Sunday, November 27, 2016

OUTLANDER Mentioned on Gilmore Girls?

As some of you know from our silly MOP Videos, Tracey and I made a deal: Tracey will watch 3 seasons of Turn: Washington's Spies and I will watch  7 seasons of Gilmore Girls...along with the Gilmore Girls revival released this past Friday on Netflix.

According to Tracey, episode 2 of the Gilmore Girls revival contains none other than...


I am already going as fast as I can, having completed almost 5 seasons (of 22 episodes, each!) in about 4 weeks (don't quote me; I have to check that number. And Tracey has finished 1 season of Turn. Yey, Tracey!) But NOW, I REALLY have to finish, so I can get to the revival...and the Outlander reference!

**Hey guys, PLEASE NO SPOILERS in the comments! Thanks!


  1. I REALLY dont understand the Outlander reference on the Gilmore girls show, can someone explain to me what she was trying to say?

  2. *looks both ways, then whispers* I kinda didn't get it either....

    But just to know that Outlander made the GG pop culture cut is enough for me....

  3. And could it be another "outlander"?

    1. Oooh Carla, are you referring to the revival? I am all caught up on the seasons but haven't started that yet, so I'll leave it to Tracey to answer. :)

  4. And could it be another "outlander"?