Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lifescapes: Scottish Moors

I canna BELIEVE I have never posted about this CD before.  I read the entire Outlander series while listening to Lifescapes: Scottish Moors.  It has ten of the most beautiful, instrumental songs that will melt your heart while Jamie melts your soul. 

Go here to listen to a preview of each song.

And Amazon has the CD used for .82.  Eighty two cents!  Can't beat that with a stick!


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  2. I just started Macbeth with my seniors, and I can't stop thinking of Outlander! It doesn't hurt that the audio version we're using in class has bagpipes and very convincing Scottish accents...

  3. I listened to a track from this cd at Target this weekend. Loved it!

  4. SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read The Fiery Cross.

    You guys...seriously. Listen to Epilogue - Farewell. I was so fortunate to have that come on during some extremely poignant scenes. One I remember was when Ian came back - and Claire saw him for the first time since he went to live with the Mohawk - and (I'm getting goose flesh whilst typing this) they told her he was staying...indefinitely. Oh my god. I can't tell you how deeply these songs are ingrained on my soul.

  5. WELL I am very frustrated now. I can not hear the music on the link you posted for some reason.

    This is what I listened to reading outlander and while writing my own Highland novels:

    John Mock is amazing. You will love his music.

    John Mock:Celtic Portraits

    John Mock: Celtic Visions

    John Mock:Celtic Highlands

  6. Thanks! Always looking for more good music!

    Here is a really good celtic album. This girl has an amazing voice.

    I also love this one! I think of Jamie and Claire all the time while I'm listening to this CD.


  7. Oh, and check out all these Lifescape CD's! There are tons of them and you can download the mp3's if you want. :)


  8. My newest music kick has been listening to The Corries. If you've never heard them, you can check them out on Youtube. Hauntingly gorgeous Scottish folk music. Brings tears to my eyes every time.

  9. I love this CD! The Battle of Killiekrankie really trips my imagination.

  10. Thanks for all the suggestions sassenachs! I love good celtic/scots music. It gives everything more soul (if that makes any sense.)