Sunday, December 30, 2018

MOP Video: Outlander Starz Episode 409 "The Birds and the Bees"


  1. I loved this episode too! You are both right that a lot of things were better than the book. Loved the Brady Bunch music, you guys crack me up. Can't believe there's only 3 episodes left. Maybe you guys can watch another series so we won't miss you during Droughtlander.Happy New Year!

  2. Carol - I thought the exact same thing you did - Jamie seeing Brianna smiling in her sleep was a gift to us book readers. My heart was so full watching this episode! Love you guys! Wishing you all the best in the new year

  3. I loved this episode too. The meeting of Jamie and Bree was so well done. Definitely one of my top 10 favorite scenes. He has such an ability to well up and hold back tears at the same time. Also loved seeing Claire and Bree reunite.

    I wish Jamie would have questioned Roger and brought him back to the cabin before just accepting Lizzie’s mistaken belief. I haven’t read that far in the book so my guess is that Ian is going to give him to the Indians to have as their prisoner. It’s causing me “bree” to think of what’s going to happen to him. Wish the producers could have given us a double episode so we’re not in suspense. Then Carol and Tracey could do an extra long session to go over two episodes haha.

    Wishing you all the best of 2019!

  4. I’m posting as “Anonymous” because so far every comment I’ve made has disappeared into the blogosphere! Carol, your Family has been in my prayers. Happy New Year to you and Tracey and families!

    The one thing, not Outlander related, that I wanted to comment on since one of the first Season 4 vids is wine glasses! Since you touched on them again, here goes!

    We invited 40 couples (favorite customers, actually) to our restaurant to participate in a demonstration by a Reidel (pronounced like “needle”) Glassware representative. We provided the appetizers and wine, and he proceeded to show us how important it is to drink your wine from the “propah” glass. ��

    It was truly a palate-opening experience. We tried them from generic glasses, even using the ones designated for a specific wine. Then we tried an oaky Chardonnay, a Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Sauvignon Blanc, etc. out of the Reidel glass manufactured for each particular wine. Amazing! The glasses are all more delicate than the serviceable ones we use, but it definitely made all the difference. Each person present got to take home a complete set, and we were left with several sets. We only use them when guests order a whole bottle, or in the case of those who attended, we serve their wine in them regardless, because, well, now they *know* - hah! But they have to be washed and polished individually, by hand, so we would run out real soon if we sent them back to the dishwashers!

    Anyway, I loved this episode too - every second of it. I don’t mind the wigs, haven’t freaked out at changes, and am just so happy to see my favorite story/fictional family on the screen.

    We’ll see if this comment makes it to you.

    Carla Hays

    1. Yay! My comment went through! I almost forgot...My Fair Lady, The Rain in Spain, and all that! Perfect rendition, you two!

    2. I LOVE Reidel glasswear! I still remember having a glass of wine at California Grill at Disneyland—the wine was fine but I was obsessed with the glass and finally tracked it down—a Reidel pattern sold commercially. Was getting married at the time and really wanted to register for that pattern, but didn’t happen.

      And as you can probably tell, your comment worked!! 😀😀😀 Happy new year! P.S. what and where is your family’s restaurant?

  5. Mary’s Restaurant and Bed and Breakfast, Herrin, Illinois
    We bought it 28 years ago from Mary, who opened it in an old house along our Main Street

    We have 160 reservations tonight, so must get ready! But I had to watch MOP video, cuz it’s Monday, ya know!

    Happy New Year!

  6. If you “Like” our page on FB you can see lots of pictures

  7. When I first watched you guys I wanted you to hurry up and tell the story. But I got used to what you do. Wow wow please tell me these more than 3 episodes left. A lot of loose ends for 3 episodes I said it 100 times not feeling Richard and Sofia but he's family now. Really thought they were going to leave out the pissing. Then you put your hand all in her face😂 But still loved her finding him and every scene that showed love between her and Jamie hunting for bees love it every show of love with her and Claire. People don't take kindly to moms leaving their child grown or not but we know the story.poor Lizzy. Poor Roger the book was a lot crueler. I love this. Show I still need a someone to tell me why we are so addicted to this show. Thank youall

  8. We are so addicted to this show because it's a love story spanning two centuries, all the characters are interesting, there's never a dull moment due to crises, it has a historical aspect, and one has to suspend belief to embrace the time travel factor. I don't often read books but the first season made me want to know what happened to these people, so I fervently read them all and excitedly await the ninth book. I like the fact that the heroine is not a cookie cutter, romance novel virgin, several years younger than her man.

  9. Hello and Happy New Year Carol and Tracy! My thoughts about why Jamie got so physically close to Brianna so soon was that he could not touch his son Willy at all; him being an Earl he could only stare longingly at him when Willy was unaware. I think Jamie was so happy to be able to actually touch Brianna out in the open and show her and everyone how much she means to him. Loved this episode so much. Also happy to be reading 98% positive comments all over the place. It is truly a gift to the readers.

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