Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Execution of Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat

On April 9th, 1747, Simon Fraser,  Lord Lovat and chief of Clan Fraser (and fictitious father of Jamie Fraser's bastard father, Brian Fraser), was executed at the Tower of London for his "crime" of being a Jacobite and aiding in the Jacobite rebellion to get Bonnie Prince Charlie back on the throne and reestablish Scottish rule.

Lord Lovat has the distinction of being the last person to be beheaded at the Tower of London.

Just prior to the execution, about 20 people were also killed when the scaffolding they were sitting on to watch Simon Fraser's demise, collapsed.  Apparently, Simon found this so amusing, he laughed uncontrollably until the axe fell, thus creating the term, "laughing your head off".

Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat, as etched by William Hogarth at St. Albans.
Lovat is seen working on his memoirs as he awaits trial. 

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