Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Why Do You Keep Calling Me Calvin?"

SPOILER ALERT:  Dinna read unless you have read parts 1 and 2 in Written in My Own Heart's Blood.

I was up reading at 3AM a few nights ago.  But I wasn't reading MOBY.


I woke up - tossing and turning - with my mind racing about Roger and Buck...and Jerry.

This is me - trying to process all this time travel:

I am all kinds of confused.  AND LOVING IT.  And I know things will be revealed going forward...because they always are.  But I'm going over timelines...and my brain is negotiating with itself in a quest to piece it all together.  And don't bother telling me not to...and to just "go with it"...or some such silliness...because that is the way my brain works.  I missed my calling on "CSI Jersey Shore."

So here's the thing.  How did a woman on a farm in North Umbria have Jerry's dog tags if Jack-friggin-RANDALL had them Inverness in MOBY??  And handed them to Brian Fraser who handed them to Roger.  But Roger was WITH Jerry Mackenzie in North Umbria when the aforementioned farmer's wife had them there.  (UNLESS the man with dark hair and bright green eyes who told Jerry he loved him WASNA ROGER???)  So now I'm all KINDS of wondering if Roger is going to go through the stones with Buck AGAIN and find Jerry or what?

Frank, during his brief trip to
the 18th century (in my dreams.) 
AND AND we were discussing in MOP Chat last night; how did Frank's letter get into a desk at Lallybroch?!?  Riddle me THAT!  (Kidding - dinna tell me, please. Nae spoilers, aye?!) I suppose I'll just have to keep reading to find out.

AND Poor Jem.  I can handle a lot, y'all...but I canna handle the back and forth with little Jem being hunted by Rob Cameron.  And that story in the letter by Frank???  That exactly why they want Jem.  I thought it was about time travel...but if that were the case, they could have taken Bree.  They want Jem because they think he's going to rule Scotland.  (TELL me that wasn't a bomb dropper when you read THAT little tidbit.  WOW.  Canna wait to see what happens with THAT storyline.)

A few things:

- DOUGAL EFFING MACfrigginKENZIE for the love of all that's holy!!!  Yet another "SHUT UP!!!" moment in this series.  I loved every second of his visit with his twin Roger.  And comments like "feeling a state of bemused horror" just make me a) giggle, b) TOTALLY feel the scene and c) realize I'm feeling the same EXACT thing at seeing Dougal again!!!

- That letter Frank wrote to Bree.  Tell me I didn't cry - right there in my bed at 3AM - when he signed it "Dad".  OMG I cried an ocean.  I am telling you...Tobias Menzies' casting - coupled with my "Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows" read a couple years back (was it that long ago??) - has softened me to Frank BIG time.

"Take your damned hands off her."
And don't eff this UP, Roger!!!
- ROGER HELD BLACK JACK'S HANDS AND PRAYED OVER HIM.  (insert my gobsmacked face here)  What in the name of all that's holy.  I am living in TERROR that Roger is going to mess things up for Jamie and Claire.  What if Randall falls for ROGER?!?  What if that teeny prayer session makes Black Jack find God and throw away his wicked ways??  What if George McFly doesn't get the girl?  (Sorry - had to.)  SO MANY WHAT IFS!!!!!

- Bree is takin' the bairns and getting the heck outta dodge.  And putting herself right smack into the middle of the American Revolution in Phila-delphi-A.  Oy.  I suppose Frank is right; the safest place is the past.

But what about HAROLD ROGER?!?

What is that poor soul going to DO??  Shiz - he's OLDER THAN effing JAMIE in 1738!!!  It's not like he can WAIT FOR BREE or something!!  Boyfriend's going to have to get his ass back to the 80s (like all the clothing designers seem to have done recently; lorddddddddd the stripes) Bree's note...and then get his ass back to 1778 Philly.  OMG this book is so brills I don't know what to DO with myself!!!  Time travel RULES!!!

OK on to Part 3.  Wish me luck!!!


  1. LOL! I could answer all of those q's but I'll be nice and let you figure this all out on your own and you WILL love the A's to all of your Q's ;)
    Now, GET TO IT WOMAN! So we can TALK IT OUT!

  2. LUCK!
    I'm re-reading and this is exactly where I am!

  3. Lordddddddddddddd the stripes. LMAO!!!

  4. Amen! Reading your post just gave me chills all over. thanks!

  5. I'm 93% through and now I feel like I already have to go back and re-read because I'm so confused!!! Too much time travel for my wee brain to keep up with.

  6. Damn. I forgot about the details of Leaf/All Hallows! I had reached my own ideas of what happens as far as Jerry in the MOBY time travel bit, now I don't know if I"m right or not. And, I think I might need to re read MOBY now because I'm not sure if remember how some of these things play out.

  7. I have finished the book and I still can't figure out how the letter got in the desk. Let us know when you figure it out.

    1. Oh good. I thought I had forgotten something! Kind of had a theory, but don't want to say because I'm afraid to let something out that others might not have read yet. Also, the more i think about my theory, I think it might be totally wrong.

    2. let's revisit this again when its not a spoiler. It is driving me crazy.

  8. I figured bree just brought franks desk over from Boston, but it can't be because it's the same one Brian Fraser was using. (Or so we are led to assume) hmmmmm.