Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Outlander Purgatory Wants to See YOUR MOP Shirt!

Lads and Lassies, this is m'girl Claudia.  Claudia made my day recently when she sent me a picture of herself looking fantastic in not only a shirt she got at the MOP Shop...but a shirt that says My Outlander Purgatory!

And this got me thinking...I'd LOVE to post photos of ALL of you in YOUR Mop Shop shirts, no matter what they say! "I'd Go Through the Stones..."?? "...Takin His Time About it..."??  "LORDDDDDD the Gathering?!?" If you've got a MOP shirt (or mug, etc), please send me picture of you wearing it!!!  Don't have one yet??  That's OK...go ahead and order one and send me the pic when you get it!  I'll wait!! :)


  1. Thanks Carol! I love my MOP shirt

  2. I want a Geillis and Arthur Duncan shirt that says, "I smell the vapors of hell on you."