About MOP

"You're tearing my guts out, Claire."
When I read an extraordinary book, I have a searing need to talk about it.  A lot.  I must immediately spit out whatever thoughts are racing through my brain, whether they be petty or poignant, silly or surreal.  I consider this feeling "literary purgatory."  Friends help, but after a while, they get tired of my constant need for discussion.  So what's an obsessed girl to do?

Start a blog.  An Outlander blog, to be exact.  

I'm Carol, and I created My Outlander Purgatory on November 1, 2009.  I found the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon through my sister, Tracey, who had just started reading Outlander a few weeks before.  Eventually I found myself immersed in a world of Scottish moors and fighting Jacobites...and giving in to the need to "get it all down" on paper (or in this case, my trusted Macbook Pro.)  

"If I get it all down on paper, it's no longer inside of me, threatening the life it belongs to."  ~ from the song, "Breathe (2 AM)" by Anna Nalick

Tracey and I at an Outlander Starz
event in NYC, October 2013
And do you know what happened next, after I started bantering and sharing my every thought with complete strangers on the internet?  People actually read what I wrote!  And what's more, they said they liked it!  I started getting email and comments from friendly strangers saying "I love the way you write!"  "You understand how I feel about these books!"  "Please keep blogging your thoughts!"  

And so I did. 

After that, Tracey took over MOP's Twitter account (MyOutlanderPurg), and the two of us started making Outlander discussion videos.  For some reason, people seem to find our sisterly giggling (and occasional bickering) a lot of fun.  They always say "I feel like I'm right there with you when I watch" or "I have no one to discuss the books with, so you guys make me feel so much better!"  And that, alone, is enough reason for us to keep being silly...or serious...and even sometimes emotional - on camera.

The ORIGINAL "Pocket Jamie"
created by My Outlander
Purgatory - circa 2010
I also created Pocket Jamie back in 2010; a fun, mobile, Jamie Fraser doll, created from my daughter's Ken Barbie™...and a beer cozy kilt.  (Keepin' it classy in the name of JAMMF, y'all.) He started traveling with us everywhere (ahem, where do you think Starz got the idea for their paper doll of the same name, silly?!) and has become quite a big part of the My Outlander Purgatory family over the years.  

Tracey and I, having fun on the
Manasquan river near my home
in Monmouth County, NJ (wink)
So, five years after starting the blog, I continue to write, and Tracey continues to Tweet.  We continue to make videos, run a Facebook page, and attend the occasional Diana Gabaldon speaking engagement when we're lucky enough to find her appearing in a city nearby.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

~ Carol  :)


  1. This is awesome. I just discovered "Outlander" a few months ago, and I feel like I'm obsessed! I can't stop talking about it. Glad to find some like-minded people :)

  2. Just found this site. Love it, Love it, Love it! Will be joining the chat on Monday nights!

  3. Hey Carol & Tracey, Thought Foundly Of You Both As Soon As I Finished Watching The New Season Opening Episode! Oh I Do Love Franch! It Seems Forever Since I've Written To Say Hi And Now Seemed As Good A Time And Reason To Touch Base. I Have Read Through , No I Listened To all Or The Outlander Books While Waiting For New Season And Watched Most Of Your Outlander Related Videos. Loved Having The Books Read To Me, So Gained Some New Perspective On The Series. But, Notting Can Replace The Joy Of Watching All The Actors We Have Come To Love, Bring The Books To Life! Cat And Sam Are So Delicious As Our Heroes! I Can't Wait For Your Newest Video On Your Take Of This Start Of New Stories And Plots! So Glad The Outlander Train Has Left The Station, See You Both On Board! Your Most Devoted Fan, Stephen.( RATDEW)

  4. Does anyone know if they actually burned that stunning wedding stomacher...........

  5. So glad I found this site!!! Just finished book one and I am in love with the history and story! Onto book two.......

  6. Just wanted to say, "HEY Y'ALL!!!" Glad you found MOP!! :)

  7. Carol, you have always out put me in mind of somebody on TV and I finally, after years, figured it out. You look so much like the actress who played Anna on Downton Abbey! I doubt I'm the first to say that, but it's a relief to me to finally figured it out.