Sunday, November 18, 2018

MOP Video: Outlander "The False Bride" Episode 403


  1. I really loved the episode. Loved when they panned into Roger playing the guitar at the very beginning. For me, it set the mood for the whole episode. I laughed and cried throughout it. I think the music overlay really helped. I loved we got to hear an entire song sung by Roger. Felt like I was actually there. The books made me feel that way. Love the humorous moments like with Clarence braying wirh the actors seemingly annoyed! Bree when given more lines actually does better. She really needs to stop trying to do the American accent and just let her natural Irish accent come out. It would suit the character better actually. She needs to be the fierce Bree we know and love to hate. (Bree was never one of my favorite characters. Mostly, because of her attitude.). The TV Bree is too nice. I thought the ending was kinda corny with them standing on the cliff. But I loved the dialogue leading up to it. Looking forward to next week’s episode.

  2. It was ok. I thought, surprisingly, it was on better footing when Roger was on screen. He has a solid, warmth that’s been lacking. His argument scene lines were also right from the book. So, much appreciated there. And Sophie was better than last season, anyway. Whenever Clair came to the screen I winced. Her ingratitude for the hospitality Jocasta provided, and the judgement she made on her host, living as a woman in a different century was not worthy of Claire. Then the corny set around the shoe scenes were distracting, though bringing the story forward did work. The weird scene where Jamie is just sitting there waiting for Claire, who I thought hugged him like a mother does a child, was out of character for Jamie, though not for the passive puppy they’ve written him. Fraser’s Ridge is beautiful, so I look forward to the cinimatography. Still, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this show is not ‘must see tv’ anymore. The bad writing, especially for Jamie, and the bad wigs are too obvious, especially considering how engrossing Diana’s writing is.
    So, Ladies, Thank you for the podcast! Best part of the show! And all good thoughts to your families.

  3. I liked this one better than last week once I found out that the fight between Jamie and the bear might be making it to another episode. I feel that Jamie as the bear killer is a big part of who he is to the Indians, if you lose that you emasculate him even more. I like Richard as Roger, but that jacket was not working...not super dashing. The Roger in my head is 6'2 and nearly as big as Jamie with darker hair and helmet hair. Carol, it's ok! Gingers do not get gray as early as others..and then they get more white than gray anyway, so Jamie will get gray a little later than snooty Claire. I'm in agreement about Bree, but i'm not a fan of book Bree or TV Bree. I live in the Blue Ridge (near Asheville) and the last view was pretty consistent, although I will say that if the leaves are changing, there are no friggin strawberries around and really not many thunderstorms like that in the fall..oh well, cinematic license I guess. I'll still watch next week.

  4. This episode was a lot better than the last two, but I'm not willing to forgive them for those eps yet!

    I liked the whole Roger and Bree thing - He was stupid - but I loved it! Dude tell her how you feel BEFORE you ask her to marry her! (I also would have liked to have seen what their other visits where like!! how out of the blue was this?) Another thing I liked was that she was kinda stupid too! she could have said things better, more of the "When I marry I want to make sure it's forever and also I'm really young dude!" but no mistake I'm on team Bree on this one.

    The walking in stocking feet in the mud was weird/distracting - and why wasn't Jamie looking for her? or was he waiting for her to come to him/her boots?

    I liked Claire and Jamie on horse talking - got some good glimpses of book Jamie and Claire there, and the ending was nice (Mr Strawberry!) it was going along fairly well until the "and we'll call it 'Frasers Ridge'" line - too corny!!


  5. So much to love about this episode...loved that song when Bree and Roger were on their way to Carolina...haven't heard that song since high school! Whoever finds these songs that fit so well? Sad for Roger! Claire needs to lighten up, though, and remember where/when she is! Really! Putting many in danger and not grateful for the help Jocasta gives them....yes, Jocasta is tough, but as a blind, single, older woman with a lot of responsibilities she has to be direct. And she is Jamie's aunt. Claire, don't be so rude! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO BOTH SISTERS! Sending thoughts of healing and love to Tom.

  6. This episode set up so much for what's to come. I loved it. I thought I would reread the book along with the show, but I found out that's just not possible. The writers pulled stuff from the back of the book and put it in this episode. Like both of you, I don't remember what happened until I see it on screen and then I know it's from the book. The intro music to the Highland Festival is Mari's Wedding. It is a Scottish folksong originally written in Gaelic. I've been to quite a few Highland festivals in the US. Quite a few have included Irish music and such because of the Scots-Irish who came here. I absolutely LOVED your reference to Big Eric. Monarch of the Glen is one of my all-time favorites! The hair/wig situation just drives me crazy this season. I think we better get used to it since this season has already been shot, but I hope the producers take notice of the fan reaction for season 5 and 6. When Claire unzipped those boots, I'll bet I lost good two to three minutes of the show trying to figure out how those could have survived from going through the stones, all the calamaties, and the years of wear! It looks like all I've done is criticize the show, but truly, I just love it. I do sometimes wish I wasn't a book reader and could just enjoy it blindly, but then the book is so rich with fillers for the show. Blessings for Carol and Tom. I went through the "Big C" with my husband. We didn't like to talk about it. It's just hard enough dealing with it. The internal emotional stuggle is exhausting. Prayers for you, Tom, and your family. Lighter note, keep these recaps coming. They are always a bright spot in my day. I can't wait for the next one. I'll be there drinking along with you!

  7. I’m Team Bree all the way, but I wish they let her explain a little more before she stranded Roger at the festival! (That must have been an awkward ride back to Boston) In the books, I remember her very adamantly telling Roger that when she does marry, she wants it to be forever. Marriage is something she took very seriously and would not make a forever vow if she didn’t feel 100 percent sure he was the one. It was such a cop out for the show to have her just say she didnt believe in marrriage and have that be the end of it. Yes, she mentions the fact that her mother was happily married to Frank and then ended up finding her true soulmate in someone else. I think this deeply bothered Brianna, not because she doesn’t believe in marriage, but because she is loyal. She isn’t afraid she will find someone else and love them more, I don’t think. She is more like Jamie here than she realizes. It would have shown a different side of her had she spoken of her feelings of honor and loyalty in a marriage. She really makes a point that it is something not to be taken lightly or rushed into.

  8. The casting of Sophie Skelton has released me from “My Outlander Purgatory”!

  9. Hi Carol and Tracey. I really liked this episode, although I did have a couple of issues with it. It goes without saying that they should have had Jamie do his entire "strawberry" monologue. Not describing to the non book reading audience the entire meaning of the strawberry...the white flowers are for honor, the red fruit for courage and the green leaves for constancy...did a disservice to the scene. It is because they find the strawberries, that Jamie considers it a sign that this is where he should build their new life together. Instead we got...oh, look...strawberries. Um ripe. ��. But what I was really surprised about, was how much I really loved Bree and Roger, especially since I always read Bree as bitchy in the book. I think Sophie has come far with her representation of Bree and now I am really looking forward to what happens in the future...I mean in the past...I mean in the future know what I mean. I loved the way they did the ghost Indian scene, but I have a problem with Jamie sitting by the river waiting for Claire to return. Um...really? Like JAMMF would ever sit on his butt waiting for Claire to come find him? Eh... But the episode...with the swelling music...did leave me with a sense of hope for them and I just can't wait to see how the next 10 episodes play out and your reviews of them. I'd like to wish you both a very Happy Thanksgiving and to say that I am thankful for you both taking time out of your busy and complicated lives to make these entertaining videos for your followers. Carol, I'm saying extra prayers for Tom. Thanks again. Marian

  10. So I have to jump in and play a little bit of a devil’s advocate here as to the comments re Roger’s proposal. Granted, I do see Bree’s viewpoint, but remember, time has passed since Frank died and her mom went back through the stones, and Bree is now in grad school and 22 years old. I chatted with my mom (also a book/show fan) about this, who was born the same year as Bree and who herself was married in 1970 right out of college at age 22, and she noted that at that time getting married straight out of college was super common. Yes, they had surpassed women dropping out of college to get married, but most of her friends at the time met their hubbies in college and got married right afterward. Granted, Bree is in grad school in Boston, but Roger did say that they could have a long engagement. At this point, they have known each other for over two years and have gone through some pretty intimate things together. I also don’t like the departure from the books as someone mentioned that takes out all of Bree’s real reasons for not saying yes. **note, book spoilers below**

    In the book, the festival is triggering to her, including the calling of the clans when they say Fraser, and remember, she had gotten the pictures from Roger of her mother and Frank deliriously happy on their wedding day. Her overlying concern isn’t that she doesn’t want to get married or have kids, but that she is scared that either she or Roger would meet someone else in the intervening time that she finishes her degree and she doesn’t want to break his heart or hers. I think that the show simplifies this way too much buy deemphasizing their connection and combining their two main meet ups in the book post Claire departure - which are first, the festival in the summer where everything goes well and it’s evident they are falling in love, and second, when she goes and visits him in Scotland six months later over Christmas, and the same proposal occurs. **book spoilers over**

    The show may be setting up something different than the books, who knows, but I’m a huge Roger fan and I don’t like how the show sells him short and makes him look pushy. I also don’t believe he ever expressly says that he would only marry her if she was a virgin, which is what she infers. Rather, he’s saying that he wants their time together to be “perfect” not because she’s a virgin, but because he loves her, and he hasn’t loved the other women he’s slept with. I also wondered what Bree did the entire second day before the burning of the stag by herself at the festival without even running into Roger and how Roger was supposed to get back from North Carolina to Boston to catch his flight?? More suspension of disbelief I guess.

    All that being said, Sophie Skelton has really stepped it up this episode with her acting, thank goodness, so I look forward to seeing how their relationship develops over the course of the season. And also, Roger remains my favorite character throughout the books, with Wee Ian as a VERY close second, so I get a bit defensive of him. :-)

    Summary was amazing and hysterical as always ladies; I thought I was going to pee my pants when you went off on the tangent about Bree kissing Roger in the car, and then again about the two of them doing the Titanic circle dance. Thank goodness my office at work has a thick wooden door that closes…shhhhhh… don’t tell that I was watching your summary at the office. :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you both. Tom will be in our thoughts and prayers. We have had a lot of the C word in our family and I think of yours often.

    Best, Julie

  11. I kept trying to picture Jamie lugging in the printing press equipment for his new business on that tiny donkey. Claire could set up an advice column in the Fraser’s Ridge Gazette lol. Made me laugh at how casual she was about tucking the skull into her bag.

    Cool to know that you lived in Delaware, Tracey as I recently relocated from Pittsburgh to Wilmington for a new job.

    Thinking of you and your husband, Carol.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating (we do not have thanksgiving in Greece - unfortunately! Such a lovely custom) Carol, you and your family are in my prayers, please God, bless Tom with a speedy recovery! Annette from Greece

  13. So Claire and Jamie are upset with slavery, but OK with stealing Cherokee land? Seemed a bit hypocritical to me.

  14. I took was trying to read the book at the same time (second time thru) and where they are now on the ridge precedes a very nice love scene (amongst the strawberries I guess) so happily looking forward to opening scenes this Sunday! Except they’ve not been following the books :-(
    The scene where Claire gets lost in the rainstorm and the Indian From the Past supposedly takes her boots to Jamie AND Ian at their cabin comes much later.. doesn't it? And that’s why they set out to fond her. She was supposed to be tending to a new mother at another farm. So that whole Lost in Woods scene confused me.
    However, now that’s covered do you think they are going to do the scene where Claire has to find Jamie?
    I am getting used to all the cast as the characters they play and LOVED the song Roger did in its entirety at the Gathering.
    So what dies the burning stag mean again?
    I did watch Monarch of the Glen (loved that too) ... can’t remember.

  15. Has anyone mentioned that Outlander was NO. 2 on the Great American Read's list of 100 favourite books?

  16. Hi, gals! Hope your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you again for another fun recap. I've just a few observations regarding this episode:

    Tracey, while you expressed surprise at Phaedra having a Scottish accent, what's been puzzling me most is how would Ulysses have an American-sounding accent in a time when that shouldn't even exist yet? I'd expect to hear almost ANY other accent in that time period except "American." As a side note, there are times when Ulysses's voice goes so deep he reminds me of James Earl Jones. I want him to say something Darth Vader-ish. Or even just, "This is CNN."

    Claire continues to earn her title of "The Original Ugly American" in pre-Revolutionary America with her obvious disdain for Jocasta. It's not a good look. I hope we don't have to watch the two of them duke it out EVERY time they're together. On second thought, Krystal v Alexis cat fights really worked for Dynasty.

    I loved Clarence. He performed his parts like a little master thespian! :)

    I thought the Minister's Cat was going to become Toonces the cat and swerve right off that road. Also, I'm reserving judgement on Roger for now. Hopefully, he'll redeem himself. I DO expect that the book Bree gave him will contain an interesting bit of information, and that the picture of the two of them will show up again. Perhaps to clear up a bit of mistaken identity?

    I'm also wondering if Claire will get a new ring. Hmm, if only Jamie had access to some silver. No, I'm not talking about the fillings!

    Anyway, I'm about to watch 404, and am hoping for good things.


  17. OK- How much do I love that you mentioned Big Eric? Are you the only other person in the world who loved Monarch of the Glen?