Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Droughtlander Methadone

I've been meaning to mention this book, suggested to me but MOP friend, Shannon, who has appeared in a few videos with Tracey and me over the years: Surrender - Book #1* in the Mackinnon Rangers series* by Pamela Clare.


1) I am NOT comparing Pamela Clare to Diana Gabaldon. 
2) I am NOT comparing Ian MacKinnon to Jamie Fraser.

This book is a FUN READ! It's historical fiction (French and Indian War, Ticonderoga, etc) set in 18th century America and Scotland. It offers solid characters, familiar settings, decent writing and some TASTY lovin' scenes. (Lordddddd the tasty.) I really enjoyed it...and I figured I'd pass it along while you're waiting for the REAL DEAL to come back in September.


*Like all bloggers who link to merchandise, I earn a few cents here or there from Amazon, Google, etc if you buy anything on their websites after clicking on my links. It's not a lot, but it buys me a latte or a Wawa soda that's chock full of caffeine and helps me keep on blogging. :) So THANKS!


  1. I read the series a few years ago and it was a lot of fun!

    1. Right?? I thought the same thing, Jazzy. Just fun! (And Scot-tish!) :)

  2. This is really a great series and in all fairness, my favourite is the second book, with Iain's brother Morgan (#TeamMorgan). Highly recommend all the delicious MacKinnon guys!

    1. Oooh Jackie, I'm so glad you're telling me that! I haven't started #2 yet and I was wondering if it would compare to #!! Excellent, thanks! :)