Sunday, November 3, 2019

MOP Video: Doughtlander Diversions Fall 2019


  1. Hi Ladies, enjoyed seeing you again. Do either of you watch The Crown? Tobias Menzies is playing Prince Phillip when Season 3 resumes later this month. Carol, I do emphatize with you so much about what you can and cannot watch on TV. I lost my husband last year and watching Season 4 of Outlander was tough for me because like you and Tom, my hubby and I would watch together. Looking forward to joining you both with a glass of some adult beverage when Outlander returns in February.

  2. Yellowstone is awesome!!

  3. Was so good to see you two on the screen again . I enjoyed the video although I am not watching most shows you were talking about . Downtown Abbey was just the best . Watched it 3 times and even dragged my husband and my 3 college Kids to the cinema and they all enjoyed it . Unlike you guys I enjoyed Fleabag immensely . I thought it was very clever . I am curious to find out of you are watching any of the following shows which I just really, really enjoyed :
    A Discovery Of Witches
    The Crown (season 3 will have Tobias Menzies)
    Motherland (hilarious)
    The Cry (intense with Jenna Coleman from Victoria)
    Catastrophe (Also has Tobias Menzies)
    Cold Feet (Great British Show)

    Was lovely to see you again . Carol , good luck with the college stuff . My youngest just left for college . ���� I have currently 3 in college so I know what Are going through and what is still ahead .

    Greetings from Alaska .

  4. There were a whole bunch of shows we didn't even remember to talk about--and The Crown is front and center!!! I mean, hello??? Tobias is now the star???? Oy...

  5. So wonderful to see you both again!

    Agreed on Fleabag because I wanted to love it. Mrs Maisel was a delight (costumes, cast script, all really good), didn’t really get into the final series of Poldark (maybe I was in the wrong mood?)

    I’ve watched some great series (I think I view programs that skew a “bit” darker :)

    Lodge 49
    The Righteous Gemstones
    Killing Eve (because Sandra Oh is another gift to the world from Canada, but Julie Comer is soooooo amazing)
    The End of the F***ing World
    Line of Duty

    Currently watching Dublin Murders (an Irish production based on the novels of Tana French), and Guilty a Scottish production set in Edinburgh starring Mark Bonner ... google him, as he gives Mr Menzies a run for my Scottish favourite along with the young Martin Compston a Greenock lad great in all his roles.

    As a Canadian, I shamefully admit that I haven’t watched Schitt’s Creek yet, but I’ll watch because you’ve clearly really loved it :)

    Loved seeing you broadcast from the same spot, and it’s bittersweet to hear Carol talk about Tom; clearly there was always deep love between you.

    Take care, I’m looking forward to your next video!

  6. Love the Jersey girls!!! I grew up in North Jersey, spent many a summer at the shore...younger sister lives in Point Pleasant. We are stuck with Netflix so I don't have a great choice of shows. I watch (the first two seasons) of Outlander over and over...looking forward to Netflix eventually getting seasons 3 and 4. I tried very hard to get into Schitt's Creek as both my kids loved it but it was a bomb for me. I liked Yellowstone. I adore LONGMIRE...6 seasons and worth your time as it is just fabulous. I watch Father Brown and The Great British Baking show...very entertaining. PBS has great documentaries the most recent that I have watched enthusiastically was CIVILIZATIONS. Thanks to both of you for your time and effort in putting this show together.

  7. Hey you two! Soooo good to see your lovely faces and hang out with you again! So, Schitts Creek; I watched a couple episodes a while ago, and thought, meh, then you said it gets better and better, so I've been watching it, and tonight, at the end of Season 1 episode 6, I snorted haha! Twice! Lol! And only had a wee dram in me! Thanks for the recommend xo Love you both.
    Lynn in Alberta