Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sterling Scottish Crest Badge - Clan Fraser of Lovat

OH my, lads and lassies....just take a gander at the link MOP friend, Carla sent me a little while ago.

Is this absolutely stunning or what?  I totally want one. 

It has a starting bid of $150 (US) on eBay...or you can "buy it now" for $170 (US).  AND - it ships worldwide! 


  1. hehehehe... did ye notice the deer's tongue? Yum, yum!

  2. if ye go to yer local scots festival, they usually hae' them around 35-40 dollars.

  3. Alecia-Leia.....

    I just checked the Internet for prices and the lowest price I encountered was $119, but the design wasn't quite so good as the ebay one.

    Prices range up to $375 for custom badge creations.

    Are you certain that you are sharing a sterling silver price??? If you are, can you provide some vendor names?

    Thank you!.....Carla

  4. Umm, I do not twitter, but I thought that I had to reach someone on this site, and I know someone--Carol or Tracey--would respond appropriately to this. Please go to Diana Gabaldon's blog. Holy Mother of God. She posts the opening scene in Lord John and The Scottish Prisoner. Not being a lover of the Lord John Books, this scene may have just changed my mind. Do not look at it though, unless you have read Voyager
    I mean it is unbelievable, I love Jamie.

  5. wvubonehead--Oh, yeah, that excerpt has been around for awhile and agreed, it is, um, mighty tasty.

    That whole blog post is AWESOME tho. I totally want to try out for sex scene reader. I do not have a scene published--wonder if "posted to a blog" counts. If so, I will get one written ASAP.... ;-)

  6. Soooooooooooo off topic here, my apologies.

    I'm at ch 83 of Echo and I'm scared. I am completely stalking the MOP Book Review/ Echo section.

    ... and it's like a little cyber support group full of reassurance and hand holding.

    I accept to cry over one of the Ians, but if I'm crying over both of them... No, just no. Young Ian's cough has me worrit.

    ...and isn't Rollo like over 12 in people years? Hmmmmmm

    ...and god help me if I have to add Rollo to my tear jerk list.

    I feel like reading this series was like a pregnancy(and it's taking me roughly the same amount of gestation time), full of joy, fear, pain, speculating, and such. Outlander is conception ;), Dragonfly is the painful first trimester... and so on. Well, now I'm just about ready to push and the epidural has worn off. This baby better be cute, is all I can say. Waiting for the next book will be the post partum depression.

    MOP fan,

    PS... *wonders* and as for the historical sex scene reader... *blushes* does writing True Blood fan fic count? Oh Mr. Northman... ;)

  7. Chapter 83 of Echo????? OMG--you need to have MOP on speed dial at all times from here on in...

    Keep us posted, lass. And stock up on the wine. And xanax.

  8. My god I miss Mr Northman, Stacey. When is True Blood coming back? I canna stand the wait. Thank god VD came back last night. I will be drooling over Stefan this evening on my DVR.

    As for Echo...LOVE the pregnancy reference. Wow. Will the kid be cute? I don't know. Great question. And as much as I want to give you a witty response, I fear anything I say can and will be used against you in a court of spoilers. So...I leave you with this:

    Hold on tight. You're in for the ride of your life. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha...

  9. I soooo want this badge!!!!! Stuff the bills and food/smood....I need the badge.

    Am hanging and hanging then hanging out some more for the next Outlander book......

  10. Talksupe
    I think I am just a litte way behind you. I have a knot in my stomach every time I read becaue I know how it is going to end but not how it gets to that point. Kinda like birthing a baby. I am just to where Joan asks Jamie to make Leg hair marry Joey. (I think that is his name).

  11. I don't know as they're sterling silver, but a badge is a badge, aye? :) My inner-fangirl had a mini-meltdown when I saw one at the last scots festival I went to, and realized I didn't have enough money on hand.

  12. and done.


    That's like ending the Twilight saga when 'ol Bells is at the clock tower just as Edward steps into the....

    @ anonymous- How are you doing?

    Now what to do?
    I'm glad I DVR'ed Thurs. night's Vamp Di, I hear it was a goodie!

    New True Blood, 6/26. At least Northman is a a nice shiny object to distract us until we get New Jamie!


  13. Lads ans Lassies,
    You can get a great Fraser pewter badge at Celtic Studio ( Just 22,98