Monday, January 13, 2014

Claire "Badass" Beauchamp and Jamie "Highland Hound" Fraser

Aaaaaand here come the fun Outlander series articles!

Entertainment Weekly posted this article about the opening scene of Outlander.

Except someone is going to have to 'splain this commentary to me:

"Another critic asked if a pivotal scene from the book where — spoiler alert – Claire is harshly physically punished by her lover Jamie (Sam Heughan)."

Don't know who the other critic was...but "harshly physically punished"?  LOL! Dude...he spanks her.  On the ass.  He doesn't beat her in the head while inflicting some sort of WWE full nelson slam on her.  WTF?

(Yeah...I did have to google WWE maneuvers.  I'll admit it.)

Note: My peeps on Facebook have reminded me that Jamie used a belt.  Worse than a bare-handed spanking?  Yes.  But "harshly physically punished" just conjures up visions of...well...WWE maneuvers.  LOL

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