Sunday, January 23, 2011

We Won a "Stylish Blogger" Award!

Thank you so much to Karen of Outlandish Observations and Zan Marie of In the Shade of the Cherry Tree for giving My Outlander Purgatory the Stylish Blogger award! WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!

(I would have posted this yesterday when I saw Karen's award but I was scouring my house with Clorox Clean-up all day as my 6 year old woke us up at 4:30 AM with the stomach virus. It wasn't pretty. I'm not gonna lie.)

So here's what we have to do:

~~Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
~~Share things about yourself.
~~Award recently discovered great bloggers.
~~Contact these bloggers about the award.

1) In the 4th grade I won an award for selling the most lightbulbs in the class. The state-of-the-art cassette player I won later melted in the back window of my dad's Buick.

2) Tracey wore glasses with octagonal-shaped frames for a time when we were kids. They were so cute.

3) I love yoga. It's "the other white meat" for those of us who are completely non-athletic.

4) Tracey has worked for both Scholastic and Children's Television Workshop. She used to interview celebs over the phone and said David Arquette was one of the nicest guys she ever interviewed. (Even though he's a hot mess right now and is probably lounging in rehab in M. C. Hammer pants with an American flag motif.)

5) Before spawning, I worked for Brother and once hawked a word processor on QVC... and inadvertently said the word "exactly" 19 times in 8 minutes during the broadcast. Good times.

6) Tracey once appeared on a television show where the focus of her segment was gourmet bug delicacies.

7) I "Irish danced" as a kid. Think Riverdance, only with much less talent.

8) Tracey lives in a late 19th century house in northern New Jersey that is way cool and has a back stairway to the kitchen for the servants (think Phaedra). (No, she doesn't have servants.)

9) I live at the "Jersey Shore" and am mortified by the people on that show on Mtv (most of whom aren't even from New Jersey) and their extremely poor depiction of the real "Jersey Shore". (Yeah, OK, Snooki has made me giggle profusely at times. I have to admit that.)

10) I usually don't like meeting celebrities because it's such a let-down when you worship someone's work or art, only to have them turn out to be pompous and rude. The exact opposite is true of Diana Gabaldon. She was charming and gracious when we met her - and she talked to us as if we were her neighbors or people she sees at the market on Saturdays. She does not have a pretentious bone in her body and she deserves every bit of praise she gets for her unfathomable writing talents.

We are awarding a Stylish Blogger award to the following blogs, which are all run by people who love Outlander.

Talk Supe - Tracey and I love this blog. It's absolute hilarity about things we love like Outlander, True Blood and Twilight. (The recent commentary about mistaking Annette Benning for Robert Pattinson at the Golden Globes because of her crazy hairstyle almost made me tinkle in my unmentionables.)
Read the Book - Girlfriend LOVES to read! :) Enough said!
A Rebel Fan's Blog - A neat blog from a former teacher who loves to make soap...and garden and oh yeah, READ!
A Slice of Life - I could stare at this blog design all day. It's STUNNING. And the books Joanne reviews...oh my gosh. You will die. This blog is for lovers of all things Historical Fiction and Romance.
Outlandish Dreaming - This blog reviews Historical Fiction/Romance and is filled with so much Highland, kilty goodness, I dinna know what to do with myself, ken?


  1. HAHA!!! Loved the facts about us! FYI, I didna know which personal facts Carol was going to choose, and they're all great! I will add a postscript to #4: Yes, I did work for CTW, which later became Sesame Workshop (so that they could take better advantage of their cash cow, lol).

    Anyhoo, I was part of a massive layoff (60 people, pretty much the entire magazine division) that made headlines (the New York Post called it "Big Bird's St. Valentines Day Massacre," since we got the boot on 2/13). But the best part....the layoff actually made Saturday Night Live! It was a story on Weekend Update that went something like, "A company spokesman confirmed the number of people laid off as [picture of the Count appears on screen] '60....count them, 60.' The spokesman also said that the layoff was brought to you by the letters F and U."

    It sucks to be laid off, but THAT made it almost worth it.

    Oh, and yes, David Arquette was a sweetheart.

  2. Thanks for the award, guys! And Carol, I'm glad you're not offended that I keep trying to foist books on you...I really can't help it...

  3. Hi, Carol! Thank you SO much for honoring my humble little blog with this award! I am truly honored and appreciate your kind words. And thanks for all the Outlander goodness (and the laughs) at MOP!

  4. Y'all deserve the award. That's why I gave it. This blog is gorgeous and just plain fun!

  5. Will there be a cash award :P

    Carol, I started my reread with you last summer and just finished Echo. What is taking you so long? ;)

  6. Thanks for thinking of my blog, Carol! Yes, I still just can't stop reading these Scottish books - but of course nothing comes close to Jamie and Claire!

  7. My 2 yr old saw me looking at your blog (bad mom) and pointed at your video stills and said "Funny!" Guess you get an award in her book, too (-:

    I love your blog - always a hoot.

  8. So, I'm coming close to the end of Breath of Snow ... When I getbto the "Amanda has a heart defect and they're talk of going back." so of course I immediately hop on MOP for a Bof S&A searchnthat will give me a heads up on the amount of tissues I will need when reading about a sick baby. But low and behold you gave our little blog props! Thank you so much! I truly truly truly would be lost ( like Bella, wandering the forest distraught and alone) without having your blog to refer to while I read this series. East coast Stacey, my blog buddy, will LOVE your site too, once she is far enough along in the series. Any who, thanks again for the mention and you guys crack me up!

    Side note- while on that BofS& A search, I read your post re: S.Bonnett. Yup, I loathsomely find him rather appealing too and felt wrong about it. 'cause that's even creepier than my acute fondness for Dougal. And yes, Ian and the long wet hair!! Much love for the Ian!

  9. Congrats! LOVE, LOVE the tidbits! And--this is shameless--Tracey, I have always wanted to work at Scholastic (as I imagine it is all about the kids books...ha!). Totally jealous of your one time gig there!

  10. Ms. K--it's funny, b/c I never actually worked in the books division of Scholastic! When I was on staff, I was the editor of a classroom math magazine for middle school students. I still actually do a lot of work for them at the company I'm with now (an educational publishing development house), but with the educational division, not trade. So no, I never worked on Harry Potter... ;-)

    Oh, but here's a cool piece of trivia--I was born on the exact same day and year (4/6/63) as Clifford the Big Red Dog. Woof.

  11. Tracey,
    Ah! You got to breathe the same air as Harry, right? ;) That's great! If I ever leave teaching I still want to have a foot in the "educational" door so to speak.

    I'm going to tell my students that I have a friend who shares a birthday as Clifford. They'll LOVE it. And think you're way cooler than me...