Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hiding in Plain Sight

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless ye have read Part 3 in Written in My Own Heart's Blood. 

This is what I see in my head when thinking of Lord John cruising around Pennsylvania with the enemy, pretending to be one of them.  Giggle.


  1. Hi, Carol - and Tracy! I have been a lurker, but have found myself so Outlander obsessed this summer with the release of MOHB and the Outlander series (finally!), that I just wanted to join in and post a comment. Your blog is a lot of fun, and I've truly enjoyed the MOP videos. You gals are Wayne and Garth for Outlander fans.

    My youngest sister has finally started reading Outlander, so now I’ll also have a family member to share this excitement. We've agreed to watch the series together. She has a huge screen and projector system set up on her back porch, so it will be an extra cool way to see the scenery, the action, and, of course, Jamie. I visited Edinburgh back in ’79, and it was a lovely experience, but I didn't go further north, so I’m looking forward to experiencing the highlands that way. Outlander can make anyone, whether they've got a connection to Scotland or not, feel p-p-p plaid to the bone.

    As a fan, obviously I love the books. I think I have a pretty good idea about when and where the story will have to end. I've even got a couple of theories on the how and why. With each book, one hopes for another clue. When MOHB was due for release, I stayed up half the night checking back and forth between Amazon and B&N to see which would have it available for download first (it was B&N). By the time I had it on my e-reader, I was already a couple of chapters into it because my pre-ordered audio-book came through first. I was finished in a few days. Now, I’m re-reading Outlander so it will all be fresh in my mind for the series. Yes, I do need to get a life!

    When I’m reading the series, I like to search the web to learn more about the historic people and places. I found a picture of the actual Bartrams Garden potting shed (I wonder just how many other Outlander fans went looking for it). I thought you might get a kick out of it, so I’m posting the link. It’s the building with the arbor in front of it. I found myself wondering if they could make a good profit renting it out to couples for romantic “get-togethers.”

    I’m hoping you’ll post video commentary of each of the TV series episodes – that would be fun to watch. You know fans can’t get too much Outlander talk. Thank you both for the laughs, and best wishes!

    Diana, Too (Yes, that's me, but "Dolittle" works, too)

    1. I put my vote in for the video commentary of each of the TV series episodes. It would be great to capture your reactions right after viewing the episodes.

    2. A big screen and projector on the back porch??? Does she have neighbors close by? Might want to warn them that it's NSFC. :-)

    3. Oh, it's all cool. Huge backyard, neighbors can't see the screen, and her youngest is a high schooler who won't be watching anyway. It's a sweet set up :)

  2. OK what is the deal with Fanny Beardsley and the lisp and then Fanny (sister of 'Arabella' Jane) with the tongue tie? Is this a funny joke?!

  3. OK what is the deal with Fanny Beardsley and the lisp and then Fanny (sister of 'Arabella' Jane) with the tongue tie? Is this a funny joke?!