Sunday, December 2, 2018

MOP Video: Outlander "Savages" Episode 405


Is said...
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Is said...

(Spoiler) The dream about kissing the birthmark is straight from the book...and come true

dolittle said...

Hi, gals!

As always, thank you for another fun recap. And thank goodness we got a pretty well-done episode of Outlander. As I commented here a couple of eps back, the American accents (from both the Cherokee AND Ulysses) really bug me, but knowing that it was coming, I was more easily able to whistle past it this time.

You gals briefly touched on my main issue: I found it hard to believe Jamie would be comfortable leaving Claire alone for several days on the ridge. I remember she traveled occasionally to other homesteads for her healing work, but this seemed a truly unbelievable stretch. Leaving her alone for days with only a rifle and a dog for protection, certainly didn't seem like something Jamie Fraser would ever stand for.

I had already suspected the reason for Jamie receiving the silver from Jocasta - though I still don't understand WHY she would've had Ellen's candle sticks in the first place. I guess it's a device to add more sentimental attachment to the new ring (which I also assume will be an easier one for Starz to market, but I digress). I'm still crossing my fingers that Claire ends up with BOTH Jamie rings, and that the Frank ring will be put to a better use - like gold fillings for Murtagh ;)

Speaking of Murtagh, I was also glad the SAVE MURTAGH campaign was successful. I'm not a book purist, and I can enjoy changes and surprises when they make sense, add depth to the story, and don't alter the main characters' personalities. I truly enjoyed the Murtagh scenes in this episode. We don't know what's in store for him, and that's kind of freeing. I just hope his arc will ultimately be a satisfying one.

Despite minor issues, I really did enjoy this episode. It's the first one in a long time where, due to some odd creative choices, I didn't stare at my screen during the end credits wondering, "What the hell were they thinking?" What a nice feeling to be able to smile and just think, "That was a good episode." I do hope this writer and director stick around. And here's hoping for many more episodes of this caliber.


Victoria said...

While Claire was doing all that heavy farm work, there was a close up of her hands. For a pioneer, she certainly has beautifully manicured nails! I have a non book reader question. Does she ever regret going back in time & living such a rough life when she could have stayed in the Twentieth Century with all its convivences? Just a little? Like when she's chopping wood, slopping hogs, lifting iron cookpots, or having to spend the night in a rocking chair with a rifle in her lap?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes there’s a reference to Claire missing a relaxing warm bath. And Roger and Bree share comments about missing conveniences and living with different anxieties for family later on. But after the situation was sorted with Jamie’s second wife, I don’t remember Claire regretting her decision to live in the past.

LuanneW said...

Simply loved this episode! I felt the same way Carol did about the return of Murtagh as a gift. A wonderful Christmas present to us all. I really think they are doing an excellent job of translating the books onto the screen. The first three books I have them memorized like Tracey. Book 4 I remember the main plot ... but not all the names of all the characters. Book 5 and on, I have a feeling it will be like a reading the books like new! Lol

Unknown said...

You two have the most amazing recall of movie lines! I swear I start giggling right along and I'm not even getting half the joke.
OK. Just a couple of fun NC history fun facts: A city I am near, Charlotte NC, turns 250 years old today. Governor William Tryon signed the Charlotte charter on Dec 3, 1768. And a British General wrote in a diary that CLT was a "hornets nest of rebellion" so we have used the hornet in a number of city symbols, mascots..etc.
I only mention these tidbits because I love the way Diana weaves her historical fiction, so close to historical facts. She does it throughout the entire series with meticulous attention to detail. And I swear I get a kick every time I hear North Carolina come out of Sam's/Jamie's mouth.

Unknown said...

When Claire was feeding the white sow did she call her Laoghaire? I’ve replayed that part and can’t quite tell...Does she call her Lady? Lee-lee? Lol It isn’t at all important but I can’t remember if the sow had a name in the books. (And sorry if this posts a few times. Having trouble “publishing”.)

Unknown said...

Hi-five, rosacea sisters! UGH.

Kate said...

North Carolina is in my blood. My dad was in NC at Camp Lejeune when I became more than a twinkle in his eye.(You don't have to salute me.) I will forever think of my mom driving there in a '39 Ford before expressways in 1951 to join her husband(a Scottish, Native American, Englishman) (yes, one side of my family has been trying to kill the other half for a long time!) with a baby laid out on the seat to join the love of her life and rushing toward what became me in 1952. I love it there. I loved this episode and wondered if the Scottish forest( yes, I have walked several forests in Scotland) was going to measure up. I love the Fraser fir trees in Smokey National Park and I was worried. It wasn't a bad comparison.

I was so glad to see Murtagh! He is like family, isn't he?

It's a shame they couldn't lose the stereotyped scene of Native American's firing a cabin. It's not in the book.

As far as Harvard Indian goes- natives had been dealing with these Europeans for HUNDREDS of years. Squanto knew how to speak English to pilgrims because he had been kidnapped as a pet for the king and managed to make it home long before the pilgrims landed.

The French and Indian War had just ended by the time of our story and the English were the winners. Since there were 1000's of Native languages, I am betting our Harvard Indian knew several and found it relatively easy to pick up English (like our Jamie). I was sorry they skipped the Tuscaroa-young Ian's 3rd language.

Gov. Tyron had land for farmers because of that war. They had treated for it. My great-great Grandpa drove two oxen into what is now Rochester, Michigan and claimed 260 acres before the Erie Canal was built. If your interested, "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" by Dee Brown is a highly readable book on the subject of treaties.

Two thirds of modern agriculture is based on what Natives developed before Columbus landed (including your corn pudding, Carol)! If you want to read about Native gifts to the world, "Indian Givers" by Jack Weatherford is another highly readable history.

"The Truth About Stories" by Thomas King is written by a real live Cherokee and one of my favorite books. You might be surprised by the humor. He still teaches up in Canada. I have been meaning to send a copy to Diana (another real live Native American).

If you prefer visual media "Reel Injun" is a documentary you can watch on You Tube that goes a long way in explaining how your perceptions were formed on Native Americans.

"Smoke Signals" is a movie I love written by Sherman Alexie (Coeur d'Alene-American). The lead actor was channeling his Grandma and is fabulous.

Don't forget Ken Burns did a great history "The West" that is my daughter's favorite, but focuses on later history. Since my dad was Ojibway-I am a Dennis Banks ("Ojibway Warrior") fan.

Nayawanee aka Adawehi (Tantoo Cardinal) plays a kick-ass holy woman in one of Netflix episodes of Longmire. That show does a decent job on current Native American issues.

Don't you wonder why you never learned Native American history in elementary school? It is so rich in so many lessons!

Megwitch (thanks in Ojibway) for listening!

Ann F said...

I loved this episode too. The scene with Murtagh was great -- I thought at first it was going to be some shady character from a past episode and's Murtagh!!! I feel like my heart is two sizes bigger after the reunion scene with Jamie.

Can't wait to see what happens with Bree after she goes through the stones. With her motive of trying to change what happens to Claire and Jamie, it's making me think of the theory on Lost of "whatever happened, happened" -- that you can't course correct past events. Or will it be like Harry Potter when Hermione flings the rock at Hagrid's hut to change what happens to Buckbeak?

One more thing -- I realized that they aren't doing any voiceovers with Claire in this season. Does anyone else miss that?

Jodi P said...

I thought she said "Lady"

Jodi P said...

Duncan La Croix is pronounced "Le KWAH". It's how the producers say it at the end of episode 405.

AnnF said...

In watching the blog again and listening to the comments about Murtagh I realized it reminded me of the scene in the Lord of the Rings series where Gandalf comes back after you assume he’s gone for good. It made me feel the same emotion.

Nicole said...

I liked this episode. Sure, I could've watched less of Claire as domestic goddess and fierce keeper of the peace, but I am so glad that they did not drop the Lord John storyline...I saw it in the preview for next week. I thought that how they changed the Mueller's story was ok, Gerhard totally has a point about the Indians being able to get water anywhere and choosing in front of his house to show him they think it is their land. I hate that we will miss Mrs Mueller's matchmaking, but will not miss all the BS about stupid Manfred and his quest for syphilis. I just reread Drums, and a lot of the stuff I remember being in there was actually in Fiery Cross. Happy about Murtagh and anxious that he is a regulator. I don't understand why they are not getting Ardsmuir men to settle like in the book. I guess cause there is no character to get them? Love Kevin Smith too, so will have to watch that interview.

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Victoria said...

I had the closed captions on & she said, "Lady." LOL, "Laoghaire" would have been better!!

terryd said...

Love this episode! Love the drinking game Tracy, definitely gonna play next time.

terryd said...

In the books, Jamie leaves her alone often

dolittle said...

You're likely confusing Mrs. Mueller with Ute McGillivry. Manfred still may be in our future, but we can always hope not ;)

Anonymous said...

In the book ... don’t remember Claire enjoying a dram on her own after a long day..
Slainte! ��

Anonymous said...

In the book, Bree goes through the stones in a 1970s version of an old fashioned dress. SPOILER ALERT: In the book, when she goes through the stones she is not aware Claire & Jamie are in North Carolina. She takes a little trip to get some information. She’s wearing pants at that point. And because in the book she’s constantly described as big- almost 6 feet tall - people mistake her from a distance to be Jamie. However, later on when she meets someone important, they know she’s a girl but they think she’s a working girl - they say sorry, I’m married.

Anonymous said...

Was the date not on your screener?
The ep aired with a date chyron at the beginning of 1768.
It's been a little timey whimey with Roger and Bree zooming ahead, but yes - it almost looks like the've been there five years not one!

I think they had to make the cabin a little bigger for logistical reasons (to be able to fit cameras/crew etc.


Unknown said...

Loved this episode best of all so far this year. Just wanted to chime in on the reunion. I loved Jamie & Murtaugh meeting because it touched my heart. It was soulful and full of depth. But I'm with Tracey. Claire & Murtaugh was so full of joy, that I honestly enjoyed it a little moreso than Jamie's. I just wanted to wrap my arms around them both and start hopping and jumping with joy and happiness! Both were perfectly done. Jamie & Murtaugh, full of heart. Claire & Murtaugh pure joy.

Loved the cabin too. I just want to be able to look at every item in there. I've seen pics on FB and it still is so full of wonderful things, I can't see them enough and with enough detail.

On Bree, yes, I agree, way better hair finally. But the dress? All I could think of is that she was going to the "alive" hills in Sound of Music. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol. Yes, the President does have rosacea. It was revealed during the campaign by her personal doctor in New York. I can't remember his name. Presidential candidates either have to or usually do put out general health reports when nominated. He takes a light oral antibiotic for it. Don't know why I remember that, but I do.


J C Bodden said...

Hahahahaha…. Yeah, Tracey, Tuscaloosa is a city in Alabama.
Your biggest fan in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
aka Christie