Saturday, July 22, 2023

MOP VIDEO: Episode 706 "Where the Waters Meet"

For those of you who prefer to skip over our opening banter, the actual recapping begins at 15:44.

Outlander “Where the Waters Meet” Season 7 Episode 706 recap! My Outlander Purgatory's Carol and Tracey are back to recap the latest episode of Season 7 of Outlander, the Starz series based on Diana Gabaldon's best-selling book series. Join us as we break down every moment, including why we’re called My Outlander PURGATORY in the first place; how the SAG/AFTRA/WGA strike might affect season 8; Carol’s revelation about Sinead’s version of the Outlander theme music; why Angus the Bruce (aka Angus Macfadyen) showing up as Simon Fraser was Carol’s favorite thing EVER; why we’re surprised Jamie’s “I’ll carry them” offer didn’t receive more offers; why Jamie made some questionable decisions in the woods; why we are DIGGING hot ‘80s Roger; how Jamie managed to throw an ax at redcoats without killing his own son (and why Ian with an ax later is giving Karate Kid vibes); why Show Ian is basically Jamie Jr. by now and maybe that’s a bit of a problem; why herbs heal all maladies on Outlander; why Richardson has the 18th century equivalent of the corner office (and why you might want to add Richardson to your bingo card); why spitting up movie/TV blood is a sure sign that your character is a goner; why Claire not recognizing William is a bit of a head scratcher; why the courtly William bows make Tracey weak in the knees; why we are ashamed for not noticing Bree and Roger’s fully stocked bar last week; why we are relying on Y’ALL to explain the ley line business; why Jamie must think that all this Claire rescuing is getting super old by now; why it’s surprising that Ian let someone else touch his bow; why Roger teaching the wee ones a Gaelic song put a little tear in our eye; why Claire should have just given poor Walter the full flask; why the Roger and Rob Cameron scene was like a good game of pickleball; why Ian needs to play it a little more cool when he's trying to rescue someone; why we are forgetting everything by the end of this video (we it's like midnight by this point); why we can’t be onboard with a makeout sesh that involves unbrushed teeth; why if we’re Rachel we’re Team William at this point; why we did not get why Daniel Morgan was wearing something the Bob Mackie of the 18th century designed; why we STILL hold a grudge about Jamie not wanting to know about Claire in the reunion episode from season 3; who the mystery man Roger catches might be, and MUCH MUCH MORE!! 

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  1. As an 18th century reenactor, the hunting smock worn by Daniel Morgan looks right at home. They were made of heavy linen or hemp fabric, and the fringe helped divert falling rain away from the body. It was worn a by hunters, caniemen, etc. I can’t provide documentation myself, but there are plenty of reenactors out there who could do so. I’ve been missing watching you two do the recap for 707 — but will enjoy no matter when it happens! Thank you!
    Carol Rose Parker
    Savoy, IL

    1. Thanks Carol!! That is truly fascinating. I was a fashion major in college, and my favorite class in 4 years was "The History of Textiles and Costumes" this is right up my alley! (Even "the chicken suit!" 😂)

  2. Great point. They're definitely going for a romanticized wartime look for Claire this season. Molly Pitcher comes to mind. But no way/no how is it ever OK to mess with the authenticity military garb, IMO!! PS - Great page; thanks!