Sunday, September 4, 2016

Stream from Your Computer to your TV with an HDMI Cable

I have been meaning to mention this forever: Have you ever tried to watch something on TV, thinking it would be available on Netflix or On Demand, only to find out IT'S NOT???

Well here's what you do. *Buy an HDMI cable, attach it to your computer and TV, and stream the show/movie from your computer right onto your TV screen!

The cable pictured above is an HDMI to HDMI cable, so it'll go from an HDMI port in your computer to the HDMI port in your TV.

If you don't have an HDMI port in your computer, never fear, there are plenty of adapters available online!

Trust me; it's worth it!!! Tom and I do this all the time! It's so disappointing when you want to watch something that's only available online. And let's be honest, who wants wants to watch Jamie Fraser on a teeny weenie computer screenie???

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  1. This is pretty cool! Our flat screen TV is old and we'll have to get a new one...need it anyway. This also will allow your videos to be watched on TV too. Yay! Thanks for the info!

    1. artzk1, I did the HAPPY DANCE when I realized I could stream from my computer through the TV screen!!! :) Good luck!!

  2. This is all we do for TV. We don't pay for cable anymore.