Saturday, May 30, 2015

Outlander Season 1 Finale TONIGHT

Strap yourselves in, sassenachs.  "Bumpy ride" doesn't even begin to cover it.


  1. I've watched it twice. Heartbreaking! Amazing acting!


  2. 115 was torture. 116 was psychological, sexual abuse and emotional.

  3. BrutalIy honest? - was pretty torn - this ep for television, even premium cable went right up to the line of what producers think TV viewers need to see versus implicitly see/understand in their minds, clearly.... I realize it is very much following DG's book, but I skimmed over it as I did with many times she used this style in her books. Is this a trend in premium TV now with GOT? GOT got bad press and Mr. Moore said he didn't know GOT would be doing an ep. Many critics have said no one gave two hoots about Claire's encounters with rape, but Jamie's is two episodes. Probably because female abuse was much more in the open during those times.
    I'm not sure how I feel with all the "if you need help with abuse...." aspect - almost felt like they felt it would protect the ep from criticism.
    It was too explicit for living room tastes for me - can you imagine watching that with friends? I am over Tobias' junk, and all the graphic nudity that has not had any place or necessity in television - premium or otherwise.
    The acting was great and production including all the supporting characters really helped get through this episode. Bear music was just amazing - so I took a lot of good things away from this.
    Using "Seriously" and "pregnant" in the 18th century was a little odd, as they weren't widely used even in the 1940's...Current days words in period pieces show up a lot these days, so I thought they felt the license to use them.
    Not a prude by any means, but many producers have the innate ability to convey violence - whatever sort without resorting putting so much on the screen. Their choice, their style, certainly in Diana's books.

  4. Personally I feel it's a very important part of the book and the books that follow because you see Jamie have to go through the healing process that lasts for years and we as the audience needed to see it for what it was. A real rape and torture of a man in order to save his wife. What I mean by real is that its not sugar coated its dark, unnatural, and makes you want to vomit to think about but it's necessary and I think people will understand that farther into future seasons or if they decide to read the books.