Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monarch of the Glen: Better Late than Never!

Sassenachs...I am so excited, I dinna know what to do with myself.  I FINALLY watched Monarch of the Glen...and I LOVE IT!!  My husband and I watched the first two episodes of Season 1 tonight...and we both really enjoyed it.  WOW is it a Scots-fest of epic proportions!  If you've never been to Scotland...watching this show seems like the next best thing!  It's done in the Highlands and - oh my god - you will realize just how much Diana has brought the Scottish countryside and culture to life in her books when you see this show. 

A couple interesting points:

* In the first two episodes alone they said "sassenach" once and referred to Culloden FOUR TIMES!

* One of my favorite lines...  These two old buggers were setting up a battlefield of small figurines of red coats and Scots on a table; it was supposed to be Culloden...and one says something like "I'll be Bonnie Prince Charlie and you'll be Cumberland".  To which the other fellow replies "I want to be Bonnie Prince Charlie!"  and the first fellow says "that's because you're rather corpulent and fond of the sauce!"  I was HYSTERICAL! 

Seriously, it's SUCH a great show!  The characters all have their own interesting personalities... and the writing is tremendous.  The story sucks you in immediately in episode one.  I'm telling you, lads and lassies...this is a show that is not to be missed!  It's a little outdated in spots (it's set in the late 90s/early 2000's) but it is so fantastic, you won't even know what year it is.  It's very modern in some ways (cell phones) and very old fashioned in others (a town-wide cross-country style race that reminded me of the horse race for the bonnets in "The Quiet Man"). 

OK I'll stop gushing, but please...do yourself a favor and rent "Monarch of the Glen".  You'll feel like someone picked you up and plunked you down in the middle of the Highlands...with a new group of good friends.


  1. I can't wait to get that and watch it.
    I finishd Echo last night and I know I will need something Highland related.
    So I have decided that Echo is my second favorite book. Outlander being the first of course. I read parts of the end of the book first and knew that at some point Claire was not with Jamie. I was in total depression the whole book. I thought the book ended with her still thinkin Jamie dead. I was totally giddy when Jamie came to the door. I mean I was really giggling the rest of the book! I hate how Bree/Roger/Jem story ended though! But love that William finally knows. I have really started to like William better and I think I might even like LJ a little too. And Jenny even, now that she said she needed to tell Claire sorry. And I loved that Ian has Rachel. Anyway I LOVED IT!!!

  2. OMG. I used to watch that show years ago when I was a kid. I wasn't really obsessed with Scotland until I started reading Outlander though. I bet if I rewatch the show, I'll love it even more. I'll have to scan through the tv guide to see if they still show it here. They show loads of programmes that are like 20/30 years old so I bet it's hiding on a channel somewhere :P

  3. I just finished Echo as well and this sounds like the perfect way to get my fix. For those of you with Netflix, I just saw that this is available for instant streaming. yay!

  4. Och Aye! This is a verra bonnie tv series! I loved it and now that you mentioned it, have to buy the dvd's!!! Cheers! ;)

  5. Carol, thanks for letting us all know about this! I just ordered Season 1 from Amazon.

  6. Yey Molly! Get down with your bad self, girl! You're finished! Didn't you love it? You are so right - I just laughed through the last 30 pages of that book.

    Dreamer - RENT IT - I am the same way. I became obsessed during a trip to Scotland in 2000. After a while, I put the obsession on a shelf for a few years...and then it came crashing back down on me during my Outlander series read. Now I'm completely obsessed again - and this show made my DAY yesterday.

    Sara - definitely a good idea. And it's the type of show that will make you antsy to see each new episode.

    Anonymous - Get out there and buy 'em! :)

    Julia - You're welcome, Lass! Let us know what you think!

  7. Never heard of it, but I did find it on Netflix, and put the first season in my instant queue.

  8. I must say a deep heartfelt thanks for this post and recommendation. I have loved British shows for years and have been looking for any Scotland based shows and had only found Hamish Macbeth up till now. Now I am absolutely in love with this show. I had to go out and buy Series 1 today and will complete the sets of all the series as fast as possible. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


  9. Richard - I can't take credit! So many people have mentioned it here on the blog...so I ordered Season 1 on Netflix. Meanwhile it has sat in my family room for months...and I finally watched it last night! Now I can't wait to watch another episode! Enjoy! :)

  10. This is a wonderful series with a few initially unanticipated turns and good acting. Gorgeous outdoor vistas! I wanted to live in the old family seat, myself.

    The series aired on PBS a few years ago and is out there for the getting as you see.


  11. So glad you're finally watching it. I was hooked from the first episode. So charming and the scenery is breathtaking. I remember laughing out loud watching the two guys playing "Culloden" like little boys with their army toys.

  12. Can't wait to start watching, thanks for the suggestion, I just added it to my Netflix queue. :-)

  13. I'll have to pull up Netflix tonight and start watching this!