Thursday, August 21, 2014

My MOBY Hysteria: What a Difference a Year Makes

SPOILER ALERT:  The following pertains to information in Written in My Own Heart's Blood!  GO BACK if you don't want MAJOR SPOILERS. 


This video was taken last year when I was driving through Freehold and couldna wait for MOBY.  Giggle.  It's kindof funny to watch now.  Enjoy!

And was I right about Claire?? YES I WAS.  Old Tennent church which was used as a field hospital during the war. Almost 20 years ago I stumbled upon that church and cemetery during a chilly October drive with my husband...and I've been visiting it ever since.  See the next post for details!


Kathleen said...

Well? Were your theories correct?!

Purgatory Carol said...

SO far, yes! She just mentioned the Old Tennent hospital...and that's what I've been waiting for, ever since I found out the Battle of Monmouth was going to be in MOBY. :) I just posted after this with more go check it out and let's discuss (up through 50%. LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Love watching/listening to you both.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Steph said...

When will you start doing MOBY tours?? I think Outlandish Boston could get a bus load to come down!

dawnm917 said...

Hi Carol: I love your blog and videos with Tracey. I don't know if I heard correctly in your video but it sounded like you said your daughter's name is Keelan. I have a Keelan who is 23. It is not a very common name but I think it is a very pretty name.

Keep up the great work and bring on season 3! Dawn

Purgatory Carol said...

Yes Dawn!! Her name is Keelin! Not a common name! Does your daughter get mad that there are never any keychains/merchandise with her name on them? ☺️

dawnm917 said...

Funny story. We were at a fair a number of years ago when Keelan was young enough that she wanted everything. We went up to a booth that had door signs with names on them. She asked if she could get one. I said, "if they have your name, we will buy it". I was thinking that there was no way her name was going to be there. Wouldn't you know they had it and spelled the way we spell it. I was $25 poorer that day.

One other story. My daughter played competitive hockey and we were playing a Stratford Ontario team. The coach from the opposing team kept yelling, "Keelan! Keelan!" so of course my daughter's looking at him like what the?? Of course there was a Keelan on that team. Never happened again. I like that they have an uncommon name!

Cheers! So excited for season 3 to start. I just finished the 8th book and started sobbing when Roger yelled, "hello the house!" That book is up on my list as number 2 of favorites in the series!

Purgatory Carol said...

LOL! I love it! I can't believe you found the sign! So funny, there is an OB/GYN with that name in my area and people actually ask me if she was NAMED AFTER HIM!!! LOL Um, ew?!? 😂

dawnm917 said...

Well, never underestimate the value of a good OB/GYN. :)

It's a great strong name. Our girls will grow up to be strong women! I love your's and Tracey's videos so it's nice to have this name connection as well.

Last but not least, I have to give a Canadian shout out to my girl Tatiana Maslany. I heard your video re: the Emmy nominations and both of you had hardly heard of her let alone seen her show "Orphan Black". You are not alone but I would like to throw out a, "you should definitely check out this show". (BBC America?) Canada produces some pretty decent actors...our hot Ryans (Gosling and Reynolds)!! Tatiana is incredible in Orphan Black. I won't be giving anything away to say the show is about clones and that she plays a dozen different characters, each with their own personality, accent etc. You get so engaged in the story that you forget all the characters are played by one actress. She deserves every award she's won (including the emmy). And this show may not have the fervent fan base to rival Outlander but it is strong. They call themselves the "clone club". Nerdy i know but it is the reason the show lasted 5 seasons. I just recently watched the series finale and it was one of the best show ending finale's I've ever seen. So there it is, a show recommendation from the land of the hot Prime Minister. :)


Purgatory Carol said...

Oh we will always take a show recommendation, so thanks! And Game of Thrones just ended last I'll definitely be looking for new shows! (Can't speak for Tracey but you never know!) And PS - I LOVE nerdy fans, since I am one. ;)

dawnm917 said...

"Oh no, Arya did not just slit Little Fingers throat from ear to ear!" Shrieking ensues.