Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Night MOP Outlander Chat TONIGHT

MOP Outlander Chat Tonight - MONDAY NIGHT - at 9PM Eastern! 

Tracey and I are iffy for this evening due to some schedule changes this week...but really want to be there to commiserate Droughtlander with y'all.  So talk amongst yourselves (I'll give you a topic:  Fergus Lamaze is neither Fergus - or Lamaze...discuss!) and at least one of us will be there just as soon as we can.  :) 

*If you receive MOP email updates: This post will most likely show up on your email feed on Tuesday. I apologize for the delay. It seems whenever I post after 2PM, it shows up a day late!  


  1. Well, oh, dear Lord, I never got this. DG, where were you when I was birtin' my babies.