Wednesday, March 7, 2018

MOP Video: Droughtlander Diversions!


  1. Yay! I'll watch/listen to this tomorrow while running errands!

  2. I wish we would find out if there’s going to be a season 5. I really want ALL the books adapted!! I’ll be very disappointed if they don’t. The TV show is so good.

    Just got a Smart TV ... so binge watched “Stranger Things”... loved it. I watch Victoria and Poldark too. I love Designated Survivor. I’m going to miss Fixer Upper. Wish they’d change their minds.

    I find a lot of the Academy Awards movies a bit dark and depressing. So, I love movies like Wonder Woman, the Greatest Showman, and The Black Panther,

    Good to see you two again. I like “seeing” you. 🙂

  3. Good to see you ladies again :-)

  4. jefsantamonica here - I've really missed you two and your comments or even updates on Outlander. I don't follow anyone connected with the show or in the show in social media, so I'm pretty in the dark about any progress.

    I didn't even know Diana G. was posting small summaries of the new book on line to read until I discovered them last night.

    I don't consider myself a luddite, there are just some tech things I'm not interested in as I am tired of avoiding people who are so glued to their phones they can't walk straight or walk at a decent pace down the street. Totally agree with Tracey that I don't want a phone to control my life, so to come home, hook it up to the TV, have the right app and have it working correctly is just not me. I do dislike cable, but there are so few shows that I can't get with full premium that I just don't care. I want to turn it on and switch the channel. I pause things are check out other shows that are in the same time period.
    I'm not into the perpetual English production always set in the past. I'm not a royal fan, so I'm pretty over those shows. Poldark is different, as it is set in a very different locale with different writing, so I find it interesting.
    Victoria has taken so much fictional liberties, well....
    I can't watch reality, so I do try many of the movies that are on demand - many of them I've never heard of.
    Back to Outlander - have they finished Season 4? Is it in editing now? I do wish they would have someone give a summary once in a while of what is happening.
    The awards season kept me busy, but now that everything is wrapped up, we need some video entertainment from our MOP ladies! You two are just so much fun.

  5. So glad you ladies are back!! Loved watching today...and I would totally listen to a podcast too! My husband and I have been watching Poldark...I think we may be the only ones who are bugged by Demelza and sometimes find ourselves on team Elizabeth! Ha ha! We watch the Crown and are about to start Victoria. Loved Stranger Things too!

    My question for you is...what are you reading??? 😃 Any good book suggestions?

    Glad Tom is doing well!

    So fun to see your video pop up today! Take care!!

  6. Loved seeing you Ladies pop up with a (dr)Outlander video! I'd listen to podcasts, too.

    What I'm waiting to watch:

    The Americans (6th and final season, March 28), which gives me some time to re-watch some of my favourite episodes...Carol, give it a try. Beginning at the beginning of the series now will be an eye-opener as to how prescient the writers and showrunners have been. Can't wait to see what the writers have in store for the final season.

    Fahrenheit 451 tv series!!

    Vanity Fair--a new tv series in 2018 sometime

    I've been watching:

    The Alienist, but mostly because I really liked the book when I read it years ago

    Endeavour -- most excellent! A prequel, set in the 1960s, to the beloved Inspector Morse detective series

    What I got hooked on:

    -- The Good Place--many friends recommended, I was skeptical, got instantly hooked!
    -- Peaky Blinders--big thumbs up
    -- Poldark---really liked it...then...I don't know, something changed for me...
    -- Versailles, because Carol said so---and it's AMAZING
    -- Victoria--I really liked it, but I'm a fan of Jenna Coleman, who first came to my attention as one of The Doctor's Companions (Clara to Matt Smith's Doctor Who...AKA Prince Philip in The Crown)
    -- Nordic Noir tv -- Bron (The Bridge); Rita
    -- Welsh detective show Hinterland (main character played by the former Robb Stark from GoT)
    The early seasons of Black Mirror are really good and creepy sometimes, but I haven't seen the new eps yet

    We cut the cord to cable tv around ten years ago. It was easy for us because there are no big sports fans in our house. We found that we were sitting down to watch when a program was nearly over, or not on when we could watch, We have a combination / mishmash now: Netflix, iTunes season passes (in our market we can't get Amazon Prime programming, but people use that, too). Crave TV, Britbox, etc., there are lots out there to choose the programs you want. Sometimes I don't like not being able to watch when everyone else does and having to avoid spoilers, but on the other hand, we can watch whenever we want... we're watching less tv, but more of what we want to watch.

    I just finished re-reading A Fiery Cross, and have started a new book, McMafia, which is non-fiction, but very eyeopening book about globalization and organized crime.

    I was so happy to "have lunch" with you today :)

    Take care and all the best to you two and your families!

  7. You guys should definitely do a podcast I love listening to you. By the way isn't the Outlander convention in Vegas?

  8. Ugh - Poldark - I have a love/hate relationship with it. Loved Season 1, wanted to smack Ross much of Season 2, wanted to smack Ross much of Season 3 and THEN Demelza - bah! No, No, No!

    Stranger Things - Awesome. Victoria - Sigh. Dreamy. The Crown - I’m behind. Americans - can’t wait and I think it’s the final season?

    I will have to look into the series Carol mentioned (with CM).

    Oh, like most of America, love - love - love This Is Us.

    On a ridiculous note - my husband and son force me to watch Impractical Jokers on Tru TV fairly regularly, totally ridiculous but good for a laugh. ��

    1. Forgot to talk about This Is Us b/c I'm not sure Carol watches it--it's a definite topic for next time tho!!

  9. Currently watching "Frontier" on Netflix and enjoying it a lot (especially Jason Momoa) and it's about an interesting historical period and setting (fur trade in Canada), but I think Katie McGrath has only one expression (snooty / haughty) so I'm not enjoying her character. Landon Liboroin plays Michael Smyth and he's definitely got great acting chops already - he's one to watch!

    LOVED Mrs. Maisel 100%, including costumes and sets.

    Also, I just finished bingeing on "The Good Place", a very clever comedy series on Netflix.

    Waiting for Season 3 of Versailles. All caught up on The Crown and Victoria and enjoyed both. PBS has a podcast about Victoria where I've learned some interesting historical notes about stuff portrayed on the show.

    I got bored after one season of Poldark.

    Enjoyed "The Last Kingdom" via Netflix, also, and it's interesting how it overlaps some with Vikings, but I blow hot & cold on Vikings because its often chopped up storylines going too many different directions at once.

    Waiting for Roger Mac and Bree in Season 4, plus Young Ian and ROLLO!

    Glad Tom is doing well. Live long and prosper!

    1. Katie McGrath played the "princess" in the Hallmark movie "A Princess for Christmas" with Sam Heughan and the late Sir Roger Moore.

  10. Cut the cord over 5 years ago and barely used my tv for several years before that. I'm naughty and torrent everything through private trackers. Haven't owned an actual television since 2013. Built my own computer/media center instead, though you don't need to build your own system. I get EVERYTHING. whenever I want and usually before it's available in my area since I'm on the west coast. Haven't had a Netflix account since 2002. Don't subscribe to anything and I get EVERYTHING! Including foreign shows. Sorry, not sorry. I don't feel guilty. What I do isn't for everyone, but if you know what you're doing, it's sooo easy.

    Didn't take to Peaky Blinders, but loved Marvelous Mrs. Maisel until I really hated it. Thought both seasons of Master of None were GREAT!. Gave up on Poldark after Ross turned into a grade-A A-hole and SPOILER (did something really horrendous that the showrunners denied really happened. Basically a repeat of the Game of Thrones r*** fiasco.

    Best thing I've watched recently is Babylon Berlin. A German series that's available on Netflix either in German with subtitles or dubbed. A period piece set in early 1930's Berlin before WWII. A handsome but troubled detective from Cologne moves to Berlin to solve a mysterious vice case. Has a partner that may or may not be corrupt plus a police secretary by day/protitute by night who has dreams of becoming a real detective. SOOOOO good! Two seasons (8 episodes each) available. Third season greenlit already.

  11. Very enjoyable Droughtlander Diversions, ladies! Your suggestions were great.
    Here is a link to why Barbra Streisand allowed Mrs. Maisel showrunners to use her song.

  12. It's a different kind of thing, but people should not miss The Graham Norton Show on BBC America, a great talk show with mostly brit, Aussie, US celebs. It's a hoot!

  13. Kim from Philly, now from CaliMarch 10, 2018 at 2:45 PM

    So glad to see you two!!! Yes, I would def listen to a podcast. Go for it.

    Okay, so on board with your opinion on the Anzari situation. I couldn’t even finish reading her nonsense, and yes she lost me at the white wine complaint..really? REALLY!?!?!

    Big Peaky Blinder fan, I love me some Arthur Shelby. Check out Taboo on FX or BBC One with Tom Hardy as James Delaney. Steven Knight (who does Peaky) wrote it with Tom Hardy and Chips Hardy, Tom’s father. It’s very Peaky-esque.

    Just finished the first season of Bloodline. It was good, a real slow burner but I don’t think I can stand this family for two more seasons. It’s in Florida and everyone is always sweaty and moist.

    Ozark! Jason Bateman, Laura Linney..fantastic. Mind Hunter (Netflix) and the Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu) are also fabulous.

    Ladies, I swear this isn’t any type of endorsement, just one curly maned middle aged woman who found an awesome product and wants to share. Google “Bounce Curl” and watch the YouTube tutorials that are done by real people. I bought it and tried it

    Oh and Miraval wine...not sure if you’re in to Rose wines but it’s delicious!!

    Stay warm youse guys!!!

    1. Yo! In all honesty, you're not missing much with S2/3 of Bloodline. Much as I ADORE each and every actor in that show, both seasons--and 3 in particular--are kind of a hot mess.

      Bounce Curl, huh? Tempting!!!

  14. Ladies, I love seeing you both! I have had to have quite a bit of reconstructive surgery throughout my young teen years and want to pipe in with encouragement that you are both quite lovely. If you want to change something (cyclops removal, eye lifting and tucking, etc) I wouldn't tell you NOT to. I would say that is not likely you will like yourself better and that really those that know you don't see the outside by itself, they see some amazing mix of the WHO you are and the package is just the label that identifies you as someone they love. You probably already know this. Thank you for putting yourself out there for all of us!!! Kim

  15. Sorry, but haven't had time to listen to your podcast yet, but I had to share a show that just started this week. Especially to you Carol & other Turn fans. Major Hewlett (Burn Gorman) is staring in Jamestown on PBS Masterpiece theater via Amazon. I assume it will later come on regular PBS at some point, but it is really good. I will add a link to a clip & column about it. The setting, costumes, and overall look of this show reminds me a lot of Turn and Outlander.

    1. Thanks Trish! I checked it out; it looks good! And even MOP Tom thinks so, too! :)

  16. Hah! Hah! Had to stop the vid to tell you Alexa just told me the weather! It was different than yours of course, but it was simultaneous - so funny

  17. I think I am the total opposite of you guys. We work seven days a week (2 restaurants), so our tv/movie watching is very limited. We have our shows - Outlander, Better Call Saul, Modern Family, The Middle - both of us; Counterpart - husband. We DVR these, along with the local news -are we boring or WHAT!? But when you fall into bed at or near midnight, and that’s the first time the tv has been on all day - plus you gotta get busy SOMETIME! - your options are limited. We watch our go-tos, then occasionally try to get into something on Netflix. We take suggestions, but just rarely find anything worth bingeing since Breaking Bad a few years ago. I did watch ep 1 of Peaky Blinders, and told him we should watch it, but so far haven’t. But I do follow OL even in between seasons because I can do that when I get a few minutes wherever I am at the time. So I know EVERYTHING that goes on during casting, filming, etc. I even watch Shaun on his OL Vlog for his OL location adventures, and pictures from Season 4 filming. Got questions? Just ask me - hah!

    Carol, I can so relate to checking up on historical facts while watching something about that time period. I just read everything there is to know about HMS Terror and Erebus after watching the first episode of “The Terror” . And it brought to mind when I first saw “Glory” on my VCR, I had to stop it to get down my trusty encyclopedia to see what was gonna happen to Matthew Broderick! Modern technology has sure helped that habit!

    Anyhoo, welcome back, and can’t wait for new videos or even podcasts!
    Glad Tom is doing well. Don’t know that much about John, but... he makes soup!! Sounds like a great guy to me.


  18. Love seeing you again!!
    We cut our cable years ago but just got it back last year for SEC football games. (I’m a southern transplant in MT.)
    We NEVER watch anything on cable. When we sit down to watch something, we aren’t interested in anything. The only tv show we’ve watched in years was the new Lost in Space series, the kids loved it.
    I’ve read several books during this Droughtlander, but I’m afraid Ms Gabaldon has ruined all other books for me! So...... I’m reading Outlander for the THIRD time. I still pick up things I missed before!