Monday, December 17, 2012

The My Outlander Purgatory Character Contest WINNERS

I am so excited to announce the winning entries of the My Outlander Purgatory character contest! 

But first...let me tell you how we picked the winners.  Tracey and I each picked 8 entries...and then compared notes.  Interestingly enough, 5 out of the 8 were a match.  Of the 5, we each picked 3 and compared notes...and all 3 were the same!  We each picked an "honorable mention" as well.  

Let me just say that every single one of those entries was tremendous.  I wish they could all be winners...because they were so well thought-out.  Whether they were longer and more descriptive...or a quick one-liner, we really enjoyed them all...and hope you did, too!

And now...for the winners of the MOP Character Contest (drumroll please): 


  • I would want to be Claire, not only because she has Jamie, but because she has the best genes ever. The woman does not age! She still has a nice arse at 47 (Joe Abernathy would tap that), and I am telling you, that is nearly impossible! (At least it is in my gene pool-- our arses make it until about 18 and then wave their white flag at old man Gravity.) She's also a career woman in a time when there was no such thing, knowing the healing properties of every plant in the 18th and 20th century, from Scotland to North America. Yeah, there are some negatives-- body lice, battles, strumpets trying to steal her man, and Frank from 1948-1966, to mention a few-- but having a devoted, warm, supportive, and sweet man like the Lord of Lallybroch by her side, an impressive, century-spanning resume, and a great body into her 50s... there is no other choice for me.

  • I would love to be the girl who gave Jamie his son....Geneva Dunsany. I think of her and wondered what the relationship would have been between them if she had lived. I am certain Jamie would not have been able to stay away from his son, especially in those years after he was released from his bond. Geneva wanted Jamie. He was gentle with her when he bedded her and even though she was a wicked wee bizum, I would fantasize that with the birth of the baby things may have been different between them. So, yea, I would be GenevHO, if only for that one night..... sigh.

  • I'd be Donas, so I could have Jamie riding me all day!


  • I would be Frank because then at least one of us would be able to answer the question "What did Frank know?"
  • I'd be Frank. 'Cause I'm a bit of a douche.

I find it verra interesting that both honorable mentions are about Frank.  Always 2nd best, poor guy!

Now that we know the winning entries...let's find out who the winners are!  If you are one of our 3 winners, please comment below and let us know who you are.  Also - send me an email at, letting me know what (1 credit) audio book you want from what email address to send it to. 

I will post ALL entries after we find out the winners...and it's up to the rest of you whether or not you want to come clean about who you are!! :)

Thanks again to all who entered; we've had a blast.  Something tells me I'll be running another contest again verra soon!


Unknown said...

Great outlook on Geneva Dunsany. I shall look upon her in a different light and angle. Very interestingly indeed.
Great submissions.

Surah said... reporting in (huge grin). Thanks Carol, Trace for picking my entry!!! It was so fun to read everyone's comments and I totally love that one about Claire's wicked! And hell yea Donas is so the shit! LOL

Now what book to pick?? Can I get some suggestions PLEASE, I want something awesome, epic, preferably with lots of good torrid sex! Still coming down from Dream Man Series so muchos badassos sexos, gracias! My fave genre is historical romance though (who knew??) so recommend there also please.

Erin said...

Hey I'm a winner!!! Love it! I wrote the Donas entry. God, wouldn't you love it?? Thanks so much. You like me, you really like me!!!

Hildy said...

Surah, I have more KA stuff for you when you're ready!! Are you on Goodreads?

Loved all the entries. I completely forgot to enter one myself. I will have to get in on the next contest.

Tracey R. said...

Congrats and thanks to all the entrants--it was a SUPER tough judging job!!

Jen W. said...

I'm a winner too! I'm so excited! The only downside (pun intended) is now ya'll know of my genetic struggles (a girl can only do so many lunges!) Oh, to be Claire! Or even just her arse. This was so fun!

Carol, you said you would post your entry. Cough it up, girl!

Purgatory Carol said...

LOL Jen - I realized that today and was like "OH CRAP! I've gotta give it up!!!" ;)

Purgatory Carol said...

PS Jen - I also forgot to mention that I loved "and Frank from 1948-1946". ROFLMAO the dates just absolutely made the commentary. AND - we don't even need to GO THERE about arses. Lorddddddddd we do not! :)

Purgatory Carol said...

Aww hell I laughed RIGHT the heck out loud. :)

Purgatory Carol said...

That was just so ingenius to pick GenevHO. I would not have thought of her but you made great points!

Purgatory Carol said...

PS - After Outlander, it's nearly impossible. I WAS on the edge of my seat during the entire Bronze Horseman series and recommend it highly...but that was the last time I read something so incredible and epic.

Surah said...

Of course i have read Tatia and Shura! After Outlander it is difficult to compare or find really really good reads that will stick in your pores. I have also been reading more of KA as I go along my life, so thanks Hildy for recommending her. I read a lot, a lot, and many different authors too...I will come up with something soon. No rush right Carol? But by weekend I should be ready. Anyone read "The Light Between Oceans" by M L Stedman? Review sounds interesting.

Mrs Cookie said...

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! No I haven't won but I am the owner of the first "honorable mention"! I really need to know exactly what Frank did and didn't know and I have the feeling we'll be hearing from him from the grave at some point!

TRuff said...

You gotta go for more KA, ya feel me? LOL. I have not read The Light Between Oceans but it does sound really good!