Sunday, August 13, 2023

MOP Goes to Scotland AGAIN!!! With YOU!!!!

THRILLED to finally let the cat out of the bag and announce that Tracey and I will be once again be teaming up with PRIME TOURS for another MOP Goes to Scotland tour! This one will be called the "Highlands and the Islands" Tour and will involve all SORTS of stunning scenery, history and of course...Outlander goodness!!! 

Many many details will follow once the tour is finalized. For now, let me just mention places like:

Clava Cairns
Isle of Skye 
Doune Castle
Outer Hebrides with multi-day tour of Lewis & Harris (ahem Harris TWEED!) 
And my personal favorite, the Callanish Standing Stones!! Never seen them? Yes you have. Look UP. My Outlander Purgatory has been featuring the Callanish stones on our website since our inception in 2009...and now we get to go there with YOU!!! 

Run...don't walk...over to sign up page to get on the wait list (at no charge) today!!*


  1. Thus is exciting news! What month are you planning to go in 2025? -Daiana

    1. April 2025!! Get on the wait list! It's free! :)

  2. Is there any more information regarding this trip? Signed up a long time ago and I thought that we were going to hear something in the fall. Is it still happening?