Friday, February 21, 2014

The Lost Portrait of Bonnie Prince Charlie

This is a fantastic article about a lost portrait of Bonnie Prince Charlie and a documentary about it that will air in Britain on the BBC this Saturday, February 22nd.  

Apparently, it "was painted in Holyrood Palace in late October 1745."  Can't you just see Jamie hanging around the palace, waiting for BPC and asking him, "Are ye almost finished, ya wee rascal?  Claire will have my heid if I'm no home for supper, aye?"

*Note:  This originally said "ya wee besom"...until Sue kindly pointed out that "besom" refers to a FEMALE.  ROFLMAO.  See comments for details.  


  1. Umm, I doubt Jamie would have called BPC a "besom" at any time. See this definition:

    1. ROFLMAO SUE!!!! It's a woman! ROFLMAO! That just MADE MY DAY!!! Guess I'll have to change it. I'm going to laugh for hours! :)