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MOP Outlander Je Suis Prest Episode 209 Recap


  1. Girls! Love your recap. Lol'd about Lord John wearing the Garth wig too! Ha! So true. So for me, this episode was better than last week. The flashbacks were interesting, but then I got bored with them. The episode starts with Claire being a ball of sunshine. Seriously, she's happy as a lark now that they're all about to die! Laughing and smiley. It was strange, but it's always nice to see her doing something other than scowling. Short-lived though, then she's having the PTSD. Jamie was strong and I love seeing him like that. But again there's the disconnect with him and Claire, as he doesn't know what to do about how weird she's acting. Does anyone else feel like this has gone from a super sexy show, to a totally unsexy (if that's a word) show? SO many episodes with hardly any intimacy. When Claire looked frustrated, I was like, that's totally how I feel about this show! On to war and more sadness. I'm super interested to see The episode Diana wrote.

    1. Brandy, I agree about Clair being a "ball of sunshine" ... I almost choked on my coffee when I read that. Yes, she seemed too giddy to see the guys again. It seemed way off to me. And yes, it's not a sexy show at all. In the books there are so many descriptions of just how Claire got turned on just watching Jamie from a distance admiring his body and his brain. None if that is in the show. Oh well, it's the show ... not the book ... as folks keep saying and how right they are. I hope some of the show watchers will read the books now to see what a great love story it can be.

    2. Very well put about lack of intimacy and anonymous' description of exactly why it is not a sexy show at all. That says a lot about what's lacking for me in these characters. I hadn't read a book until after season one so I'm even missing how that's changed between the seasons. But I am trying to get over that and appreciate what the show has going for it, which a lot especially now back in Scotland.

    3. Anonymous, i'll be reading the books! ^_^

  2. Hi ladies! Thank you for your great recap! Does anyone else think that Tracey and Carol's family reunions must be a total HOOT! So funny. I love that you guys sometimes bicker but also get each other laughing. Oh and it was such a treat to have your recap posted this morning! I could watch and drink my coffee.

    I loved this episode too. I've watched it three times so far LOL. I loved the Gaelic singing, it made me tear up, and also, at the beginning of the episode there was some sort of humming that reminded me of WWII era patriotic songs (but I think it was the Outlander theme, anyway it was very cool and gave me goosebumps) Such a great job.

    It was a wonderful episode, with little bits of Outlander humor mixed in with all the action. Just two things I thought were slightly "off" - that Jamie and Claire didn't have sex after the raid (but as you said, maybe the producers are building up to something) and also Murtagh doesn't seem like the type to put a lot of thought into Claire's or any woman's feelings, so I thought it was a little odd that Jamie would turn to him. But, of course TV Murtagh is different than book Murtagh.

    Doesn't "commando" also mean without underwear - yes my mind went there!

    Angus' toes - eeewww!

    The William Grey scene was sooooo awesome. Perfect. I loved that Claire instigated the trick and I was glad that Jamie didn't rip her bodice open.

    I'm both looking forward to, and dreading, the remaining episodes.

    Have a great week y'all!

  3. Thanks again for the review! I really enjoyed this episode - I think they did a lot better showing Claire's PTSD here than they did showing Jamie's at the beginning of the season. The soundtrack in this episode was also especially good. I noticed the references to the British general Johnny Cope. There's a great Scottish folk song titled "Johnny Cope". The Tannahill Weavers have a good version on Youtube if anyone's interested. It describes The Battle of Prestonpans, which is the next episode. I wonder how much of the real history they will go into and how much will be fictional. Since it's only 1-hour episode in a TV series I can't imagine it will be too in-depth.

    1. so right about the score and songs - Bear did a magnificent job - forgot to mention that. jefsantamonica

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  5. Okay, this recap was just the BEST! I think I almost wet my pants laughing about three times! (I know, TMI)....

    I was a complete fan of the weaving Claire's PTSD into this ep - think it made it more intense, engaging and in the end, great television. So interesting that we all know what PTSD is now, whereas in WWII it was "combat fatigue." That jeep bit was a little out of reality as no one would have driven a jeep with headlights with Germany still holding some territory and gorilla tactics territory at night - never - family member ran one of the airborne units and he was always clear with me how important stealth and blackouts were.

    I think Tracey was right that they had to squeeze so much into Paris and skipping the book part of healing longer at the Abbey that Jamie's PTSD just wasn't handled well, but Claire's was. I think it really did take Jamie having a real leap of faith/trust to understand Claire's WWII experience. And he and Murtaugh's scripting was just perfect.

    Before I watched this, and after I watched the early preview I went on Youtube and watched the BBC doc on Culloden. So well done. And I didn't know, without a few tactical (but big) errors, the Scots almost won with it being such a long campaign.

    Live tweeting (I love in the moment) was at its height last night with many of the production staff and actors tweeting - I had no idea until I started seeing retweets and links to #LiveTweetMOP! There was a lot of back and forth as everyone seemed to be so into this episode. When I saw it Thursday, I just fist-pumped and said, we're back! Back on track! I've already admitted I was just slogging through season 2 as I was so bored by Paris I never read it. The head nun of the hospital was a well done character tho - I loved her from Harry Potter!

    Yes, the Scots did paint themselves and fight naked with the shield and broadsword. But, yes, a wee difficult with guns and ammo - just a sporran maybe???

    I nearly fell out of my chair when Tracey said about the $$ - "They Got It From Jared" omg, really the coffee nearly came out. Murtaugh went to Portugal to sell the wine - so Jamie would have at least gotten 35%. Maybe Jared did kick in more.

    I didn't get why the kid was named William with the last name Grey as I thought that would have been John - but again, the books can be very long in descriptions and I start skimming...

    Your Poker bit - priceless as was Angus' comment of "just common filth" hilarious! Stephen Walter, Sam, Matt et all were in fine form on twitter.

    It may be early to truly decide but this may be one of the eps submitted for Emmy consideration. I think the production staff feels those kinds of mentions can be jinxing, so I don't want to put much on line about that.

    This was one piece of quality scripted drama and really captured the build up to Culloden with just the right amount of comic relief.

    I think my clan's motto - "Sweeter after Difficulties" really fit before/after Culloden as did the Fraser one.

    Excellent, excellent ladies - and Tom insert was great. Tracey - thanks so much for live tweeting! So much fun and love the other tweet comments, responses, likes and retweets! - jefsantamonica

    1. went back on Starz on demand and re-watched the first 20 minutes of Ep 1 season 2 when Claire comes back. So much more emotional now. - jefsantamonica

    2. The ancient Picts and Celts fought naked, painted blue. That ended centuries before Culloden.

  6. Another great episode ladies! And always a treat when Tom stops by.

    I thought this episode was one of the better ones this season. Claire's PTSD was more believable. All the scenes at camp/training were great.

    I'm surprised we haven't had any intimacy between Jamie and Claire since returning to Scotland. I thought coming back from the British camp was a perfect opportunity. The show runners must have a plan, but they need to get a move on if we want to see Brianna!!

    All the scenes with Dougal, Rupert and Angus were great. I forgot how much I missed having them around.

    I'm really looking forward to your recaps of the last 4 episodes this season. It's gonna be intense!!

  7. Thank you so much, ladies, for posting this as early as you did. Y'all are my Sunday morning "church" w coffee and a cig and since TV networks just *must* f with a good thing, later i'll have to start some other MOP ritual [hopefully w/out the cig].

    Loved the episode. You're right about us getting a comfy chair! Loved Scotland and Jaime as King of Men. Loved Murtagh -#SaveMurtagh indeed! Loved Angus and Rupert. Loved douchey Dougal. Was thrilled to meet "William" Grey ... although here's my one big disappointment - "poltroon and voluptuary" - the two f'ing words I was LOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING ALL WEEK. DG said the actor had trouble w them [Oh FFS - really? the smartest and FUNNIEST dialogue in the scene?! Isn't that his JOB?]. I also loved Claire telling Dougal off but wish they held the viewers to a slightly higher standard and didn't feel they had to have Claire explain Narcissus. I wonder about me, my taste, as it seems that the stuff I LOVE is exactly what does NOT make it in or does but they take out the salt/sugar and it's like the grocery store version of a gourmet meal.



    I felt as if the PTSD worked for the show even though it's not book Claire until either Saratoga and the last book at the trading post with Claire, Jenny, Ian, Rachel and the new goats. I'm so excited for Book 9. Can not wait to get back to the ridge [like I didn't want to leave Dillon, TX].

    I'm glad you mentioned the proposed dream sequence in the car with Jaime, Claire and Frank. I know the actors were into it and I can see why. IF it is written well, it could be awesome. Remember, Jaime DOES go to the future in his dreams - in parallel time and in a "seer" kind of way. I'm not sure I trust them with the propsed scene - but imagine if the people who did the ending montage of Six Fee Under had a go at it... doesn't sound so awful now, does it?

    Um, upcoming scene I'm hoping they do well - someone walks someone else home after a wedding and a grief stricken goodbye. In the book - well - BIG GAPING HOLE - what happened on that walk?!?!? I had so many emotions when I read it, including frustration at not KNOWING what happened on that walk. Who said what, did what.... It's an opportunity for the show, am dying to see what they do or don't do with it.

    I'll end on a positive note, my heart warmed to see Claire really mother Fergus - I wanted more of that in the book and am so glad they're giving it to us in the show.

  8. On Ron's podcast he shared that the actor playing Willie decided (unexpectedly it would seem) not to return as a cast member.

    Truly enjoy your weekly recaps. It's just like hanging out with my besties enjoying a few cocktails!

  9. Another great recap! What I love about you two - besides the humor - is that although you’re devoted book fans (or you wouldn't have started this site), you are willing to say hmmm . . . I like we saw that scene rather than it being exposition as in the book or I like they fleshed that out that idea a bit more. LOVED this episode!

    I am smiling that we tweeted Duncan Innes Saturday night; we thought alike! I know we aren’t supposed to say hey change the story, but hey! First, does losing Murtagh add to Jamie’s character arc to manhood? Nope. Last season, Jamie was willing to sacrifice in order for Claire to go back through the stones aka do the right thing. This season, he is the King of Men in 209.

    There is a trifecta still to come . . . at least two will be emotional/dramatic. Dougal is not a pure villain and there will be some sense of loss. The show suffered with pacing issues in Season 2 because of the delay in portraying Jamie’s recovery, as well as the introduction of new characters. If they morphed Murtagh into Duncan Innes, that could help pacing in Season 3. #SAVE MURTAGH

  10. Thank you gals for another great recap! Lots of laughs!

    Funny you should refer to this episode as “ManTV,” because watching it I kept recalling that James Brown song “It’s a Man’s World.” I had suspected we were going to get a lot of time spent on war training, and I fully expected to be irritated by it (because yeah, I’m still bitter about Lallybroch), but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this episode. It was a nice reunion, seeing Rupert, Angus, and Dougal again. I missed Willie, but felt excited over the prospect of perhaps seeing him in the future. I loved the way Fergus and Claire connected. However, what I loved the most about this episode was that – finally! - the series introduced the viewing audience to James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser, leader of men! (okay, King of Men, too). It was so good to watch Jamie wisely instruct and discipline his men, stand firm and principled against Dougal, and even be willing to have harsh discipline inflicted upon himself to convey to his men that every man is expected to be responsible for his actions and for the safety of the unit. This is the Jamie we should have been catching glimpses of all season. Sam did a great job!

    I’m not really on board with Claire’s sudden PTSD. Perhaps after “Faith” I am suffering from (to paraphrase Tom’s slip) a post “dramatic actress” disorder. It just feels too soon for Claire to be having another dramatic breakdown, especially when we know that very soon there will be better reasons for Claire to crumble. The PTSD doesn’t ring true of Claire, and because it adds nothing to the story’s focus, it really reminds me of how I felt back in season one during “The Search.” Once again we are nearing the finish line, we still have a LOT of territory to cover, yet we are wasting time on side trips that do nothing to advance the narrative. I suppose after our “blink and you might miss it” time at Lallybroch, I am becoming worried that the scene at the stones won’t get the time it deserves – in much the way Jamie’s healing last season didn’t get the proper time. Because I highly suspect that Claire’s PTSD will be of what Carol called the “Melrose one-episode alcoholism” type, likely the only thing this side story ultimately accomplishes is a waste of precious time. And one last quibble, since Claire got her “Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ” from an American soldier (per the book), are we really supposed to believe that using that phrase doesn’t also recall her memory to those soldiers?

    I liked the William Grey scene and thought the change from the book worked very well. I understood Jamie’s motivation in the book, but the very credible explanation he had for his actions would have taken much longer to convey to a TV audience. The switch worked well, tidied up the scene, and required far less explanation.

    So, hurray for two more seasons!!! I just wish they wouldn’t feel the need to try to cover an entire book per season - far too many great moments have already fallen by the wayside. With the superb talent involved, this series could blow everyone away if it could throttle back a little and better balance the action/adventure aspect of the story with the amazing relationship moments we find in the books. I don’t mind scenes that stray from the book (e.g., “The Garrison Commander” was excellent, as was season two’s opening scene), I just don’t enjoy the ones that stray from our characters, or that deny us the moments we cherish. If they stopped trying to compress such long books into one season, maybe so much of the good stuff wouldn’t get squeezed out.


    1. Agree, stop trying to compress the books into one season. Use the talent of secondary characters and great actors to their fullest.

    2. Yes! Two seasons per book!

  11. Dolittle - good point, with time ticking, will an interesting side trip aka PTSD take away from other plots they have to wrap up? In the Podcast, they said they kept asking "What is Claire's story during this episode?" Jamie had the training, standing up to Dougal and the King of Mean . . . but they didn't want Claire just rolling bandages and collecting herbs. But isn't that what viewers would expect to see Claire doing? To be readying medical and food supplies? Even if they had omitted the PTSD, she wasn't just sitting around - she had some dramatic and critical scenes. So you're right, it was a Sunday drive but at what cost down the road?

    1. This seemed like "too much" Claire in what should be a Jamie-centric episode. And yes, I would have fully expected to watch her prepping for battle - as well as setting young Grey's broken arm. If they felt they needed more "Claire time," I would have preferred the scene where, after it is revealed to Grey that she is Jamie's wife, Claire pleads Grey's case because she thinks Jamie is going to shoot him. Afterwards, Jamie could offer Claire that nice explanation that, because the lad had been so brave, "he deserved to feel like he was worth killing." This would further emphasize Jamie as a wise leader.

      I would have no problem with Claire having quick, occasional comparison flashbacks (flash-forwards?) to WWII simply to emphasize the point that war is war. However, instead of introducing PTSD in Claire, who will suffer from this because of a completely different experience in a later book, and who has already been proven to possess an amazing amount of grace under fire, I'd have welcomed a scene between Claire and Fergus instead, touching lightly on his recovery from his own traumatic experience. We already know it has given him nightmares, and such a scene might at least tie up a loose end.

  12. Thank you! Another great recap and bonus footage with Tom! I thought it was a great episode. Just like the books, I am happiest when the story is in Scotland. The boys are back and Jamie is truly becoming the King of Men. The music was really has become its own character. Claire's PTSD was an excellent addition and John Grey's introduction was perfection.

    Tracey, I agree 100% and have been thinking the same about Murtagh's fate/opportunity. Let's hope we're both right! Carol, I too have been watching's fantastic!

    I so appreciate (and share) your enthusiasm and passion for Outlander. Your recaps and commentary are funny, insightful, honest and can be critical without being disrespectful. At the end of the day, this is a fictional story...based on a woman who traveled through time. And thank God she did!

    Thank you again for your time, hard work and wonderful senses of humor!

    P.S. I loved the comment about blue balls...let's hope we don't have to wait much longer!!!

  13. Would love you to have a Man Moment with Tom every week!

    1. Agree! We need to incentivise Tom, pay him in kind? Whatever he wants!

    2. OK, Carol, that was a perfect setup for a good comeback. Go on and go there - we're all counting on you ;-)

  14. Tracie about the gem stones...they were mailed to Claire as a gift from Master Raymond. Perhaps his foresight that she would need them at some point. She put them in her pocket. My conjecture is that she probably recognised their monetary value and sewed them in the lining and forgot about them. They just happened to be on her person by accident. There in no explanation in the books at this point. SPOILER Not even when Gillian goes through the stones, she uses fire and a victim. It's much later in the books when Geilis/Gillian talks about gems.
    Where did the money come from? Geilis was saving for the cause! She had been stealing from her {dead}husband for years 10,000 pounds comes to mind. Also Dougal had a cave full of weapons. Although Dougal's contribution to the cause and the story line only comes later after Colum's death.
    The skirmishes are in the hills before Lovat men and MacKenzie men are involved, only J&C and the men from Lollybrach. At that point they were farmers armed with axes and scythes.
    Claire in the church is after Prestopans and in the middle of Falkirk. There is are a lot of deletions, additions and compression to keep track of, just go with it.

  15. Hi ladies,

    Another great recap!!! First, I wanted to say that I froze the opening credits and it does appear that it is Claire driving up to Lallybroch. You can clearly see the entry arch and then the house in the background.

    ***Spoiler*** In the book, it's Willie who sees Jamie kill Dougal and agrees to let Jamie get his wife to safety. Since that is no longer an option for the T V show, I wonder if that will fall to the Murtaugh character.

    Lastly, the last episode on July 9th will be 90 minutes long. The July 4th weekend will have a season 2 marathon.

  16. Your recaps and Monday night chats are the only times I get to geek out about Outlander, so thank you very, very much. I look forward to them every week, they're always super fun.

    I thought this week's episode was (for the most part) what good adaptation is all about. It was nice to get something new about Claire that wasn't in the books. They fit in with who she is and her experiences. Smart, entertaining, loved it... plus Corporal Grant was from my hometown- Yonkers, NY, so I was sold. Loving Claire again. Loving the reunions. I hope they do more of these types of additions and less Leghairesque stuff.
    I DID throw my pillow at the screen during Lord John/ Jamie's confrontation though. I love the Lord John series and usually like him as much or more than I like Claire, so I was all WTF?! The whole episode Jamie was drilling in this notion of how serious war is and his experience as a soldier, yet when he's nearly taken out by a random English guy, Claire gives him the out?!? I think TV Jamie was robbed yet again. Jamie's quick and ruthless and knows people, why not give him that moment? I was shocked when I read the scene in the book, it was upsetting, but it nailed home Jamie's experience in war and how seriously he took the safety of his men. I don't think the scene did John justice either. Jamie had broken his arm, taken a knife to his cheek (Jamie and Jenny obviously went to the same school of hard knocks!) and he still wasn't talking. And even after he did, he still wanted a guarantee that Claire would be OK. B-a-l-l-s. The "and then I will kill you" seemed a little silly without the humiliation of him finding out that Jamie was playing him. C'mon this is the man that Jamie allows to raise his son. I thought the characters were robbed. I didn't need to see Claire stripped, but I would have liked to see William/ John be more... Lord John. And how did Claire not insist on tending to his arm?! ....Thank you for letting me get that off my chest. LOL. Otherwise brilliant episode Can't wait for Diana's!

    1. I agree with you about the Lord John scene. You nailed it. The scene as shown on TV is just a meh moment while in the book it is touching and funny and shows young William Grey i.e. Lord John to be a boy with courage and honor.

      And sadly once again Claire saves the day not Jamie.

    2. You are right about William Gray. He should have seen they were playing him.

  17. During my second watching of episode 209 I noticed an audio editing boo-boo.
    Jamie & Murtaugh are standing side by side watching Claire and discussing their concern for her; you hear Murtaugh's words but you don't see his lips move.
    I had to rewind it to be certain.
    Just wanted to share.... enjoy!
    Loved the recap Ladies, you two crack me up!
    Thank you Carol for always being so steadfast at pointing out the differences between Book Claire and TV Claire.... Book Claire is a total badass!! And don't be so hard on yourself about not remembering certain moments from the book, DIA [to me] is the most complex and event-occurring of all of the books.
    oh and Tracey, the military title that was escaping you when referencing Murtaugh commanding the troops is Drill Instructor, lol :)

    Off to watch the episode again!
    Much Love xoxo!

  18. You two make my day... I simply love to see you guys have so much fun and LAUGH ... So good for the body and soul!

    Yes ... The Highlanders fought naked ... I had heard that they did so because when fighting hand to hand combat the opponent would have nothing to grab onto ... Except maybe for one thing ... (Smile) ... Also, they would surround their enemy and beat drums... All for intimidation. But I think Jamie was trying to be smart knowing they were outnumbered and outgunned. He knew the old tactics would not work.

    I loved the music soundtrack ... Very appropriate for the episode ... Especially since it was definately a "man" episode. I hate to say this but it wasn't my favorite ... Don't know why ... I don't know if anything will stood out for me other than meeting the future Lord John.

    Do you think the situation between Claire and Dougal is a set up for a certain thing to happen between Jamie and Dougal (and Claire)? It's very different than the book reason.

    Love the spoiler section so I can hear your points of view about future stuff ... Very interesting!

    I watch you every Sunday afternoon!

  19. Hey, Tracey and Carol!

    Thanks for making my day after Outlander so much fun! I, for one, as much as I love Rupert, Angus, Murtaugh and yes, Dougal, would hate for them to change their storylines. There is a dramatic and tragic and visceral emotion there that is integral to what makes Diana Gabaldon's series so remarkable and beloved. I dread these scenes so much, but it wouldn't be Outlander without them.


  20. Just watched. Delightful spending time with you ladies as always. It's 1:52 in the morning so I have no insightful or witty comments, but just want to say great recap. You both rock!

  21. Great recap as always! Loved this episode for Jamie and its about time he empowered Dougal like Dougal did to him while at Castle Leoch. During Claire's PTSD moments I couldn't help noticing how sweet she was with the Americans soldiers all the time then switching back to Scotland and yelling at Angus about his feet and scowling. Did anyone else notice the "lack of feeling" greeting that Dougal gave to Jamie when they first saw each other? Can't wait for the next episode.... I love that they are back in Scotland!

  22. Another entertaining recap. Again I loved hearing Tom's view point. I like that Tom pointed out that book Jamie is literally head and shoulders bigger than most of the men and he is a smart, sometimes ruthless leader of men.

    I wonder why the show didn't show Claire gathering together plants, herbs, making medicine, potions, bandages, etc instead of going off to make sure the ladies make enough bannocks. Seemed a line that would have been better suited to Claire's character to have her say she was off to make sure the ladies were making bandages.


    I was a wee bit disappointed in the Lord John William Grey scene which, while was nice to see, it didn't come close to showing how brave the boy was and how Jamie understood he needed to let the boy feel he was a worthy opponent.

    I'm glad they didn't expose Claire's breasts but will miss the witty comment Lord John makes down the road in another book that her's were the first women's breasts he'd seen.

    I'm not that much up on the true history of James and the rebellion but I think BPC and James were more interested in getting a Catholic back on the throne of Britian ... England, Ireland and Scotland...than making Scotland a free country. I could be wrong but seems like I remember BPC didn't treat the Scots with much respect even while they were willing to die for the cause.

    Always look forward to your reviews and find them insightful, funny and respectful of the books I love.


  23. You just got a new listener! My husband walked by, heard Tom saying back in the Highlands, and stayed for the rest. So here's are some highlights from his response:
    - with Tom all the way in back in Highlands, training for war, kilts, drinking (hmm, where did they both week that?), ready for battle, fighting for the cause, etc
    - also with Tom re Jamie as leader of men, about d*mn time, saw that in him in 1st season, expected it 2nd, even with PTSD, should have seen it in him, he's the show's hero, (exact words:) "that little Mary bounced back by next morning ready to marry BJ's brother" okay Jamie's soul was stolen but he started to get it back last episode, it's TV, not reality, should have gotten more back faster, now grown man again kicking a**
    - (most interesting point for me) the show is totally about Claire this whole season, I (me) can't keep being surprised they focus on her and don't deal with Jamie like they should. It's their show (which some people can apparently use as an opportunity to nap when bored or annoyed)
    - all in since they returned to the green hills

    1. Oops, I was in a rush, wrote on my phone, and forgot to preview. Hope that made sense despite errors.

  24. Hi Carol and Tracey! Love, love, love you guys. I can not tell you how much I look forward to your really get my endorphins going from laughing so thank you for that. 😃 I actually have nothing to comment on about your review of this episode because you guys rocked it---and the episode rocked. I mean, seeing Jamie FINALLY be JAMMF was thrilling! I'm having palpitations in anticipation of what is to come in the next four episodes. 😬

  25. Hi ladies! I love your recaps. They're so fun to watch! None of my friends watch outlander, so it's great to hear fellow fans discuss it. My husband has not been enjoying this season and I'm constantly defending Claire, but he also loved this episode. At one point he exclaimed, "Yes, finally, a training montage!"

    I thought this was the best episode of the season. I loved all the little interactions between Jamie and Claire. They finally reminded me of the couple I love in the books!

    Spoiler..... I think they need to show them or allude to them having sex next week or it won't be believable that Jamie knows Claire is pregnant at that stones.

  26. Being that I know no one that watches the series in my town it is so nice to be able to converse with you two, even though you don't hear me, over the episodes. Thanks for your passion.

  27. It occurred to me that I plant to watch your videos when I can afford the time, and here you gals give up much more time to prepare them! Thanks for these great efforts. you are so entertaining.
    I agree with Doolittle: I felt Claire's PTSD scenes were like padding, to give her more air time, and they took away from real plot events and Jamie and Claire time. They were distracting and irrelevant. I don't know why they are not showing more love scenes, and we are certainly due for one. Only ONE?
    Sam was terrific as Jamie the warrior. I loved all the smoky campground scenes, the weapon practicing, and the MUSIC! The men's chorus in the background added to the atmosphere. Kudos to Bear.
    I'm wondering about the future: if Ep 10 is Prestonpans, are they then going back to Edinburgh for Mary scenes? Scenes in the palace? I hope we see Claire's rescue. I hope we don't end with 1948. When will they show the stones? And please give us at least one Love Scene. It's a Love Story, Ron.

    1. SO agree, Susan. There are more love scenes on Freeform than outlander on Starz! Good grief! This is a paid channel for adults! And Outlander is a love story at the foundation.

  28. Hi Carol and Tracey,

    Love your recap funny! I have watched all of them since Season 1 and it is so great because no one here seems to watch Outlander or have read the books. Even though I am a non-book reader, watching your videos is like "book club" night!

    Agree with Lisa above, Jamie asking Claire about the term "commando" in this episode was funny and fitting for a Highland raid in kilts (they were "going commando" in more ways than one)!

    It is probably just a coincidence, but maybe by having Jamie use the term "commando" the show's producers were giving a nod to the 17th Lord Lovat, Simon Fraser, who commanded No.4 British Commandos in World War II and landed on Sword Beach on D Day, June 6, 1944 (72 years ago yesterday!). So with Claire's flashbacks (flashforwards?) in the show, she is somewhere near Normandy, France around D Day 1944 when she is in the mess tent with the two 101st Airborne Soldiers. And the 17th Lord Lovat, Simon Fraser, the then Chief of Clan Fraser of Lovat in 1944 has just recently landed with his commandos and marched to Pegasus Bridge around the same time! So she is in the vicinity of a future Fraser relative of her husband from the past. Oh no, I think I might be making everyone's (including my own) Time Traveler's Wife Headache worse!!

    Also, one of the recaps talked about whether it was 1945 or 1946 when Claire went back the first time. Well, I just rewatched part of Both Sides Now (my favorite episode of the show so far) and right before Frank backs the car up and goes back to Craig Na Dun, he is listening to a radio broadcast that says that General Patton died today. So it is December 21, 1945 (Patton's death date) when Frank is leaving Scotland without Claire to go back to England and stops at the stones. So at least in the show she traveled through the stones in Fall 1945.

    P.S. Peter Lawford portrays Simon Fraser, 17th Lord Lovat landing on D-Day in the old movie "The Longest Day". Sean Connery is also in the movie.

  29. Hi Carol and Tracey,

    Maybe you have seen this already (or it might be a little too "Frank-like"/history nerdish!!) but Culloden Battlefield and Visitor Centre posted about the role of Clan Fraser in the Battle of Culloden and a map of Clan locations on their Facebook page:

    If you want to share to the MOP page, it's their June 6th post.


  30. As always I love your recap. Look so forward to it. Just can't get it in any earlier in the week. Loved this episode. Loved that Sam has said in lots of interviews that this episode ant 10 are his favorites and he is proud of them. He should be this one. Looking forward to 10. Liked them all coming back together. Loved the PTSD stuff. So true to Claire. she was great! I have watcher this episode lots more than the France ones.
    Spoiler alert! Going forward How are they going to handle Mr. Willoughby? Will he be left out. Don't know how I feel about saving Murtaugh, love him but want to stick to books outline.....
    Thanks again for your discussions. I talk to you like I am sitting with you . Wish I were.