Saturday, July 15, 2023

MOP VIDEO: Episode 705 "Singapore"

Outlander “Singapore” Season 7 Episode 705 recap! My Outlander Purgatory's Carol and Tracey are back to recap the latest episode of Season 7 of Outlander, the Starz series based on Diana Gabaldon's best-selling book series. Join us as we break down every moment, including why this was a rather over the top episode (and why we’re glad it wasn’t the first episode of season 7); why Bree and Roger should turn the trailer into a garage bar; why we weren’t sure what the Easter egg was all about even though it’s probably obvious (tell us what you think!); why it might have been Bree’s time of the month during this episode; why we’re worrit about Jem; why we’re split on whether we’d race to the history books (like Roger) or back the hell off (like Bree); why Jamie and Claire are the only people with sense in the entire American Revolution (or at least at Fort Ticonderoga); Jamie’s irregularity; why we’re trying to ignore certain accents; why history dictates that General Pepe Le Pew not be around; why Pepe’s over the top-ness is a little much; why the Ninth Earl of Elsemere would never eat a rat; who Rachel should choose (you tell us!); why hard hats and going commando on the first day of a new job is not where WE’D go, but whatever; how Tracey’s yearbook PROVES that Bree needs a new 1980 hairstyle; how Bree buried the lead re: her first day at work; why “personal reasons” isn’t an excuse when it comes to the military; why everyone at Ticonderoga needs to learn how to say FRAY-zer; why the Hunter casting is *chef’s kiss*; the significance of Swiftest of Lizards and his new name; why you should go back and read MOP blog posts from when we were reading the books; why we’re shocked that ANYONE is getting the belt in school in 1980; how Mrs. Raven’s freakout channeled both “Airplane” and Jan Brady; why Denzel Hunter just might be from 1980; how Dr. Pompous and General Pepe LePew serve the same purpose; Eff, Marry, Kill: Rachel Edition; why Roger would make a good therapist; why a pen is NEVER a good gift for your wife (despite what Bree thinks); how General St. Clair took his sweet time showing up (maybe he was napping); the return of BOSS BITCH BREE; how MOP Tom would have LOVED the Inverness pub ❤️ 🍺; how leaving the wounded behind in Ft. Ticonderoga was so Titanic; why the fade to black was so great; and MUCH MUCH MORE!! 

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  1. Great recap! And we all agree Brie's wig is not good this season, come on just give her straight hair or big permed hair. As for Swiftest of LIzards being a minnie Ian, it was way more ambiguous in the books, so they may plan on having him come into play in the show later on. Just my impression.

  2. Goats in the intro: comparison made between Highlanders & goats intended to be derogatory but turned out to be truth
    Mandy & Jem talking to gran da: mention of Jamie dreaming about talking to kids in dreams

  3. Goats in the intro: Comparison between goats & Highlanders used as a derogatory term but was shown to be an asset
    Children speaking to granda in the grave yard: Jamie dreaming of them

  4. I have to say Sinead’s version of the theme song is growing on me especially the ending. I don’t see it as creepy but more that she is running out of breath. Like the story is coming to an end and her soft singing portrays that.

  5. Only just caught last 20 mins of yr 705 review. You missed significance of british showing Mercy to Woodcock and his reaction. Show have messed with characters as whole shipping story got cut. We will see his wife later no doubt.