Friday, January 30, 2015

Claire Has Her Own Stylist; Why Shouldn't You?

Have you ever noticed that Claire never seems to have to worry about clothes?  She stepped into the18th century and...people just...dressed her!  Mrs. Fitz was like her very own personal stylist in Outlander.  And don't get me started on how well she was dressed in Dragonfly in Amber...or even as far ahead in the series as MOBY (no spoilers shall I give!)

Ever wanted to be dressed by someone else...just like Claire...but you figure it's too expensive to have your own stylist?  Well kiss THAT thought goodBYE!  Lassies, I have discovered something new*...
Yes, I am obsessed.  This is the most exciting concept in clothing to come down the pike since Spanx.  All you do is fill out a style profile on the Stitch Fix website...and VOILA!  Your own personal stylist sends you five articles of clothing and/or accessories.
The shipping is FREE.  The returns are FREE. (And to a USPS box, no less.  SO easy.)  All they charge you is $20 for the monthly service of styling you (or only quarterly if you prefer)...and if you keep even just one article of clothing, the $20 goes toward the price!  How can you go wrong??  It's like Rachel Zoe - or Mrs. Fitz - showing up in your closet! 

I received my first shipment in January and have another scheduled for February.  Who doesn't want their own personal stylist???  Especially when it's FREE if you order one piece!  And another perk? They will credit you for referrals.  I'm telling you, sassenachs...this service is worth checking out.

Why should Claire have all the fun?!  :)

*From what I can tell, they only ship to the US...but keep checking their site.  Who knows what will happen in the future!


  1. I've done Stitch Fix too, Carol! It was tons of fun. I haven't scheduled a fix for a few months now though since I started to realize I didn't actually have anyplace to wear all these clothes, lol! I need to get out more, I guess! I do recommend it though! They package up your shipment so cute, it's just exciting to get it in the mail! Certainly makes you feel special :)

    1. Heather you are so right. That box is adorable; I'll post a picture when I get the next shipment next week. And I like that they give you a bag to send back what you don't keep. They even tell you to put it in a USPS mailbox. So easy. When I heard about this, I kept looking for a catch...and still haven't found one! :)