Thursday, July 31, 2014


Spoiler Alert:  I'm on part 3 in MOBY, y'all.

I have barely anything to say because I'm too verklempt to speak.  My eyes are completely immobile (like Lord John's) and fixed on the following three words: 

"Pardon me, milady,..."

Now THAT's an entrance.  All I can hear is Baby's completely breathy, "Johnny!" from Dirty Dancing. 

I may need to go lie down. 


  1. Carol, you skipped my favorite line from Germain.
    You musn't hit him again, Grand-pere. He's a very good man, and I'm sure he won't take Grannie to bed anymore, now that you're home to do it.

    1. ROFLMAO CRYSTAL!!!! OMG was that not FRIGGIN HYSTERICAL?? Germain is so hilarious. I am really hoping Grand-pere and Fergus let him stay with the troops (out of harm's way, of course. As of right now, he's in big trouble...but that's all I've seen so far.

      PS - Does Diana Gabaldon not have an enormous imagination to think up all these characters and tell their stories so descriptively? She's truly amazing.

    2. She is! There are so many parts I can't wait for you to read...