Friday, May 25, 2012

THANKS to Outlandish Observations: Paoli Massacre

My sincere thanks to Karen over at Outlandish Observations for mentioning Tracey and me!  Today's Friday Fun Fact gives information on the Paoli  (pay-OH-lee) Massacre.   Tracey and I grew up in Paoli, Pennsylvania where it took place.  Actually, it took place up the hill in what is today "Malvern, Pennsylvania".

Interestingly enough, M. Night Shyamalan lives in Malvern...and I can't help thinking what a neat film he could make, using the story of the Paoli Massacre and a haunted 18th century stone house.  (You will come across many of these in that area of the world.  Frankly, I miss them greatly since moving to New Jersey.)  Or the General Warren Inn which still stands today and is fully operational.

The Paoli massacre - to nutshell it for you - happened when George Washington left General Anthony Wayne (another history celeb in the Paoli area) in charge - and his troops were ambushed in the middle of the night by troops led by Major General Charles Grey.  Heard that name before, have ye?  Weeeeel, I thought ye might have.  It's because he was a distant relative of one Lord John Grey (or at least in Historical Fictionville created by Diana Gabaldon he was).  Charles Grey led his troops to the camp at Paoli in the middle of the night, so as to surprise the men while they slept.  It was a bloody battle and the British used bayonets to kill the American soldiers (even after some had surrendered).  This was thought of as a barbaric act, even then.

Up through the early 1800s, the phrase "Remember Paoli!"  was used as a battle cry to remind the troops just how ruthless the British military could be.

Take a look at this alphabetical list of the known casualties of the Paoli Massacre and give them a moment of silence in your heart on this Memorial Day weekend.


  1. Thank you!! As Lord John has been known to say from time to time, "I am exceeding flattered". <vbg>

    I'm glad my Friday Fun Facts mention of Lord Charles Grey and Paoli prompted you to post this! I don't recall hearing anything about the Paoli Massacre in school. It sounds horrifying.

    Thanks for the link to the Paoli Battlefield site, too. That was very interesting and informative. REMEMBER PAOLI!


  2. Great post Carol--lovely Memorial Day tie-in! AND great OO post Karen!

    Carol one of these days we need to do a road trip back to Paoli and video the sites... :-)

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  3. "or at least in Historical Fictionville created by Diana Gabaldon he was" -- that made me laugh!