Monday, June 29, 2015

Kristen Stewart + Culloden = Ain't Gonna Happen

Mhairi Calvey
Photo Credit Unknown
Tonight at MOP Chat, we were discussing an upcoming film about Culloden and Bonnie Prince Charlie (rumored to be titled "The Great Getaway.")  Someone mentioned that Kristen Stewart might play a rebel of some sort in the film.

This May 14th article in the Scotsman explains that while Kristen Stewart was considered for the role, the part of FLORA MACDONALD went to Mhairi Calvey.  Calvey is the Scottish actress who - as a child - played the young Murron MacClannough (the little girl whose character grew up to be William Wallace's love interest) in Braveheart.


  1. Taing dhia! The last thing we need is a sullen, monosyllabic Scottish rebel who can't act!).

    Yet another part in the film is going to the great (albeit Irish) Brendan Gleason, who played Wallace's lieutenant and friend Hamish (not to be confused with other Hamishes we know of) in "Braveheart." Gleason is a phenomenal actor. ( Any questions?? See "In Bruges")

    Auntie Lamb

    1. LOVE IT! Thanks Auntie!!! I am really looking forward to this!!!