Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Hubby Purgatory

SPOILER ALERT:  Dinna read unless ye have read part 3 in Written in My Own Heart's Blood.

MOBY banter with my hubby, Tom: 

Me: "Poor Lord John...he's walking along, hiding in plain site and running into all these people he knows.  He's in this mass exodus to cross the Delaware into NJ.  And Ian just said they're headed to Freehold!!!!!"
Tom:  "Ian's there?!?"
Me: "Yes.  Ian and this dude, Percy... Jamie... Claire... They're ALL THERE!"
Tom:  "Wait.  Ian?"
Me:  "Yes!  Jamie's nephew!"
Tom: "Ohhh you mean Ian the son!  What about Ian, his dad?  The guy with one leg?  I like him."
Me:  (shakes head dejectedly)  "Didn't make it." (in my best Roy Scheider voice from JAWS)
Tom:  "Ohhhh no!  Poor guy!!  He should have walked through the 2014 stones, got himself an Oscar Pislari prosthetic leg...gone back...and he'd have been able to run away!"
Me:  "Who?  Wait, do you mean Oscar Pistorius?!  THE MURDERER???"
Tom:  "Yeah!  That guy.  Awful...but those legs make him fast.  Ian could have gotten one of those cool bionic legs and gotten away."
Me: (shakes head again) Ian died in the last book.  Of illness.  Not battle."
Tom:  "Which book?"
Me:  "Nevermind."


  1. How pathetic is it that I had totally blocked out Ian dying in the last book? Seriously, I just blocked the whole thing out. I didn't remember until Jenny's appearance in MOBY. Then it all came back and I balled my eyes out. AGAIN. Damn. I really liked Ian.

  2. Oh, that's hilarious! AND familiar... I am one of the odd people that only heard about the books Nov 2013. Quickly went cross-eyed as I couldn't put down one book without happily being able to pick up the next -no waiting, advantage to be a latecomer- and then only had a few months to go at the time to the 8th!!! Then of course you want to 'share'. Introduced my mom to the series, at 80, she's slowly making it through DF, has a bit of problem remembering at times who is who, however, most definitely hates BJR but the funny part begins as she and I are dissecting and placing everyone as I happily go over the story with her to help her keep her focused. THEN my dad walks in, catches a bit of the conversation and start the 10 questions are these the new people who live down the street!!?

  3. I am going to try and get hubbie to read Outlander, so he can maybe understand what the fuss is about, but not that optimistic that he will get it. Maybe it is a female thing.
    But whatever his reaction, he should be grateful for Outlander series, as he is the beneficiary of some very "warm" feelings after reading sessions, especially of the "hotter" sections, the tender ones, the happy ones etc etc.
    Diana not only should be congratulated for the great entertainment she has created but also for getting some zing back into some relationships! She has made me appreciate my husband even more and look on him with even greater fondness. He is my own JF in many ways - even though he doesn't wear a kilt! But never say never!

  4. Replies
    1. LOL T...2.5 years later and this is making me giggle.

  5. I just come here to laugh!!! Every bit of the conversation detailed above brought me to tears. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    Side note: As a South African I laughed oh so bitterly at the Oscar Pistorius bit. Don't get me wrong - it's hillarious but I think it might always be too soon for me :(

    1. Oooh sorry, Nosipho. That story was awful. Just awful. I wanted (still do?) so badly to believe him. One thing that always struck me was that his girlfriend was so naturally beautiful. Like sunshine. :( Just so tough to swallow all the way around.