Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why Aren't Men Like Jamie Fraser?

OK so I am doing some mindless work at home this morning...which means I'll be listening to Dragonfly in Amber on audio with Davina Porter. (Don't you love it when she says Claire's "yes" in that breathy way? Or "Jaaa-mie?" as a question. Gotta love DP.)

At any rate, I came upon this amusing Thrillionth Page blog post entitled "Why Aren't Men Like Jamie Fraser?" and wanted to share.

Why AREN'T men like Jamie Fraser??? I ask myself that question on a daily basis. Lordddddd do I ask myself. ;)


  1. I'm also doing my DIA re-read. Yesterday was when they first "meet" 16-year old LJG in the woods. Well, after stripping Claire to the waist to make his point - Jamie asks Murtaugh: "Do ya think I'm a pultroon or a voluptuary?"
    Murtaugh's answer? "I don't know, but I DO know you're going to be dog meat when we let go of her arms!"
    Oh, Murtaugh!!! :)

  2. I'm re-listening to DIA also! Claire just got her red dress made.

    Love the "why aren't men" blog post!

    BTW, did you see that the DIA audiobook is on sale for $4.95 from Audible??? 40 hours of awesomeness--what a steal!

  3. Hey, thanks for the shout out on my Jamie post! Oh, Jamie Jamie Jamie!!

  4. So funny, and yet, sadly, so true.

  5. Long time follower, first time commentor :-)
    I've asked myself that same exact question and can only conclude...
    In the 250 years since Jamies time, men just keep getting more annoying and wimpier. What we need is a return to the manly hunter/gatherer/provider type man. Although I think Jamie Fraser will always be in a league of his own....mmmmmmmmm will have to go goggle at my copy of The Exile again I think :-)

  6. Carolyn - I loved your post! The title alone is awesome! :)

    Megan - WELCOME! Post often! We love posting! :)

  7. I do wish more men could be like JF sadley most men are not...or atleast the young ones. As a single women in my late 20's I can tell you there are none. Or perhaps they are hiding in the Dunbonnets cave?

  8. Holey crappe Batman! Just saw the graphic novel bit on Gabaldon's page....schnikees! Apparently it's been a while since I've seen a graphic novel sex scene. I blush-ed....

    I read the first three of the series, but not read any more for some reason. I do have some on my wishlist with Recorded Books. 21 or so CDs I think....that would make for a good long roadtrip book.

  9. I'm afraid it will take a zombie apocalypse and months without creature comforts for men to return to swords and their hunter/gatherer/killer instincts. Plus it doesn't help that women are so willing to get out of the car and change the darn flat tire, or shoot and win their own stuffed animal at the fair. As my southern grandmother use to say, 'honey, men gotta always think it was their idea.'

    1. OMG Anonymous, you sound like me. I am MORE than happy to sit in the car and wait for my knight in shining armor to change the tire (I called AAA when my battery died last week and my husband wasn't home) and have the stuffed animal won for me (but please, not the minion.) ;) Men can open the door for me and pull out my chair, too. :) I think I love your grandmother. She was right on the money.