Sunday, August 24, 2014

MOP Breaks Down Starz' OUTLANDER Episode 3: The Way Out!

SPOILER ALERT!!!  Hey Outlander newbies...Tracey is on vacation this week and she usually edits the videos and adds pretty little spoiler warnings. I apologize for my boring start/stop points below the video...but they will make it easy for you to avoid season1 spoilers!!

PLEASE NOTE:  There is slight BREAKING BAD spoiler.  Avoid 44 seconds between 56:00 to 56:44. Happy watching!!!







1:04:32 - SPOILER OVER


dolittle said...

Thank you both again for taking the time and effort to make these videos – and so fast!

Speaking of Laoghaire, I never had any sympathy for her until one of the last books (maybe MOBY – but not a spoiler) when she explains what she thought back at that time and I kind of understood her point of view.

About the song in this episode, what if it was really supposed to be based on Claire?!! Like its already all happened before? Wooooo.

As for the way Jamie was looking at Claire in the surgery, did you also happen to catch, back in episode 1, the absolute intensity in Jamie’s eyes when Claire is bitching at him after falls off the horse? Even for a night scene, with faint light across his eyes, the look he gives her is electric! Sam is so good! Caitriona is so good! The production is so good! DG is so good! Aren’t we all so lucky?!! And we have you guys, too! I’m trying not to think too much about what degree of weirdness I’ve reached now that I’m also a fan of a fan site – but Outlander mania is a mighty powerful force 
Anyway, another great job – and thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful episode and wonderful video! You got me thinking about why Dougal/Rupert were running the show in the Punishment scene instead of Colum/Angus. I remember that Jamie fostered under Dougal (not Colum), so maybe Colum cedes his authority over Jamie to Dougal because of that relationship/history? Does that make sense?


Elizabeth said...

I have no idea why everybody is having such a hard time telling Rupert, angus and murtagh apart. I have no trouble doing so. Murtagh is the guy talking to Jamie before he takes the beating for leghair. Rupert beats up Jamie, and Angus holds leghair. Rupert is ALSO the one following Claire to the stables, he even talks about changing guard shifts with Angus. He might look a bit different during the beating, but that's due to the lighting and the fact that he isn't wearing his bonnet. It seems that they have only changed Angus from being Colum's man to being dougal's man. Why Rupert was the one beating up Jamie i don't know, since he is dougal's man too (as he said in ep 2). Maybe because he is physically stronger than Angus.

Cindy W said...

I can't tell Rupert, Angus, Murtagh apart. I just call them the RAM boys.

Anonymous said...

I think Angus is still Colum's man - and Rupert is Dougal's man.

Purgatory Carol said...

Thank YOU dolittle...for watching. And thanks for appreciating the time and effort that goes into these videos!! We LOVE making them...seriously. But it is hard to line up our schedules and don't even get me started about the editing process! Tracey usually does everything but I did it this week, which is why it's pretty no frills! I guess it's time for me to do some playing around with iMovie. LOL


I have to go back and watch the "fall off the horse" scene. Your description is delicious!! I seriously don't know how I'm going to get through the wedding scene. I N-E-V-E-R expected Sam to be so good. And Cait. Their eyes tell the story...and that is so completely refreshing. (I am thinking of one top actress in particular whose eyes look dead when she's on screen. I won't mention names but WOW it bugs me that she's so sought after. I really don't get it.)

Thanks again for your kind words dolittle. I needed them today. :)

Purgatory Carol said...

YES Valgal. It absolutely makes sense! In fact - I will mention your comment to Tracey (who is on vacation but will love to discuss this when she gets back. She LOVES this topic!) :)

Purgatory Carol said...

I am going to blog about this, Elizabeth. I have it all planned out in my head. :) Keep an eye out; I think you'll enjoy it. :)

Purgatory Carol said...

ROFLMAO Cindy.!! I have to tell Tom (hubby). He feels the same way. Honestly - in a way - they're all "the boys" aren't they? I don't worry about it but Tracey sure does (and that's cool...that's cool...LOL I don't want her to think I'm negating her opinion!) :)

dolittle said...
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dolittle said...

I decided to add a spoiler alert to part of this comment. I'm sure it will get easier to distinguish between those three as they get more face time. Rupert is heavier than the other two - built more like a Jack Black (NOT to be confused with Black Jack).


I'm sure we will get much closer to a couple of them, since the producers will likely want to take full advantage of some of the more emotional scenes involving these characters that will occur down the road.

Anonymous said...

I've always been able to determine who Rupert, Angus and Murtagh are. They just don't seem alike to me. Yes they all are hairy (long hair, beards) but Rupert is heavy set, Angus is slender and Murtagh is tall, dark and handsome ;) I love the interaction between Angus and Rupert. Love the RAM comment from Cindy!


Theresa said...

I love the look that passes between Claire and Jamie when he comes to fetch her from Geillis Duncan's place. It is like they can already read each others thoughts.

This series is surpassing my expectations.

Love it.


dolittle said...

I agree that Murtagh is kind of handsome, especially since they have toned down the pock-marks from what they were in episode 1.

Anonymous said...

Just recently discovered MOP. You "lasses" are passionately in, funny as all get out! Your enthusiasm is contagious. I have loved the books forever and am throughly enjoying the TV series. Great casting. SH has captured "my" JAMMF and Cat is an amazing, yet taller version of, Claire.

My one complaint is that, as with an inexperienced lover, no sooner do I start getting into the show, then it is over! Fastest one hour on television.

So happy this southern girl with a bit of Scottish ancestry, found your site. Ye ken?

Laurie G. said...

In episode 2 Rupert followed Claire around and beat up Jamie. In episode 3 Rupert and Angus were both supposed to watch her, but Angus followed her to the sick boys house. Murtagh sat next to Jamie at dinner and warned Claire not to tease Jamie about Leerie. I know that isn't spelled right, by the way. They are all dirty, hairy men, and I love this show! I wish we could see all 6 segments at once!

Anonymous said...'s my take on RAM R=Round face Rupert, A = Angular face Angus and M = Muddy face Murtaugh.

Brymen said...

I just watched the video and I don't have time to add all my comments. I just had to say that I laughed so hard during this video I think I scared the cats. Every time Tracey says " spoiler alert ". Watch Carol's face.

I laughed my ass off. Excellent video. I'm thinking about watching again tomorrw and see if I can drink every time I hear " spoiler alert ".

KClark Photography said...

I can tell the RAM boys apart now but bit reminds me of Exile. I couldn't tell anyone apart in that.

Unknown said...

I just found your MOP and watched your videos. You two are a hoot!

Tracey was having a problem with Rupert administering the punishment to Jamie instead of Angus - a change from the book. I believe it is a simple case of combining characters for the adaptation to the screen. Remember that in the book, Angus was not one of the men with Duncan and Rupert when Murtagh found Claire and brought her to the cottage. The other men were Willie and Neddie.

We don't meet Angus in the book until the "Hall" at Castle Leoch. Claire describes him as a giant and the largest man she has ever seen, with fists like hams. He is said to be Colum's man servant and body guard.

I believe they cast Angus in the series as a comic partner to play off Rupert, and since the actor they cast is much smaller than Rupert, they had Rupert beat Jamie. Just my opinion.

Keep up the great work and thanks for bringing these videos to us.

Jax Hunter said...

Column's legs are done with special socks. I can't remember where I saw that. It was a short video, maybe after episode 2.

Unknown said...

So funny ladies! Thx for brightening my evening,after a long day. I liked this episode because you see the relationship between J and C starting to take flight.

Unknown said...

That would be a killer drinking game!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

You gals are funny as always! Love love love you!

Surprisingly, I don't have much to say about this episode. I do feel like there was a different feel and now I know from watching your vid that it was written by a different writer. I don't know how I feel about that. It's noticeable. I don't think it should be. All of it felt different... The pacing, the acting (which is probably due to the directing?) the feel... Hmm...

Also... UGH! DON'T COME AFTER ME Y'ALL... I'm not too impressed with Sam just yet. I'm still waiting for that spark. The Jamie spark. It's not there yet for me. Cait on the other hand is killing it. She has seriously nailed the whole essence of Claire. To the core! I'm sure the spark will come. I mean, truth be told, sparks didn't come to me until after the whole let's be married bit and if I'm to even tell more truths.... my love for him grew with every book. It wasn't instantaneous at all.

I do think there is more eye flirts going on in Starz than in the book. I swear I didn't think Claire was attracted to Jamie at all. I thought she just felt comfortable with him until she said she was and I was all like WHAT?!

One other thing! I'm really digging the flashbacks to the future. It's making sure we don't forget that Frank is still there and that Claire and him had something real.

That's it

Brymen said...

Actually I found out it is a bad drinking game. Because just as I drink I choked because I was laughing at Carol. You can't drink and laugh at the same time without making a mess and making your nose burn.

Brymen said...

FIND OUT WHO MAKES THOSE SOCKS! I don't ever want to buy those socks if it is going to twist up my legs like that. JC Penny better have a warning label.

WARNING: These socks might twist your legs up and make you walk funny.

Actually I think my mom once said, "they keep twisting up my legs and making me walk funny" about a brand of pantyhose she was wearing. But I digress.

Brymen said...

For me Jamie was good right from the beginning. When he looked at her bresteses after the "I'm a nurse. Not a wet nurse!" comment. I was thinking, "Yeah, this works! Keep it up."

Cait on the other hand. I was so wanting to feel Claire, and I couldn't figure out why I didn't. I couldn't point at anything and say, "She's not doing this or that right." So I just watched and waited to find that "Claire" moment. For me it was when Dougal said, "I've never heard a woman cuss like that my whole life." and then there was Claire. So I poked the rewind button and watched it again.

Crystal said...

I'm still laughing at
"Does that really happen all the time? Has it happened to you?! Could you take me to Craig na Dun!?!"

Anonymous said...

I caught that the second time I watched! She asks him why he didn't say anything about being shot and he says it didn't hurt then and she says well, does it hurt now? and he says AYE with a verra interesting tone of voice and look in his eye. ( sorry about grammar and punctuation!)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that Geillis is wearing bright red shoes, a la wicked witch of the west??