to talk about it. How I made it all the way through the book without ranting is beyond me. I thought to do it a few times and then thought "This is an Outlander blog! They don't want to hear about this story!" But now that I'm finished, I do want to post my synopsis for those of you who have already read and love Green Darkness.

Seriously - if you haven't read the book - but you plan to - don't read this. This book would not be nearly as interesting if certain things were revealed. I stumbled upon one of the historical aspects which totally gave away a large part of one storyline... but luckily it wasn't too upsetting because it made sense and was sortof a natural progression. But because the very plot of this book is so suspenceful until the very end, I fear it would just make the journey so much less enjoyable.

OK - on to my synopsis...

I loved it. Absolutely LOVED it. Yes there are a TON of historical characters described. Some are described in two sentences... while others are described in two pages or more. But Anya Seton was a stickler for factual content - and did a ton of research long before the internet was available. And I was amazed to find so many locations that still stand...  from Ightham Mote... to the Spread Eagle Hotel... to Cowdray House... they're all there... exactly as she described them. Well some more upright than others...but still. These places were/are real.

I really enjoyed most of the storylines. While it seemed a bit off that Celia and Richard lived at Medfield Place... while Stephen never lived there after he was a boy... I finally accepted it and realized how poignant it was. Why? Because that's where Celia and Stephen belonged. During the last quarter of the book, I kept hoping that Julian was going to be able to change the past... and get to Stephen and Celia in time to save them and save their undying love for one another. And I kept thinking how wonderful it would be if they could go to Medfield... live in a little cottage near Tom and Nan... and raise their baby amidst family... and love. Although that was not meant to be... it WAS meant to be for Richard and Celia... and for that I was extremely grateful.

I was thrilled that Edna bit the dust in such a horrible manner... however it should have been Emma...and I felt a bit robbed. But better late than never, right?

I loved that Igor was Simkin... figured that out as soon as he started telling Celia "oh no you di'nt" when she was suggesting red and gold (I think?) for her dress.

Although Ursula got on my nerves a few times (girl PLEASE... you have to make poor Celia marry that bag of wind when you found her with Stephen?) I always understood her motives (c'mon now Celia... t'isn't decent to be rolling around with a monk in the 16th century, know what I'm sayin'? Many people could be offed because of your actions.)

I knew Magdalen was Myra - so that was no shocker. But am I the most ignorant dumbass on the planet that I couldn't figure out Anthony was Harry?! That truly threw me for a loop! Most likely because Anthony had such a huge role... while Harry was barely mentioned. Wow. 

When did I cry? At the end of Part 2 - when Stephen and Celia were dead. Not because they were dead, oddly enough... but because Julian left Ightham Mote with Tom and did absolutely nothing. I thought he was a spineless turd at that point. You KNOW she's in the wall.  He should have done something to get her out of that wall... or told as many people as he could... or die trying. Spineless, I say. And that Tom Marsdon, as well. He knew damned well something was up... and he did nothing to find out what. About his own BROTHER... who never got the chance to live happily every after with the woman he loved like YOU did, Tom. Oh no... Stephen was the one who had - HAD - to become a monk! You know what, Tom? Complacency can be a sin in my book. Run and tell THAT down at the pub.

What didn't I like about the book? Ok - I'll admit - I wasn't happy with the ending. I felt we, the readers, deserved more than just a quick little description of their remarriage in Medfield. I wanted fireworks. I wanted a profound scene of crying and snarfing and pronouncing undying love for one another. And I didn't get it.

Everyone who reads Green Darkness will warn you "there isn't much romance"... and they are telling the truth. Yes, there is a totally star-crossed, undying love throughout... running in the background... like MacScan has been running in my MacBook's background the entire time I've been typing this. But there is not much in the way of communication between the two star-crossed lovers... and not much in the way of nookie, if you know what I mean. Clearly my love for Twilight shows I am perfectly fine with little to no hay-rolling... providing the characters are able to be together and you can feel their undying love right through the pages. And there wasn't much of that, either. But for some reason, I was OK with that. Most likely because I had a ton of respect for Stephen's convictions... and it almost would have soiled the book - or made his undying love for the Catholic Church seem less great - and that would have been a great detriment to the plot.

Lastly (I think) I would have liked to have seen more from Stephen's POV. There were times when I felt Celia was spinning her wheels and he really didn't care. Until girlfriend stood there topless after Wyatt attacked her (yes, Thomas Wyatt) and, well... let's just say Stephen must have been a boob man because Jesus and the Saints sortof fell out the window at that point.

OK - I must wrap this up. Here is what I have to say. If you love the historical aspects of Outlander...and you love Tudor history (namely the reigns of Edward, Mary and Elizabeth)... and you love star-crossed love... you will love, LOVE this book.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friends in Diana

Check out this article about book clubs in Crofton, Maryland... and friends who met through their love of Diana Gabaldon. Doesn't that just warm your wame?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

R.I.P. Gerry Rafferty

My Outlander Purgatory friend, Carla sent me an email about Gerry Rafferty's passing - and included this song (along with Baker Street...and he also sang "Stuck in the Middle with You").  I hadn't realized Gerry Rafferty was from Paisley. That's where my husband's grandfather was from - and his family still lives there. Gerard Butler is as well. It's a great town; it was our home base on my last (and only, sob!) trip to Scotland.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Outlander Chat Tonight

Outlander Chat at 9PM Eastern, y'all! See you then!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Outlander Methadone: Where in the World is Roger Mac??

Spoiler Alert: Dinna read unless you have read "A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows" AND "An Echo in the Bone". 

I canna TELL you how much fun I'm having, reading "Green Darkness" by Anya Seton. I'm thinking Diana would definitely approve this for her Outlander Methadone List.

 What I'm finding most interesting, are the clues I'm getting about Roger, Buck and Jerry's whereabouts. Right now I have reached a part about  a group of people who are traveling from southern England to "the North Country" in the 16th century (Edward Tudor is in power...but not for long.) Check this out - this is when the group reaches "Cumberland",  just after crossing the "Trent":

Ursula felt only loneliness as they plodded miles without seeing a human, or even a shepherd's little stone cot. What houses there were had all turned gray and forbidding. There were no more luxurious inns - no accommodations except dearly bought garret floor space in farmstead. The language became incomprehensible, the food altered.

Wow. You should have seen me when I got to this part. They're worried about being robbed and no one speaks anything remotely close to the "King's English" they're used to. And all I can think is THIS IS WHERE ROGER IS!!!!

OK so let's review. This part of England is where Jerry was when he crashed...and when he walked through those standing stones, he time-traveled back to _____.  And then Roger went through and was thinking of Jerry (just like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man) and ended up there because of it. And speaking of standing stones...  I'm reading about some right now on page 248 of the paperback. Check this out:  They crossed the Eden by noon and continued North until they came suddenly upon a huge cluster of standing stones, many stones grouped by a huge pointed one, eighteen feet tall. This particular group of standing stones was referred to as "Long Meg and her Daughters" and it's really neat to read about online... so dinna forget to click that link!

OK y'all - I'm going back to reading now. I canna tell you how pleased I am that I've finally committed to reading this book. I'm enjoying it immensely during our long, winter's hibernation between Echo and Book 8.  I have also revisited the Dragonfly audio - and accidentally re listened to a section yesterday - but was glad because it made me pay attention to the fact that Jared looks a lot like his cousin, Murtaugh. Well howd'yelike THAT?! Maybe Angus MacFadyen could play Jared if ye dinna wish him overmuch for Murtaugh. Just sayin'... ;)