Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend at Fairfax

What is UP???  I am finally getting to sit down and post about Tracey and my faBU weekend in Fairfax, Virginia with some verra awesome MOP chicks.  I finally was able to meet the wonderful Karen Henry of Outlandish Observations (just sitting with her at a Diana Gabaldon event was a treat!)...and was able to spend some seriously quality time with Lara, Tonya, Cari, Julie and Donna.  I was also thrilled to see Carla again...and to finally meet Miss Marcia!

My apologies that I was not able to do all the blogging I had hoped to do.  We were go, go, going, nonstop from the minute we arrived...and blogging ended up on the back burner.

OK so we arrived on Friday afternoon and headed over to the Northern Virginia Community College to find the girls first in line, as they had been waiting all afternoon (bless their hearts!)  We were thankfully able to sit up front and were thrilled when DG showed up and began to speak.  I cannot tell you how awesome it is to listen to her tell her story of how she got started writing, as I've been sitting on a story or two, myself...and am in dire need of direction.

Not much new to report, however; the speaking portion of the event was pretty short and didn't include any info about the upcoming Starz show (probably because it was a library event, and that means books.)

We then proceeded to hang out for hours and wait for the signing line to shrink - which is most certainly did not, for hours and hours.  At 2AM (yes, you read that right), we finally got our books signed and were able to take a photo with Diana.  We were the last in the line and felt horrible for her; she must have been exhausted.  I was also THRILLED with a capital T to be able to give her the BEAUTIFUL shirts that Sooz made for her (another verra cool MOP bud);  that post will follow.

The rest of the weekend was a blast because I got to hang out with women I've been talking to for a few years now - some on a daily basis.  We didn't do anything scheduled (again - sorry to those who may have been hoping for a better gathering; we'll do that again, I promise!) but we had a blast and I'm sorry it had to end.  :)


Karen Henry said...

Loved the video! Thanks so much for the kind words! :-) It was wonderful to meet all of you on Friday, and I hope we get the chance to meet up again sometime.


TRuff said...

It was such a fun weekend!!! I still can't believe the bathroom incident!! OMG! I had such a terrific weekend all of you. I can't wait to do it again sometime!

Alicia said...

Great Video! We had so much fun on Friday! I saw someone carrying pizzas and they made me very hungry! The group of ladies I was with was able to get our books signed at 1 am. That line was crazy. We had a blast!

We were sitting about six rows back and we came to the same conclusion, that it would have been better to sit in the back and be first in the signing line. We had fun and hope to get a chance to do it again!

Lara said...

It was the most amazing weekend, ever. Love you all, so happy I was able to make it and meet all my BFFs in person! Cannot wait for The Gathering, Part 2! Xoxo!!

Purgatory Carol said...

I know, Karen! I really look forward to hanging with everyone again - what a good time! But too short a weekend! :)

Purgatory Carol said...

TRuff! I have to blog about that! Want to be my first guest blogger and write it yourself? Let me know! :)

Purgatory Carol said...

Hi Alicia! I wish we got to hang with you guys! We would've ordered you pizza, too! :) Definitely we'll know for next time. Either that or I will sit up front if possible...and skip the line altogether. I have two books signed and am happy with that. :)

Purgatory Carol said...

OMG LORDDDDDDDDD the Gathering!! I think we have to make shirts for the next one. I'd love to do a MOP Gathering and put "MOP Gathering 2014" on the front and "LORDDDDDD the Gathering!" on the back! LOL

It was awesome getting to hang with you, missy. I now know how to buy shoes! Wore my new wedge platforms again last night! :)