Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Outlander Purgatory CALENDAR

Great news!  We now have a calendar that we'll be using to show upcoming Scottish events - worldwide!

And the best part is that all of YOU can update it!

Whenever you hear of a Scottish event happening in your area - or any area - just click the calendar tab to add the event.

Once there, click the little plus sign in the upper right corner of any given day.  It's that easy!

Know of an event full of Scottish goodness?  What are you waiting for, lass?  Add it to the calendar! 


  1. I think we can use this for essential HERSELF events as well, along with birthdays. And of course, we need to mark MONDAY NIGHT CHAT!!!@

  2. Cool idea!
    I was just getting to add the Pensacola Highland Games (Florida) but when I checked the days it still said 2010.

  3. That's OK, Melody - at least you were going to use it!! We want people to fill it up with cool stuff like that! :)

  4. YAY I added something to the calendar...ok so it was a January event and has been and gone but what a neat concept. Out of curiosity how does one add pages like that to their own blog?
    Anyhoo, I'll dig out some photos of the Scottish Family Picnic Day from January and post them on my blog for anyone interested. Just give me 24 hours then check my blog;

  5. I totally added my birthday, but its cool because I'm a smidge Scottish. Trust. ;)

  6. Megan - it's easy! Go to I was going to use Google calendar...but I was afraid everyone would have to have a Google account in order to update it - if they could update it at all.

    Jenn D - ROFLMAO. That's a smidge more than me! ;)

  7. This is genius! I love it lassies. It'll also be a great place for me to keep track of Jenn D's birthday, hooray!

  8. I can't seem to access the calendar either to view it or to place an entry.....HELP!

    At minimum, could you add the following?

    November 11-13, 2011: 50th Annual Salado Scottish Clan Gathering & Highland Games, Salado Civic Center Grounds, Texas.

    That's just north of Austin on I-35.

    Thank you!.....Carla

  9. Ooops!

    Forgot to leave the link for the Salado event:

    Please add this to the calendar entry.

    Thank you again.....Carla

  10. Tracey, you beat me to it! :) This is fun!

  11. Thanks Carol for the tip on I'm still looking for those Scottish Family Picnic day photos but have posted a photo from the Haggis ceremony in Dunedin last year.
    Does anyone know what 9PM Eastern would be in New Zealand?
    CARLA: Thanks for checking out the Kiwi Scouser :) Do you have a blog?

  12. Megan--did you just post the last comment? If so, 9 pm is in about 55 minutes... :-)

  13. Looks like 9pm est = 2 pm Auckland time the next day.

  14. Thanks for the info Tracey :) I'll have to get myself more organized I think. This work palava gets in my way!! Now if they paid me to blog all day that would be great !! Darn time difference !!