Sunday, January 30, 2011

Claire Fraser: Down for the Count

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read Dragonfly in Amber.

So Jamie and Claire just had "Holy Shit Moment #1" when they thought Alexander Randall was Frank. Poor Claire. First Jamie comes out of the big her shit for being sick with the baby HIS loins impregnated her with... and then he gets all "Oh I'm sorry... I'm just worried about you".  I was dying to be a third party in that conversation and walk up and say "Yeah. Um, Jamie? Just curious... was it just that you felt bad for Claire? Or maybe was there a little embarrassment wrapped up in there too, hmmmm?"  If a man ever gave my ass shit for having morning sickness because I was pregnant with HIS child... I'd clock him. Even if he WAS worrit about me. Sheesh.

OK so then - here comes Alexander RrrrrrAAAHHHNNNdal (as Davina says... oh how I LOVE her!) and they both see him... and Claire temporarily bites it right there on the spot. It was like "Jamie, I'm fine, I just....wha...who....ohhhhhhhh shitttttttt.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZ....oh Hi Frank....wait, what?" I swear to god that part makes me have an attack of nervous angina - and a bit of a giggle fit - all at the same time! I guess it's because it's a reread/listen...and I know it's not Jack Randall. Thank the lorddddddddddd it's not Jack Randall!!!

For now. Muhhahahahahaha!


  1. Yes! And newsflash, Jamie, morning sickness does NOT adhere to the rules of court! The baby/Claire's body really couldn't give a fig about the fact that it's feeling queasy in the presence of the King of France, etiquette or no...

    P.S. I am about to start a book called The Report which is all about the collapse of the underground station in WWII a la Roger, Marjorie, and Jerry!

  2. When Angela suggested you write the screenplay for Outlander the first thing that came to mind was "Claire you ignorant slut!" (I had quite chuckle to myself.) Anyway, I enjoy your parodies of the scenes you blog about and I am thinking why not do a screenplay in your own "Claire you ignorant slut!" style? Your special style is what keeps me coming back :)

  3. omg, omg OMG CAROL!!! I am at exactly the same point of my reread!! It's like you could hear all those cartoon noises in the air when they see "not Jack" - zip, boing, WTF???

  4. Oooh Jo you must give us updates!

    Awww, L, thank you! That's why I love blogging about a read. It's fun to get all kinds of down and dirty!

    Diane - I know, right? Like in The Exile!! "THUD!"

  5. and i don,t know about you lasses but if i saw someone cramming a whole crispy baby bird in their mouth i,d be running outside to puke, pregnant or not !!!

  6. Leslie - SO true! yuck!
    Of course this is all followed by one of my totally fave scenes, when Jamie discovers Claire's wax job and is horrified! She's like, "whatever - get over it!" I want to see that scene in a movie!!