Friday, August 1, 2014

Tobias Menzies Arise 360 Interview: Bringin' the CUTE!

I DEFY you to tell me you don't adore Tobias Menzies after seeing this.


  1. I wouldn't, couldn't dream of saying such a thing after seeing this. The man is all kinds of adorable. I still say it's too bad that we didn't get to see his socks.

  2. Tonight! Tonight! I get to watch it tonight. At midnight tonight, I can get the first episode with Video on Demand from my television satellite provider (Directv). I was going to try to wait until the 9th... BUT I CAN'T WAIT. For additional information on how to watch the video tonight, I have copied the the following info from STARZ FAQ for what they are calling the "Outlander Sampling"

    Q: When can I see this exclusive first episode?
    A: we are releasing the episode on Saturday August 2nd and 12am EST on and Starz Play. The episode will be available on you TV using the On Demand Service at 12am local time.

    Q: Do I need a STARZ subscription to watch the first episode?
    A: NO. This is a complimentary episode that anyone can watch. To watch the rest of the season, you will need to be a STARZ subscriber.

    Q: Is this really the complete first episode?
    A: YES. It's the first episode in its entirety, uncut and commercial-free.

    Q: So what's the August 9th premiere date then?
    A: That's still the official premiere date on STARZ, and it's specifically for STARZ subscribers.

    Q: Where can I watch the first episode?
    A: You can see it at, Starz Play, on your TV using On Demand or online through your provider. It will also be available on the Starz YouTube Channel.

    Q: How do I know if my TV provider will give me access to the first episode?
    A: If your affiliate is listed below you will be able to access the episode through your provider:

    AT&T U-verse
    Blue Ridge
    Bright House Networks
    Choice Puerto Rico
    Charter Communications
    Dish Network
    Grand Communications
    Horry (HTC)
    Service Electric Cablevision
    Time Warner Cable
    Verizon FIOS

    So I'm staying up late and gonna be watchin' me some OUTLANDER!!!!!